Why YouTube is Easiest Way to Earn Money Online?

There are so many ways to earn money online.  you can earn money online by Blogging, affiliate marketing, and Freelancer, etc.
My favorite option is making money online is blogging and there is one more best way to earn money online from YouTube by monetizing your videos with adsense.

Now day’s peoples are stating watching videos on YouTube and this is also now the world’s second-largest search engine after Google.
Day to day YouTube users are increasing and peoples love to watch videos more than reading.

YouTube is Easiest Way to Earn Money Online

Why YouTube is the easiest way to earn money online by making videos.

When peoples come online to make money online some people are choice blogging.
But there’s another good option is YouTube. You can be earned by monetizing your youtube channel with Google AdSense.
You can also earn money from YouTube doing affiliate marketing by placing affiliate codes in descriptions.
once you grow your site to a level you will also get the sponsorship from big brands because there are lots of companies want to promote their brand and services through YouTube creators.

YouTube is a better monetizing option then blogs,  Let’s examine why


1. No tension of domain and web hosting investment.

The best thing about YouTube is that You don’t need to do any investment to earn money online.  if you start a blog you have to buy a domain name and also web hosting.
So you don’t need to take tension of domain and web hosting. YouTube is a free platform and helps you to earn money with 0 investments.
YouTube is a better way to earn money from home without doing any investment.

2. It is possible to earn on the first day with YouTube.

The most amazing thing about YouTube that you can earn money from you contain the very first day.
You just need to uploads videos that peoples love to watch. According to the new policy of YouTube, your YouTube channel should be cross the 10,000 views then you can monetize your channel.
It is not the big deal some peoples are getting millions of views on their videos because peoples started using YouTube more than before.
So you can earn money from YouTube very first day.

3. Adsense approval via YouTube is easy then Blog.

YouTube is owned by Google so getting Google Adsense approval is easy on YouTube.
Most of the Indian and Asian Bloggers have to wait for 6 months to get their adsense approved,
On YouTube, you just have to cross than 10,000 views on your channel then you will get the Adsense approval so getting Adsense approval with YouTube is very easy.

4.  Big audiences and ready-made Visitors are waiting on YouTube.

There are on YouTube billions on peoples are available. Once you uploaded a video it will be available for billions of people.
YouTube has ready-made visitors you don’t need to make a new audience here, if your video is catchy and informative people watch it but in case of blogging you have to create visitors at your blog so YouTube is much easier than blogging.

5. Sell other’s products as an affiliate marketer can make money for you.

You can earn money on YouTube with affiliate marketing also, you just need to promote someone’s products through your videos and placing links in the description.
You can earn here from Adsense and affiliate marketing also. If you a review you can place affiliate codes below the description.
You can post every type of video on YouTube like VBlogging, Tech, Tutorials, Review, Fashion, LifeStyle, etc. Youtube is the easiest way to earn money online from making videos. Nowadays peoples are earning thousands of dollars monthly from youtube.


If you have any questions related to YouTube ask me in the comments. I would like to give you the answers.

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