Unbounce Smart Copy Review: A Best Copywriting Tool for Marketers

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Unbounce Smart Copy Review

Copywriting helper Smart Copy, powered by Unbounce’s artificial intelligence (AI), creates, remixes, and expands content for more than 30 use cases in real-time, all tailored to your audience and brand’s specific requirements.

It’s possible to jumpstart your copy creation with Smart Copy’s GPT-3 technology, which uses the text you’ve entered. Let Smart Material assist you rework your texts, develop follow-up lines, or expand the copy you’ve already written.

Smart Copy is available as a free Chrome extension or as a standalone web app. If you’d want, you can even use Smart Copy in Unbounce when creating your landing pages, as well as in email, documents, and writing assistants like Grammarly and Writely.

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What is AI Copywriting?

Natural language processing methods are used to produce AI copywriting, which is effectively computer-generated prose. The first step is to determine your topic and the type of content you require. Anything from a blog article to a brief advertisement could be included here.

Then, you give the AI tool a set of guidelines to follow. Consider, for example, creating a social media post to promote a new yoga class.

To create new and plagiarism-free content, the machine analyses similar preexisting content on the internet and processes it into a unique piece of work. Artificial Intelligence copywriting tools may be of interest to marketers and copywriters for a few reasons.

AI copywriting saves you time in the first place. As a result, entire articles can be generated considerably more quickly than people can. They, too, are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This means that you can focus on more hard marketing chores like lead generation and KPI tracking while AI copywriters take care of bulk material such as product descriptions.


Unbounce Smart Copy Overview

Unbounce smart copy homeSnazzy AI was originally renamed Smart Copy when it was purchased by Unbounce. This does not mean that you have to be a client of Unbounce to use Smart Copy: you may still purchase it as a separate product. Using Smart Copy, you can automatically generate, remix and expand copy for your sales pages.

It is a standalone free app. Copywriting services are now available to Unbounce members thanks to a feature the firm added to its AI tools only recently. It is possible to write content for several campaigns, including landing sites, Google AdWords, social media copy, and email marketing, with the help of smart copy.

Templates abound for virtually any form of material you could need to develop your marketing funnel, and a ready-to-use copy is provided for your campaign by the software. When it comes to content creation, this is the greatest tool for you to remixing your content, Smart Copy generates an entirely new piece of writing that perfectly reflects what you’re trying to communicate.

It’s easy to reuse content with this functionality. Your following sentence or paragraph is also written when you’re stuck using this feature. And the AI text generator will always be in sync with your brand’s tone of voice. Let Smart Copy do the work for you by creating a profile containing the basics of your business.

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Who Is It For?

Large companies, copywriters, and marketers are the primary users of Unbounce’s smartcopy feature. Agency and brand writers might now be duplicated at a much lower cost. 421 firms, including LinkedIn, Accenture, and Hootsuite, are said to be using Unbounce in their software stacks.

Unbounce’s smart copy feature is used by 78 developers, according to their StackShare profiles. Writers primarily utilize Unbounce smart copy to improve the quality of their work in order to get well-paid by their clientele. Because of its AI feature and the quality of the work it produces, it is also employed by businesses to accomplish large-scale writing projects.

Unbounce Smart Copy Features

Clean UI: The UI is quite simple and straightforward. The dashboard’s white and grey color scheme aids concentration and promotes a relaxed state of mind while working. The font colors, on the other hand, can be a little too light, making it difficult to read.

Profiles: This is where you tell the AI about your product or service and the people you want to reach with it. Smart Copy makes use of this data to produce material that is consistent with the tone and style of your company’s brand. You can have as many profiles as you want in the premium version. You can only have one profile for free.

Templates: Templates ranging from thank you cards to hilarious 404 pages to viral growth ideas are all available at Smart Copy. In addition, it recommends which templates you should use based on your company’s specific needs.

Writer: There are currently no character limits on the Writer tool, which is currently in beta. This comes closer to what Shortly provides, in my opinion. There is a 14-day trial period.

Refine: Make adjustments to your copy generator. Decide how lengthy (short, medium or long) and what tone you want your article to be in (neutral, friendly, confident, urgent, analytical, or optimistic). To get access to this feature, you’ll have to shell out some cash.

Chrome Extension (Beta): The Smart Copy Extension will jump in and help you with your copy if you select it anywhere.

Smart Copy Operator: Its customer service team often responds in under four hours. In spite of this, they responded to my message within a few hours.


