Unbounce Free Trial: Get 14-Day Free Trial Of Paid Plan

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Unbounce Free Trial

Are you looking for Unbounce free trial?

Then, you have come to the right post. You will get the Unbounce 14 days free trial.

Unbounce is one of the best landing page builders in the market out there to generate more leads and conversions.

It is the best conversion optimization tool for marketers and digital marketing agencies.

It has over 70,000 customers worldwide and 1.5 billion conversions are already driven for their customers.

Unbounce has 3 plans Launch, Optimize and Accelerate. You can try any of these plans 14 days for free.

It has some best features like Unlimited landing pages, unlimited popups & sticky bars, 100+ high converting templates, integration with third-party tools, A/B testing and Dynamic text replacement, and more.

Unbounce comes with conversion-optimized options like built-in AI smart traffic that shows visitors the most relevant landing page depending on their attribute.

The A/B testing feature allows you to test Laning page copies and elements like buttons, images, and colors to come up with the most conversion-optimized landing page which helps you to improve your landing pages more conversions.

You can also create AMP Laning pages in Unbounce to get leads & conversions from mobile users.

If you run PPC campaigns for landing pages then you would love Unbounce dynamic text replacement feature to help you change texts on the landing page according to visitor search in Google before clicking on the ad.

Get Unbounce 14 Days Free Trial


How to Activate Unbounce 14 Days Free Trial?

Here’s a step-by-step guide that shows you how to claim your Unbounce free trial for 14 days.

Step 1: Visit Unbounce Website to Get Free Trial

To avail the Unbounce 14 days free trial. You need to click on this special link to visit Unbounce page.

Unbounce free trial

There you can see a button called ” Start My 14 Day Free Trial ” click on this button to register a free account with Unbounce to get access to 14 days free trial.

Don’t worry, you won’t be charged during the free trial, but you will be charged after the 14 days trial ends.

Although, if you don’t like Unbounce features for any reason. You are free to cancel within 14 day to avoid paid subscription.


Step 2: Select a Plan from Unbounce Pricing Page

Once you click on the “ Start My 14 Days Free Trial ” button you will be redirected to the pricing page of Unbounce.

There you need to select a suitable plan for your free trial account.

Unbounce Discounted Price

Unbounce has pricing plans Launch, Optimize and Accelerate. Their lowest plan is the ” Launch “ which costs you $79/mo and includes up to 500 conversions, up to 2,000 visitors, and 1 domain.

Unbounce all plans comes with a smart & classic builder, unlimited landing pages, unlimited popups & stickybars.

To get better resources you should go after a higher plan like Optimize ($116/mo) or Accelerate($192/mo).

However, you can select any plan according to your requirement. If you decided to take an annual billing then you will have a total of 35% OFF.


Step 3: Fill in Your Account Information

Once you choose a plan, you will be taken to the account creation page where you need to enter your account information such as name, email, and password.

Create an account with Unbounce


After completing the above process, click the “Sign Up With Email” to proceed.


Step 4: Enter Billing Information and Confirm Email

Here in this step, you need to enter your billing information like company name, address, and payment info.

Unbounce Billing Info

Don’t worry you won’t be charged within your 14-day free trial. Although, there option to cancel subscription anytime if you don’t like Unbounce.

Start Unbounce 14 Day Free Trial

Now you need to check your email id to see the email from Unbounce and click the verification link to confirm your email id.

Congrats, now you can start creating landing pages for your online business for up to 14 days to increase the revenue of your online business.

Get Unbounce 14 Days Free Trial


Top Reasons To Choose Unbounce Free Trial

Below, you will know about some of the best features of Unbounce landing page builder.


Unbounce Landing Pages

Unbounce landing page templatesUnbounce allows you to build unlimited landing pages in all plans. You can pick from 100+ readymade templates that are optimized for higher conversion.

There’s also a drag and drop editor that lets you edit and create pages from scratch, no need for any coding skill.


Unbounce Popups & Stick Bars

Unbounce popup and stickybarsUnbounce lets you target the audience through beautiful pop-ups and sticky bars. You can display offers and announcements to your blog visitors at the right time.

It can be created by popups and sticky bars by dragging and dropping elements and having full control when they will appear.


A/B Testing

It allows you to split traffic between different various landing pages to find which one is getting more clicks and conversions.


Dynamic Text Replacement

Dynamic text replacement can help you to get more ROI on PPC campaigns by inserting specific text according to what users search in Google.


Smart Traffic

Unbounce smart trafficThe ai-powered smart traffic option automatically looks at user attributes and displays the relevant landing page from the variants based on their unique context. It helps to get the best conversion rate possible.


