WP Mail SMTP Guide: How To Fix WordPress Email Issues?

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wp mail smtp guide
Have a Problem with your WordPress site in sending emails and aren’t getting delivered.
It’s common to see email delivery issues with WordPress.
Don’t worry, you can use tools like WP Mail SMTP help you to solve email delivery issues.
Over 1 million websites use WP Mail SMTP to send their emails.
In this article, I will guide you how to set up a WP Mail SMTP WordPress plugin to send emails perfectly using SMTP technology.
It is a #1 WordPress plugin which allows you to send WordPress emails using an SMTP server that ensures your WordPress site emails are to be delivered using the SMTP (Standard Mail Protocol)
WP Mail SMTP a software that helps in fixing your email deliverability issues and ensures your WordPress website emails arrive in the inbox instead of the spam folder.
It is a product of the best form builder plugin called WPForms.

How to Configure WP Mail SMTP in Your WordPress Site.

Step 1: In the WordPress dashboard, click on “Plugins” and select “Add New ” in the left panel.

Step 2: Now in box search for WP Mail SMTP. You can also get this from here.

WP Mail SMTP Plugin

Step 3: Next, You need to click on the “ Install Now ” button then activate it.
Step 4: After successful installed & activated WP Mail SMTP plugin in your WordPress dashboard.

Step 5: To start the configuration process visit the “Plugins” area using the left menu and locate the WP Mail SMTP plugin then clicks on the “Settings” option of SMTP.

WP SMTP Settings
Step 6: Now you see a new tab will be open like shown in the below image.
Select SMTP
Step 7: In this field, you need to enter some serious information related to your website.

  From Address: You have to enter an email address that you want to use to send emails.
This email address will appear on all the emails you send.
For example, You can use business emails like [email protected] or [email protected]if you don’t have a business email then you can use Gmail, Yahoo and etc.

  Force From Email: Check this box.
  From Name: Enter a name which you like to use send emails.
 Force From Name: Check this box if you want to force from name.
  Mailer: Choose the ” Other SMTP” option which you can see at the end.
  Return-Path: Check this box and scroll down.

Step 8: Now scroll down to “Other SMTP” and toggle the “Authentication” button, in the SMTP configuration settings you have to add some more pieces of information.

WP SMTP Authenntication
 SMTP Host: Here you need to add the host name for your SMTP server.
  SMTP Port: Add the port number on your server works on.
  Encryption: If you have SSL/TLS encryption available on hosting select it here.
If you website SSL then select SSL option.
  Authentication: Check this box as a yes.
  SMTP Source: Require authentication.
  Username: Add the username of your SMTP server.
  Password: Here you need to add the password for your SMTP.

Once you fill up all the requirements then next click on the ” Save Settings” at the bottom of the page.

Test WP Mail SMTPWP Mail SMTP Test

You can test the SMTP through email test option. Which allows you to know is it working perfectly or not.
Head to the “Email Test” option after successful setup SMTP settings.
  Send To: Add an email on which you want to send a test email.
Then click on the “Send Email” button, you see a message it was sent successfully.


You can use WP Mail SMTP plugin for free in your WordPress site to make your email deliveries smother.
Over 1 million users have used WP Mail SMTP on their WordPress website.
So, If you take WP Mail SMTP Pro plan which provides access to many other powerful features and one and one email support.
Now you can follow this WP Mail SMTP guide to resolve your email issue.

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