The Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report 2021

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Unbounce-Conversion Benchmark Report 2021

Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report used AI to analyze conversion rates of landing pages that have built on their platform.

Recently, the Unbounce Conversion report was released and they analyze more than 44 thousand landing pages and over 33 million conversions.

It makes optimization simpler and helps you create the highest converting pages. In this report, they have examined 16 different industries of landing pages and their conversions to come up with best practices for optimizing conversion rate.

The report has includes industries such as eCommerce, Education, SaaS, Business, Services, Finance & Insurance, Agencies, and many more.

They have made the report even more interesting by adding color code charts and multiple graphs that very easy to understand.

Well, this report gonna save your time, money, and expertise that stand in the way of creating your highest converting pages.

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What is Unbounce?

Unbounce for marketers

Unbounce is a popular landing page builder software that helps generate leads and optimize conversions rate.

It has been working since 2009, helping marketers and all sizes of businesses to generate more conversions online via different mediums like PPC ads, email campaigns, social media marketing, and more.

It comes with various conversion optimization features like Dynamic Text Replacement, AMP Landing Pages, Smart Traffic, Popup and Sticky Bars, and more.

It has hundreds of pre-built landing pages template for industries like Saas, Real State, Fitness, Automobile, Finance, restaurant, and many more.


What are Benchmark Reports and Why Do They Important?

Unbounce is a popular landing page builder that has expertise in creating high-quality landing pages and conversion rate optimization.

Benchmark reports provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your performance against your industry standards.

It helps you to identify internal areas for improvement so that you can be on par with industry standards.

With the help of the Benchmark report, you can compare your conversion rate with those of others in the market, so you can improve and keep up with the market norms.

Different Ways Benchmark Report can help you;

1. Unbounce conversion benchmark report, paired with the machine learning, gives you actionable insights and helps you make smart changes for high conversions.

2. It helps to identify areas of improvement so you can fill the gap between your performance and industry standards.

3. Benchmark provides you with the “Why” it implies that when you and your team strive to match with the industry standards, you are setting a culture of continuous improvement in your industry.

4. They provide you the best practices in the industry so that you don’t have to practice traffic testing, save lots of your time and efforts.


Unbounce Benchmark Report 2021

builderimageRecently, Uncounce released the 2021 conversion benchmark report contain 16 major industries and has analyzed over 44,000 thousand landing pages.

The report is based on full machine learning including tons of ideas for optimizing your pages.

Using their report as a resource you will learn what are you doing right and wrong in your industry and also get the ideas for improving your conversion rates.

See the Coneversion Benchmark Report


The Industries Have Included in This Report

In this report, Unbounce analyzed 16 different the most popular industries. You can find out if your industry has been included in the report or not.

However, I’m going to point few industries only to get the full report. Check out, Conversion Benchmark Report 2021.


SaaS – Conversion Benchmark Report 

For Saas Industry visitors from the emails are convert via forms, and people who click through search ads are less likely to convert so you might rethink before spending your money on ad campaigns.

The SaaS industry works best with email marketing and has the best conversion rate when you sell apps.

Unbounce said last year that the SaaS pages that work best are those that short and easy to understand.

It’s still true, especially for those who are promoting mobile applications.


Business Services –  Conversion Rate Report

Whether you are a human resource firm or shipping and logistics outfit, you need landing pages to communicate. For Business Services paid search can drive traffic to your lead pages.

However, the social media conversion rate is almost double that of people coming from search engines.

So, you should have to be target social media traffic instead of search engines.

Emotion has no place in the work, according to data. The research shows that the landing page’s text evokes any emotion that has a neutral or effect on conversions.

This year’s research shows that businesses are using short and simple messages.


 Education – Conversion Benchmark Report

The education industry has grown last year rapidly due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the scale was completely unpredictable.

If you are in an education industry most people come from the search ads, but they are not converting as you might think.

According to Unbounce research, people have a lot of felling for school. so, emotions are associated with fewer conversions.

You might improve your page performance with a short and simple copy.


E-commerce – Conversion Benchmark Report

Last year was kind of a bummer and showed up in eCommerce copy with an increase in overall negative sentiment.

These types of languages probably hurting your landing page conversion rate.

According to Unbounce analysis of channels, performance shows that you’re more likely to get conversions from social and email visitors.

They pointed out in a 2020 report that easier reading and fewer words seemed to lead to higher landing page conversion rates.


Agencies – Conversion Benchmark Report

Digital marketing agencies are usually more focused on building landing pages for other businesses than for themselves.

You should create landing pages for your business as well to generate leads and conversions.

If you think it accessible, the easy-to-use copy would help you convert visitors but that isn’t the case.

Well, it’s not that simple language doesn’t get you more conversions, must have a form fill page with writing in a more detailed way to generate conversions.

Adding emotional language might impact your page performance, it’s not good or bad but more likely hurt you.


Finance and Insurance – Conversion Benchmark Report

Social media may be better perform better than paid ads for companies that are operating in Finance & Insurance.

Unbounce analysis shows that finance and insurance have more emotional language impact than other industries, but aren’t generate more conversions.

The finance and insurance model convert better than the baseline of all industries, well worth the investment.

Unbounce suggests minimum sentiments and focuses on the benefits of your product or service.


Real Estate – Conversion Benchmark Report

Social Media users only account for a tenth of the visitor to form fill-in pages in real estate, but they convert better than those from channels like paid search.

The use of all types of emotional language positive and negative increased in real estate this year.

But, Unbounce data shows you might be just stuck to the facts.


Catering & Restaurants – Conversion Benchmark Report

According to the Unbounce benchmark report, catering & restaurant pages have a much higher median conversion rate like more than double.

Analysis shows that restaurant marketers can improve their page performance by missing words related to joy and anticipation.

Well, keep your landing page copy as easy as pie, landing pages for food services convert higher when they have less than 300 words with a grade 6 readability score.


Fitness and Nutrition – Conversion Benchmark Report

This is an industry that gaining momentum on social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

The research shows the people who are interested in fitness and nutrition are social users on mobile devices. Visitors respond well when your copy reading ease is high and word count is low. when writing keep things short and simple.

The love is not as motivated as you thought for this industry, instead of language that evokes feelings of disgust anger.


Over to You

Get a copy of the Unbounce 2021 Conversion Benchmark Report and extracts all the data given insights, you need to get started.

You can be the first to find out what’s working for marketers in your industry to generate more conversions, then put your new knowledge in action, optimize your landing page copies, and test to make sure they effective.

Now it’s time to download Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report to get more conversions in 2021.

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