Free Hosting

Unbounce landing pages are securely hosted using SSL encryption, so your visitors see an HTTPS address and padlock icon next to your URL in the browser.


Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP)

Unbounce accelerated mobile pagesThis is a unique feature that you rarely see in any other landing page builder. Unbounce lets you build amp landing pages to get more conversions from mobile visitors.

You can use a pre-built landing page or build one from scratch with the help of an editor.


Advanced Targeting & Scheduling

Unbounce allows target and trigger popup and sticky bars. You can trigger them when visitors arrive at a page, scroll down, exit, and click an element.

There’s also an option to target popup and sticky bars based on Geolocation and specific URL.

Scheduling features enable you to schedule popup and sticky bars based on seasonal campaigns and special promotions.



Unbounce IntegrationsUnbounce seamlessly integrates with 3rd party tools like Zapier, Marketo, and Hubspot.


Quick Overview Of Unbounce

Unbounce HomeUnbounce is a well-known popular landing page builder that enables you to build beautiful landing pages. It has an easy-to-use drag and drop frontend editor that allows you to customize, create, and design a landing page without requiring any coding skills.

It comes with some best conversion optimization features like Dynamic Text Replacement, Smart Traffic, AMP Landing Pages, Split A/B testing, Popups & Sticky Bars, and more.

It allows users to build unlimited landing pages, popups, and sticky bars on the website.

Unbounce landing page builder is used by some top industries like Saas, E-commerce, and Real Estate to get more leads and conversions for their business.

It offers 100+ readymade conversion-focused templates for almost every industry. In case you don’t want to build a landing page from scratch, you can use one of them.

Smart Traffic feature automatically analyzes visitor attributes to display the most relevant landing page from the set variant.

AMP landing pages let you build mobile responsive and fast-loading landing pages for mobile visitors.

Get Unbounce Free Trial



Final Thoughts On Unbounce 14 Days Free Trial

If you want to get more leads and conversions online then Unbounce is the right tool for you.

It offers a free trial for 14 days to a new customer, so you can check its features and tools without spending a single penny.

After the free trial ends, if you find it useful for your business then you can continue using its subscription to generate more leads.

There are thousands of businesses that use landing pages to optimize conversions to increase ROI on ads.

If you want to do the same then get the benefit of Unbounce 14 days free trial to start growing your business.

I hope this article helped you to know about Unbounce free trial. If you have any questions regarding it, do let me know in the comments below.

Get Unbounce 14-Day Free Trial



FAQs About Unbounce Free Trial

Here are some most frequently asked questions about Unbounce free trial. All of your queries regarding Unbounce will be cleared.


1. Do I Get a Free Version of Unbounce?

No, there’s no free version of Unbounce but you can get Unbounce free trial for up to 14 days that comes with all the features of the chosen plan.

All plans come with unlimited landing pages, unlimited popups, and unlimited sticky bars.


2. Which Unbounce Plan is Best for You?

If you are a beginner, you can start with the “Launch” plan that provides all the necessary features you ever need to build landing pages.

If you are a professional or medium-sized business owner then you can get more conversions with the “Optimize” plan lets you generate more leads and conversions.

If you are running a large agency or company then you should choose the “Accelerate” plan to grow your business revenue.


3. Which is the Best Unbounce Vs Instapage?

Both landing page builder has features like A/B testing, drag-and-drop builder, form builder, popups, dynamic text replacement, and more.

However, Unbounce is very affordable compared to Instapage in pricing and provides the best conversion optimization features too.

It let you build unlimited landing pages, unlimited popups, and unlimited sticky bars in every plan.


4. How can I Get Unbounce 14 Days Free Trial?

To get an Unbounce 14-day trial you can follow the above-given steps in this article. 


5. How can I Get Maximum Benefits from Unbounce Free Trial?

When you subscribe to Unbounce free trial. You get access to all of its features, there are no restrictions in the free trial.

You can build landing pages, popups, and sticky bars for your website and PPC campaigns to test the Unbounce platform.

It helps you to find out does it really optimize conversions and ROI on paid campaigns.


6. Why Need A Credit Card to Activate Free Trial?

You’ll have to share your credit card info at the time of signup the Unbounce free trial because after 14 days if you would like to continue the selected plan then there’s no interruption.


7. Can I Cancel My Account Before 14 Day Trial End?

Yes, if you don’t like to continue for any reason, you can log in to your Unbounce account to cancel your free trial at any time. You won’t be charged.


8. Can I Upgrade/Downgrade Plan at Any Time?

Yes, Unbounce allows its users to change plans from Launch, Optimize or Accelerate at any time by logging into their account. 

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