How to Use Unbounce Smart Copy

Here’s the guide you can follow to get started with Unbounce Smart Copy.

Step 1: Participate by signing up. Your firm name is the first thing Smart Copy will inquire about.

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Step 2: After that, you’ll have to work with the AI to refine its skills. Smart Copy will know how to write for you if you provide a company description and information about your brand keywords and target demographic.

add smart copy information

Step 3: So, let the writing begin! With the Starter plan, you’ll get 10 free credits to try out all the different features. For the rest of the week, you’ll receive 5 credits each day. You can play around with some of its functions. That’s exactly what I did. To begin, I used the generator for Article Headlines, one of the app’s most recent additions. After clicking the template, you’ll be prompted to edit your profile information, select additional languages, and customize your copy generation, if you have a paid plan. This is all done through the template.

welcome smart copy

Step 4: The outcomes are in. I received ten headline suggestions from the Article Headline generator. One title read, “The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Own Blog in 2019,” which made everything look great until I realized it was a reference to the year 2019. In a world without a pandemic, Smart Copy is fortunate. However, I believe this is a minor blunder that will be corrected in the near future. After that, I couldn’t help myself and tried the humorous 404-page copy, which I found to be quite amusing. Check it out, I’m sure you can use part of it on your own site: Also, I checked the content created in Spanish, and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the translations. 


Step 5: You can store the copy the AI-generated -you’ll find it later in the “Saved Content” section- and provide positive or negative comments so Smart Copy goes on evolving. If you’d like, you can also distribute a copy of the file. Send it by email, post it on social media, or simply copy and paste the URL.

smart copy saved content

Step 6: Once you’ve created an account and become familiar with Smart Copy, you can use the Chrome extension to take your AI friend with you wherever you go. Download the extension now. You can add it to Chrome by going to this page and clicking the “Add to Chrome” button.

Smart Copy chrome extension

Google Docs didn’t seem to work at first, but after a few minutes of waiting and double-checking your login credentials, I was able to get it to work. The next sentence can be generated by remixing, expanding, and repurposing your original copy.


Unbounce Smart Copy Pricing

smart copy pricingUnbounce Smart Copy offers very simple pricing plans, it has only two plans; Starter and Growth. All plan comes with 30+ content templates, 6 language support, expand and remix, and chrome extension support.

Starter: If you write less then go with the starter plan, it’s completely free, no credit card required. You will get 5 free credits daily and 1 profile support.

Growth: If you want unlimited copywriting for professional work like email, ad, landing pages then this plan is for you. The plan costs you $49/mo that included unlimited generations, unlimited profiles, and access to writer (Beta).

However, you can signup for Unbounce Smart Copy free trial for 14 days, absolutely for free.

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Automated software and artificial intelligence are the wave of the future for the marketing industry. More and more software is being made available to the general public, allowing small firms to compete and provide high-quality products and services for a fraction of the cost of larger corporations.

Unbounce Smart Copy is a component of this massive transformation. Your business’s copywriting process will become more efficient and time-saving thanks to their AI text generator. Use it to help you create compelling content for your website or blog for nothing more than the cost of a single license. Is there anything more you want to do? Try it out for yourself!


FAQs on Unbounce Smart Copy

How Unbounce Smart Copy help?

Smart Copy is AI-powered copywriting tool that helps you to create high-converting ads, landing page, and emails to get more conversions.


What is the basic cost of Smart Copy?

Unbounce Smart Copy paid plan starts from $49/mo which includes unlimited generations, profiles, and access to writer (Beta).


Can I try Smart Copy for Free?

Yes, it offers a starter plan which is absolutely free, no credit card required. In this plan, you get access to 5 generations daily, and 1 profile.


Does Unbounce Smart Copy support multiple languages?

Yes, You can start writing in your native language and then can translate it into 30+ different languages so you can target audiences around the world.


Do they offer a free trial of the Growth plan?

Yes, you can signup for a Growth 14-day free trial but you need to provide the credit card information. Don’t worry, they won’t charge during free trial.


Why do you need my credit card for the free trial?

When you get the free trial for 14 days of Unbounce Smart Copy, you will have to provide credit card details.

So if you decide to continue using Unbounce after a 14-day free trial then there are no interruptions to getting a subscription.


Do I get priority support?

well, currently smart copy gives you basic customer support. The priority support is coming soon.

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