5 Best Tools to Unfollow Non followers on Twitter

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tools to unfollow non followers on twitter

Did your following list increase in twitter?

You have followed people but some of them didn’t follow back to you. Now you want to unfollow those non-followers but manually it will take lots of time.

Here is the list of 5 best apps that help you to clean your Twitter account. You can use them to get control over your Twitter following list.

Why should unfollow non-followers on twitter

There are lots of reasons why you should unfollow non-followers.

1: You can avoid unnecessary tweets that you often get in your Twitter timeline.

2: You can only follow 2000 people more than a number of users who follow you.

That means it’s always good to unfollow accounts to get a chance to connect more like-minded people.


5 Best Tools & Apps to Unfollow Non Followers on Twitter

These are the best app which I’m mentioned in this article, you can choose the one which suits your needs and requirements.

Here I have listed free & paid both types of tools so it will be beneficial for everyone.


1: Crowdfire

crowdfire twitter app

Crowdfire is a well-known app for unfollow non-followers on twitter. It is one of the best & free social media management tools.

You can easily unfollow people who never followed you back.

The only drawback is you can unfollow limited people’s in a day with the free version of Crowdfire.


If you want to increase your limits you must have to take the plus plan which starts from $7.48/mo.

In this can you can schedule 100 posts in each social account, Upto 5 RSS feeds, 90 days of analytics support.

Crowdfire comes with Android and IOS apps, so it can be easily used in a mobile phone.

Go to Crowdfire


2: Cricleboom

Cricleboom twitter unfollow app

Circleboom is a social media management tool that allows getting an in-depth analysis of social profiles.

Using this tool you can analyze your Twitter account that shows the profile which is not following back to you.

As I mentioned Cricleboom does an in-depth analysis of twitter account that helps to find out Fake & Spam account, Inactive account,  Overactive account, and Eggheads.


In the circleboom free version, you can only manage 1 profile with some limitations.

You will be able to unfollow only 20 accounts at a time and see up to 10 results of lost focus, inactive account, overactive account and etc.

If you want to get more features, take the pro version that will have cost you $5.99/Mo. Which is cheaper than the close competitors like Crowdfire and socialoomph.

Go to Circleboom

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3: ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter twitter app

It’s one of the best twitter management tools. Trusted over 4 million users worldwide.

This is the favorite twitter tool for unfollowing non-followers. You can unfollow multiple accounts with the bulk features.

It also allows you to unfollow inactive accounts and fake followers.

ManageFlitter Pro plan starts from $12/Mo for one twitter account.

Go to ManageFlitter


4: Socialoomph


Socialoomph is one of the best social media marketing tools. It is more than just a simple unfollow tool because it allows you to schedule tweets and track hashtags.

The free version of socialoomph has limited features. You can schedule limited posts on limited social accounts.

If you want more features than you can take the advance suite in just $15/Mo.


If you are looking for a complete social media management tool as well as a feature to unfollow non-followers.

Then, it’s the best choice for you.

Go to Socialoomph

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5: Tweepi

tweepi app for unfollow nonfollowers

Do you want to make your twitter profile clean?

Tweepi is an application that makes it easy to find relevant users and engage with more followers.

This tool allows you to unfollow undesirable users & non-followers such as egg profiles, spammers and nasty avatars.

Tweepi is a simple tool that you can use to shortlist non-followers so easily unfollow them.

Go to Tweepi

Over to You

I have mentioned some of the most useful and famous apps that allow to unfollow non-followers on twitter.

You can use one of these tools to clean your Twitter account, so your twitter profile will not look spam.

You must remember that only follow the accounts that add value and unfollow those follows who don’t provide values.


Note that, don’t unfollow big companies and personalities because it’s rear they might follow back to others.

I hope this list of apps helped you. If you have any questions or suggestions let me know in the comments.

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