7 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins to Boost Your Affiliate Conversions

Last Updated on March 2, 2024 by Kundan Sharma

Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins to Boost Your Affiliate Conversions

Do you have built an affiliate site on WordPress?

Want to increase your affiliate commission. Then you need to use some WordPress plugins on your site to boost your affiliate conversions.

I have been doing affiliate marketing for 3 years and used lots of affiliate marketing plugins that helped me to earn more out of my blogs.

In this article, I’m going to share with you some best WordPress affiliate plugins. Which you can use on your site to grow affiliate sales.


7 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins to Boost Affiliate Sales

1. Link Cloaking Plugin

If you use affiliate links on a blog, you should use a link cloaking plugin like Pretty Links.

Do you know nobody likes to click on a long ugly link? It looks like spam to people.

link cloaking plugin pretty link
Link cloaking plugins convert ugly-looking affiliate links to a shorten pretty link.

It also allows you to track affiliate link clicks that help you to know which products are performing well and what is the EPC of an affiliate product.

The best thing I like about the link cloaking tool, users can easily change affiliate links on their blog just by updating from one place.

In case of future, if you need to change the affiliate link of a certain product, you don’t have to edit all of your pages where you have mentioned the link. You only need to update the link from the cloaking plugin. It will automatically change to everywhere the link has been placed.


2. Table Plugin

Ninja TableWhen you write a product review and comparison post, you should use a plugin like Ninja Table and TablePress (Free) to create Product Table, Price Table, Features Table and etc.

It helps to boost your affiliate earnings, I personally used tables on my product and comparison posts to drive more conversions to my affiliate products.

You can add multiple things to a table:





And many more.

You can use TablePress plugin to create tables in WordPress. It’s free and easy to use.

The only downside of this plugin you can not customize and change table colors.

If you want to build colorful customizable tables with some awesome features. I highly recommend you use NinjaTable. It’s a paid tool that allows WordPress users to create responsive and beautiful tables.


3. Notification Bar Plugin

Do you know you can boost your affiliate income by 20% using a notification bar?

When you use a notification bar on a blog, you can drive visitors to a certain page and affiliate site.

There are some plugins like Optinmonster and WP Notification that help WordPress users to install a notification bar on their site.

WP Notification Bars

WP Notification is a simple and easy-to-use free WordPress plugin that only best for creating a simple top notification bar.

But, Not good as OptinMonster. It is the best popup plugin that comes with some useful features like exit intent, notification bar, scroll notification, and many more.

You can use Optinmonster to build a notification bar on a site to generate more affiliate sales.

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4. Popup Plugins

OptinMonster Popup

Popups are the best way to promote affiliate products on a blog. Using popups you can boost your affiliate sales.

I use Elementor Pro page builder which allows us to create popups using their Elementor popup feature.

If you aren’t using Elementor then you can use some popular popup tools like OptinMonster, ConvertPlus, and Popup Maker (Free).

Before choosing any popup plugins. You should look into the following features.




Scroll Popups

Target and Trigger Functionality

You can use OptinMonster and ConvertPlus both are top-notch popup plugin.

It’s easy to generate more affiliate sales from your blog by showing special offers and deal with visitors at the time of exit.

Optinonnster basic plan starts at just $9/Mo


5. Coupon and Deal Plugin

WP Coupon And Deals Plugin

If you are offering deals and coupons on your site then you can display them in a form of deals and coupons format to boost your affiliate sales.

To build coupons you can use tools like ” WP Coupon and Deals”. It has come with some useful features.

 Text Link

Click to Copy

Image Coupons

Templates Coupon

Expiration Countdown

Social Share Button

Coupon Deal

It’s a freemium plugin, you can try it for free but the pro version comes with the most useful features.


6. Amazon Affiliate Plugin

EasyAzon Amazon PluginIf you are doing Amazon affiliate program then EasyAzon is a useful plugin for you that helps to create Amazon affiliate link from a WordPress post editor.

That saves you lots of time, you can create a text link of any product available for sale on Amazon.

I personally use this tool on my Amazon affiliate site.


It’s a freemium plugin, which you can use for free as well.

Here are some useful features of EasyAzon Pro:

Automated affiliate link cloaking.

Import an image affiliate link of a product directly from Amazon.

Product popup, you can display product info through a popup mouse hover.

Allow adding cart functionality, which increases the cookie length.

The automatic link localization feature allows you to drive traffic to a country-based Amazon site.

Support multiple affiliate tracking ID.

Call to action.

If you really want to increase your Amazon affiliate conversions. You should have used the EasyAzon plugin.


7. Affiliate Manager Plugin

WP affiliate manager can help you to manage affiliate programs to drive more affiliate sales that help you to earn more commission.

The plugin comes with features like registration, login management process.

WP affiliate manager also tracks the referrals you send to the affiliate merchant.

WP Affiliate Manager

It’s seamlessly integrated with some famous eCommerce tools like Woocommerce, Simple shopping cart, WP eCommerce, Easy digital downloads, Paid membership pro and etc.

Here is the best thing about WP affiliate manager. Whatever the number of affiliates you have you can track them all.


Final Thoughts

All of these best affiliate plugins that have been mentioned above will help you to boost your affiliate conversions.

I personally used OptinMoster, PrettyLinks, EasyAzon, and NinjaTable. Most are paid tools but that will cost you little.

If you want to boost your affiliate conversions. First, you have to invest money in affiliate plugins.

I hope this post was helpful to you find the best WordPress affiliate plugins. If you have any questions or suggestions. let me know in the comments.

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