6 Best Unbounce Features for Marketers in 2024

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Unbounce Features

Unbounce is one of the most popular lead generation and landing page builder software.

It’s considered the best landing page builder for bloggers, online marketers, web business owners, and agencies.

If you want to get more conversions through a PPC campaign then Unbounce has the best conversion optimization features and tools for you.

If you are thinking what are the best Unbounce features for marketers?

Then, continue reading this article to know why it is the best landing page builder for marketers?

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1: Landing Page Templates

Unbounce Landing Page Templates

Unbounce is a landing page builder that has more than 100+ prebuilt landing page templates for marketers.

If you are a marketer then you would love these templates. If you have less experience in building a landing page from scratch you can choose one that suits your needs.

So, don’t waste your time on something you are not good at.

Unbounce each template has been designed for optimizing conversions through PPC campaigns that make it worth using for marketers.

You can choose a template and edit using a drag and drop editor, easily able to add your product service information, lead form, buttons, and more.

So you can easily customize landing pages for your business.

In less than a few minutes, you will have the landing page for your product or service. all you need to do is edit a prebuilt template you choose and fill the offer with lightboxes, videos, information and etc.

Well, the best thing is you will able to use your own custom domain on the landing page.


2. Drag and Drop Editor

Unbounce Drag and Drop Editor

Unbounce has a very powerful drag and drop editor which lets you move elements freely from one place to another.

Well, some popular page builders allow grid block systems to maintain elements in a fixed horizontal/vertical manner.

but, this kind of tool has a downside you were not completely free to add elements wherever you want on the page.

However, Unbounce is a true drag and drop editor that allows you to place images, text, form, and elements almost anywhere on the landing page.

Here is the list of a few elements offered by Unbounce:

  • Text & Images
  • Videos
  • Popups, LeadForm, Sticky Bars
  • Buttons
  • Content Boxes
  • Lightbox Option
  • Social Media Widget
  • Custom HTML

and more

 Adding elements is very easy with Unbounce compared to Instapage and Leadpages though not as feature-rich.


3. Popup Builder & Sticky Bar

Unbounce Popup & Stickybar

Popup and Sticky Bar is one of the best ways to market special offers to website visitors. You can also promote the newly launched product/service through it.

Unbounce offers popups that you can display anywhere you want on a website, it can also be used to get less abandonment.

You can create multiple variants of a popup lightbox and able to show different offers on different pages that help to get more conversions.

Sticky Bars are used as an alternative to popup for mobile devices, it appears either on the top or at the bottom of the page.

When you have an offer for your customers you can schedule popups & sticky bars to run and stop the campaign automatically.

There’s also A/B testing feature available for both Popup & Sticky Bar, Get trigger options to choose from including location, action, page scroll, behavior, referral source tracking, and more.

The good thing is you can create or customize an existing popup using drag and drop Unbounce editor.


4. Smart Traffic

Smart Traffic Unbounce

It is the best new conversion optimization feature of Unbounce. Let’s say you create a landing page to sell something and start sending traffic through ads and email marketing, but all of your visitors are not the same they came from different places, and different devices, and got different tastes.

If you optimize your landing for a type of visitor then you are not optimized for everyone else.

They bounce and you will miss those conversions that’s why Unbounce created the Smart Traffic AI-powered optimization tools that automatically display landing pages to visitors that are most likely to convert. 

Smart Traffic gets your visitor’s attributes such as device, browser, os, location, and time zone.

It’s very easy to create the same variant of landing pages and able to make changes you want like headlines, buttons, and images.

Then, smart traffic will find out which one works best for your visitors. 

Once you finished landing page variants make sure to activate the Smart Traffic then it starts optimizing traffic as low as 50 visits. So you not leaving any conversions on the table.


5. Dynamic Text Replacement

Dynamic text replacementUnbounce has the dynamic text replacement feature that allows you to add personalization to your landing page content during different keyword parameters.

It’s one of the favorite features of PPC marketers to personalize landing pages for each visitor, you can use dynamic text replacement to show the exact same message the user searched for before coming to your landing page.

You can also set up the default value in case your visitors don’t enter keywords.

Unlike A/B testing you won’t need to guess which page works best. In dynamic text replacement, you personalize your landing page for user intent.

The best thing is it also works in email marketing campaigns, so you will have a higher chance of conversions.

Note that, dynamic text replacement is best for Adword PPC campaigns that help you to get more conversion and better ROI on every dollar you spend.


6. AMP Landing Pages

Unbounce AMP Landing Page

Do you know if your landing page doesn’t load in under 5 seconds, 70% of your visitors will leave and don’t convert?

When you target the mobile audience then it’s very complicated, you need a responsive landing page design that is also optimized for mobile.

With Unbounce, you can use AMP landing pages that are extremely lightweight and super fast.

It brings down the average loading time of a web page to under 1 second or less. Unbounce AMP landing pages for mobile users 4 times faster than the normal page.

Unbounce is the first landing page software that introduces AMP support for WordPress and custom websites.

AMP configuration is very tricky when you will need to hire a developer which is expensive and affect the website as well.

But, Unbounce has an easy way to enable AMP support on web pages with just one click.


7. Bonus – Affordable Landing Page Builder

Unbounce Affordable Pricing

Unbounce might look like an expensive tool but it brings more sales to your business.

There are some other expensive tools like Instapage, which get the same features as Unbounce.

Compared to Instapage Unbounce is more affordable. Unbounce landing page builder is suitable for everyone including bloggers, marketers, Small & Medium Business owners, and Large enterprises.

Unbounce has offered 4 different plans that fulfill everyone’s needs and fit into the budget.

  • Launch: $99/month
  • Optimize: $145/month
  • Accelerate: $240/month
  • Concierge: $625/month

If you require more than 3000 conversions every month, you can go with the Concierge plan, it is a custom plan that gets you to personalize onboarding page migration and ongoing support from a dedicated team of conversion experts. Click Here to get 20% OFF on Unbounce all plans.

If you subscribe to Unbounce annually then you would get a total of 35% off for the whole year.


Final Thoughts on Unbounce Features

Well, I have used so many page builders and landing pages that are out there in the market.

But, Unbounce is a true complete drag and drop conversion-optimized landing page tool that can boost your sale. Too many people think it’s an expensive one, the basic plan starts at $99/month.

However, It’s worth investing in a conversion optimization tool like Unbounce when you spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on ads.

If you have been to my blog then you might be noticed Unbounce is our #1 recommendation. Try Unbounce 14 days for free.

Unbounce is suitable for everyone, it doesn’t matter whether you are an individual blogger, marketer, or small business owner.

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I hope this article helps you to find Unbounce features for marketers. If you have any queries do let me know in the comments below.

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