How to Write Catchy Headlines and Titles for Your Blog Posts

A better blog post heading is one of the most important things to make your blog successful. in this article, I will share with you some proven tips to improve your blog post headlines and titles.

Why a good post headline important?

Do you know that out of 10 people’s only 2 people click on your post and read up to the end?
It’s also important because people see your post headline first when they come to your site.

A good post title can drive more traffic for you because nobody likes the long post headline and that hard to understand what is a post about.
I have some tips for you to make you post headlines better that people’s and search engines like.

How to make a catchy headline that gets more clicks


1. Blog post title between 6 to 7 words

Your blog post title should be between 6 to 7 words because that makes the headline more catchy and understandable.
The biggest advantage of small heading is when your post shows in the search results. It looks perfect and another side if your post title is too long then some of the lines don’t show perfectly that make a negative effect on your blog post headline.
how to write a amazing post title

2. Use Catchy Words Like Free, Amazing, Tips and Best in Post Title

 Your post headline should be interesting because out of 10 peoples only 2 peoples click on the post and read the article up to the rest.
You should have to add interesting words like Free, Top, Best, Awesome and Tips, etc. that make your blog headline more clickable.
use this method to make your post headline that people found interesting and you will get lots of clicks on your post.
how to write a catchy post headline

3. Add Year Within The Post Title

These days nobody likes the outdated post because everyone likes to read fresh and current content.
If you want that people to find your blog post headline interesting then make sure to include year-end of the blog post headline.

For example, I have a post on how to get Backlinks then it should be written like
How to Get High-Quality Backlinks in 2018
if you add year-end of the blog post headline that makes sense to peoples that it is fresh article, so peoples like to read it.

4. Title Generator

You can use free and paid headline generator tools that help you to make a better blog post heading.
 You have to do add the main keywords of your blog post title and it shows you some cool headline ideas that help you to make a better blog post headline for you.

5. Use Tigger Words

A lot of people go online to seek information and you can use Tigger words to make your post title more effective.

You can use these words

• How
• Why
• What
For Example, I have some posts with trigger words below.
1. How to Create Landing Pages for Your Blog

6. Write Post which is helpful for your visitors 

You should focus on writing which posts that helpful for your blog readers. You have to stay at your blog niche don’t write any random post.
If your blog posts on the topic and niche then your blog visitors would like to read your posts and engaged with your blog.

7. Add Keywords at The Right Place

Yes, you read the right, you have to place keywords in the right place.
as you know keywords research important but it also important to add keywords to blog post headline to make post title SEO friendly as well informative for the peoples.
If your post has main keywords to be in the post headline peoples easily understand that what the post is about.

8. Add Number in The Post Headline

A lot of blog titles start with a number because it gives a clear sense about the post.
You should have to add a number in the post title that helps to make blog post title more catchy and give a clear view to readers.
how to make a catchy post title

9. Make Your headline catchy

Someone says that people judge a book by its cover and a post by its title.
So make your blog post title engage and understandable that people can easily catch the title what is about.
A creative blog title motivates people to click on the article and read it.
If your blog post title too complicated than nobody going to read it,
so my tip is to create your blog post title simple and catchy that describes your article in one sentence.

Over To You

You can follow these above tips to make your post title catchier and engage because a Better post title would bring lots of traffic to your site.
It is very easy to write a catchy post headline. If you have any suggestions and question ask me in the comment section.

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