7 Tips to Write an Amazing Blog post that Drive Traffic to Your Blog

If you want to write a post that people like then it is not an easy task you have to keep some points in your mind while writing a blog post.

Why you need to write a better post?

You know that you write posts for the blog readers and help them from your posts, if your blog post not so good then nobody going to read it.
 I am not saying that my posts are awesome because I made more mistakes while writing a post like grammar errors and almost everybody does this.
I have some tips that help you to make an amazing blog post. You can follow the below tips to write a better post for your blog visitors.
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How to write an amazing blog post


1. Conversational Tone

when you write a post in a conversational tone that plays an important role to write an amazing blog post.
You and I are the best way to write an article. 
You can see in my post, I use You and I more its feel them a personal touch to the post readers. When your post in conversational tone readers found article engaged.
Nobody likes the post which only gives the explanation.
how to write an amzing blog post

2. Better Headline

Blog post headline is the first thing people see in your blog. Your blog post headline should be better and understandable because out of 10 only 2 people click on your post and read up to last, So a good post title can drive more traffic for your blog and help to make a good blog post.
You can follow the below post to create a better post headline.

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3. Paragraphs Should be Short

Your blog post paragraphs should be short because no one like to read more than 6 to 7 line paragraph, so keep the paragraph short. You can see on my site I split articles into small paragraphs and I have some paragraphs on my blog, not more than 1 or 2 lines.
If you post article paragraph to long nobody goes to read it. you can see my blog 
paragraphs below.
how to write a good post that drive traffic, make your blog post awsome

4. Article More Informative and Help Readers

Whenever you start writing a post what the first thing came in your mind.
Let me guess…
I think help to your blog reader through your blog post.
Your blog post should have more information and help to people through your post.
If people found that your post is not helpful so they will not follow your blog.
If you want to write an amazing blog post then you should have good posts with more details that helpful for the readers.


5. Write New and Relevant Content

If you want that people are going to like and read your content, so you must have a new and relevant post according to your blog niche.
Nobody likes to read outdated post old articles, make sure your posts are new and detailed.
You know that technology changes every day if you have old posts at your site you should update them with new things and features. 
I am not taking saying to update the posts daily you can update you post within 6 months or 1 year that help you blog readers to update with new features and also search engine like new contents.
A good blog post has always new and updated with new things.


6. Use Medias Within Your Post 

Do you know that most of the people don’t want to read more than 1000 words post even I don’t want to read long post articles.
Media play an important role to write an amazing blog post.
You must have in your post Media like images, videos, and infographics because images say a thousand words.
 If you have a long post article then you must have to add images within your post that make your post most amazing and engage with readers.

I personally add lots of images within my post that give knowledge to the readers and also make my post beautiful that people like to read.
If you have video and infographic then you can add them also to make your post more helpful for the visitors.
write a amazing blog post, make your post better, create a super blog post


7. Research Topic on Which You Write

When you are writing a post on some topic, you should have to research properly about it because you don’t know everything and I don’t know everything. You don’t need to go anywhere to get knowledge. You just have to search on the internet because nowadays everything is on the internet.
A well-detailed post will help you to drive more traffic to your blog.


I gave you some tips to write an amazing blog post you can follow them to make your post better than your blog readers like.
You have to always remember that make your blog post long, informative and beautiful that help to make an amazing post as well as engage the visitors.
If you have any suggestions and questions. You can ask me in the comments.


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