Writer.com Review: An Online Writing Assistant Tool for 2024

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writer.com review

As far as I’m concerned, Writer.com is the best writing website I’ve ever come across. It’s a great location to write because of the welcoming atmosphere, honest feedback, and abundance of budding authors.

There are so many writing and non-writing chores to complete that it’s easy to dismiss it as a time waster because it’s only a writing website. I consider it to be the closest approach to a perfect world that exists.


What is Writer.com?

Writer.com homeEven while Writer is still in its infancy, it already has high-profile clients like Twitter and Pinterest as users. Writing is the new name of the company, which was previously called Qordoba.

Series A funding of $21 million was secured by the business to help it continue to expand and enhance its service. Writer is different from the other AI writing applications we’ve discussed.

Unlike Shortly or Smart Copy, Writer’s real-time helper doesn’t write for you but provides you with insight into your writing copy and translates complex writing into simple language.

Using the Snippets functionality, you can easily automate repetitive processes by creating a template. It helps even if your business has multiple writing guidelines and styleguides, you can still manage writing across the board.

It gets invite links and adjusts permissions quickly and easily by adding or removing users. Writer.com encourages its staff to write with self-assurance, positivity, objectivity, and inclusion in mind.

OpenAI’s GPT-3 – the one that most AI writing tools utilize – is used as well as an AI system that understands context and content. however, this one was built independently.

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Who is it for?

All authors and those in control of a group of writers can benefit from the services provided by Writer.com. As a result, this tool is essential for anyone working in the field of education or creating digital material.

Writers.com is a useful tool for those who are just starting out in the field of creative writing and are looking for information about writing classes. If you need help with an essay.

If you’re a team or an entire company, Writer.com has an innovative styleguide-building platform that lets you set standards for style, language, and tone.


Writer.com Features

Plagiarism Checker

writer.com plagiarism checkerIf you don’t want to download it, use it online. Generally, this tool is used by students and professors who wish to ensure that their papers accurately cite their sources. The programme is useful not only for journalists and copywriters, but also for corporations and other professionals who are concerned about plagiarism.

Detecting plagiarized content is easy, but pinpointing the source of the plagiarised material is more difficult.



All of your favorite phone features are now available in the apps you use every day at work and school. The writer will automatically adapt the words you type in any chat app (gotta, etc.) to fit a more professional version of yourself.


Customize suggestions

Writer.com suggestionsThanks to Writer.com, I may change any recommendation. That there is no such thing as black and white grammar has been accepted by them. To learn more about it, check out their post if you’re a linguist like me. To be more specific, if you dislike the Oxford comma.



Writer snippetsRepetitive work is a waste of time. Create short or long templates to use at any time. Simply type in the shortcut you’d like to use to quickly enter text while writing. With this functionality, I encountered a few issues.

My Snippet was modified, but nothing happened when I tried to utilize it and enter the shortcut in the programme. Then I tried the same technique on Google Docs and it worked perfectly.


Style guide

writer style guideOne of the most crucial features in a company with several writers. To ensure that everyone is on the same page, establish a set of editorial style guidelines. Managers of online communities are included in this. It doesn’t matter if they don’t have Writer installed.


Report and Analytics

Writer reporting and analyticsDiscover which Snippets are most popular, who is accepting your advice, and where people make the most mistakes with the help of eye-catching images.

Even better, you can acquire all of these insights while still protecting the privacy of the content your users provide. There will always be a high value placed on one’s personal privacy.

How to Use Writer.com (Step-By-Step Guide)

Step 1: Start by signing up! . It’s up to you whether you use a Google account or email. Select the purpose for which you intend to use Writer.

writer signup

Step 2: To begin writing, go to your dashboard and click “New Doc” after you’ve confirmed your email.

add a new doc

Step 3: Your grade level can be found here:. You’ll get a number from 0 to 14 from the writer. The greater the number, the more difficult it is to read.

People with a higher level of literacy can make better use of a score of 14 or above on the tool. Keep in mind your audience when you look at the score, as well. Your post’s reading time, sentence length, and word count will also be shown for you.

Writer readability score

Step 4: Writer’s recommendations can help you enhance your reading comprehension. The “learn more” link will take you to a quick but comprehensive explanation if you don’t comprehend the suggestions.

Step 5: Create a snippet. Select “Snippets” > “New Snippet” from the dashboard. Create a shortcut for the text you want to automatically put. To make things even easier to find, consider using a tag.

Step 6: Create a shortcut to the text you want to insert in documents.

Writer chrome extension

Step 7: Try out one of Writer’s plugins, like their Chrome extension, now that you’ve gotten a feel for it. Every time you use it, the same functions that you can find in our app will be available to you.

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Writer.com Pricing

Writer.com pricing

  •  Basic writing advice are always free.
  • It is only $11 per month, which is considered a bargain. Includes snippets for clarity and formatting.
  • A monthly fee of $18 is charged for a team. Quality reports and statistics, multiplayer mode, and terminology management are all included in the game.
  • Custom is the business lingo. Set up separate writing groups for each of the teams.
  • A 30-day free trial of Writer’s Pro plan and Team features is available for those who are interested.

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Writers.com Pros and Cons


  • Powerful Ai writing assistant
  • Autocorrect and autocomplete feature
  • Beautiful online style guide
  • Weekly writing report to ensure your mistake
  • Migrate your styleguide to writer
  • Create custom rules
  • 24/7 email and chat support
  • Integrate with Chrome, Google Docs, Word, Outlook, and more
  • Collaboration option to create content together


  • It’s just an AI writing assistant not good as Jasper AI
  • Charge monthly subscription which is not sutable for everyone




Writing in English necessitates the use of Writer. Its AI technology makes it possible for you to improve your grammar on your own terms, save time from tedious duties, and adapt to new and more inclusive language standards.

Writer.com is one of the best all-in-one writing tools which contains all SEO-friendly tools for content optimization thus making the quality of your content a better one.

In addition, new features are on the way, and the company behind Writer says it welcomes user feedback. As a result of this post, you should definitely give Writer a spin. No matter how many people are involved, the tool will not let you down.


FAQs on Writer.com Review

Here are some most frequently asked questions related to Writer.com. 

1. What is the pricing of writer.com?

Basic writing advices are always free. It is only $11 per month, which is considered a bargain. Includes snippets for clarity and formatting.

A monthly fee of $18 is charged for a team. Quality reports and statistics, multiplayer mode, and terminology management are all included in the game.

Custom is the business lingo. Set up separate writing groups for each of the teams.

A 30-day free trial of Writer’s Pro plan and Team features is available for those who are interested.


2. What are the features of writer.com?

The features of writer.com are:

  • Plagiarism checker
  • Autocorrect
  • Customize suggestion
  • Snippets
  • Style guide
  • Report & analytics


3. How does the Writer punctuation checker work?

Periods, commas, colons, semicolons, quote marks, apostrophes, and dashes are all checked by the punctuation tool. You can rest assured that your work will be punctuated and sentenced consistently thanks to Writer’s AI.


4. Does Writer correct sentence structure?

A writing tool powered by artificial intelligence, not merely a spellchecker. We’ll catch more subtle faults, so your work will have a more polished appearance. Writer helps you polish every aspect of your writing, from the punctuation to the vocabulary.


5. Do they offer discounts for on-profit organizations or educational institutes?

Yes, writer.com offers 20% OFF on their plans for non-profit and educational institutes.


6. What are payment methods does Writer accept?

Writer.com accepts payment via cheque or wire transfer along with a credit card.


7. What happens if I surpass the usage limit?

Well, if you go over your plan limit then Writer.com will notify you. The limits are hourly, daily, and monthly so if you go over the daily limit then you will be able to use Writer the next day the same rule is applied on the hourly and monthly.

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