5 Best Twitter Tools to Unfollow Non-Followers in 2024

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Twitter Tools to Unfollow Non Followers

Did your following list increase on Twitter?

You have followed people but some of them didn’t follow back to you. Now you want to unfollow those non-followers but manually it will take lots of time.

Here is the list of the 5 best apps that help you to clean your Twitter account. You can use them to get control over your Twitter following list.

Why Should Unfollow Non-Followers On Twitter?

There are lots of reasons why you should unfollow non-followers:

1. You can avoid unnecessary tweets that you often get in your Twitter timeline.

2. You can only follow 2000 people more than the number of users who follow you.

That means it’s always good to unfollow accounts to get a chance to connect with more like-minded people.


5 Best Twitter Unfollow Tools for 2024

These are the best apps that I’ve mentioned in this article, you can choose the one that suits your needs and requirements.

Here I have listed free & paid types of tools so it will be beneficial for everyone.


1. Crowdfire

Crowdfire app


Crowdfire is a well-known app for unfollow non-followers on Twitter. It is one of the best & free social media management tools. Over 19 million users used Crowdfire to manage their social accounts.

You can easily unfollow people who never followed you back.

The only drawback is you can unfollow a limited number of people in a day with the free version of Crowdfire.

If you want to increase your limits you must have to take the plus plan which starts from $7.48/mo. In this, you can schedule 100 posts in each social account, Up to 5 RSS feeds, and 90 days of analytics support.

Crowdfire comes with Android and IOS apps, so it can be easily used on a mobile phone.

Features of Crowdfire:

Scheduling & Publishing

Unlimited article recommendations for your topic

 Image recommendation for Pinterest and Instagram

Curate content from own blogs

Hashtag recommendations

Mentions tracking for Twitter and Facebook

Advanced Analytics

Social Analytics

RSS Feeds connect



Crowdfire comes with 3 paid plans Plus, Premium, and VIP.

Plus ($7.48/Mo): In this plan, you will get 5 social accounts, 100 scheduled posts per account, 5 RSS feeds, and unlimited articles and image recommendations.

Premium ($37.48/Mo): This plan comes with 10 social accounts and all features of the plus plan and advanced features like mention tracking, 90 days analytics, and email support.

VIP ($74.98/Mo): The most expensive plan of Crowdfire that supports up to 25 accounts, 800 scheduled posts, 25 RSS feeds, etc. You can also try it for free or grab 25% discount on Crowdfire.

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2. Cricleboom

Circleboom app

Circleboom is a social media management tool that allows getting an in-depth analysis of social profiles.

Using the Circleboom Twitter unfollow feature you can analyze your Twitter account that shows the profile which is not following back to you.

As I mentioned Cricleboom does an in-depth analysis of Twitter accounts that helps to find out Fake & Spam accounts, Inactive accounts,  Overactive accounts, and Eggheads.

In the Circleboom free version, you can only manage 1 profile with some limitations.

You will be able to unfollow only 20 accounts at a time and see up to 10 results of lost focus, inactive account, overactive account, etc.

If you want to get more features, take the pro version which will cost you $7.99/Mo. 

Circleboom Features:

Schedule your tweets

Connect RSS feeds to your account

Bulik or individually delete tweets

Delete twitter achieve

Discover new content and publish

Search tool to find the right hashtag, trends, and profile

Unlike your previous likes



Circleboom has a free plan that supports only one profile with certain limitations. There are 3 paid plans Pro (7.99/Mo), Multi ($21.99/Mo), Business ($69.99/Mo), and Corporate ($149.99/Mo) that are suitable for everyone.

If you are just starting then a Pro plan is suitable for you which is also a recommended plan from Circleboom. This plan helps you to manage 1 account without any limitations. You will get all the features.

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3. ManageFlitter


It’s one of the best Twitter management tools. Trusted over 4 million users worldwide.

This is the favorite Twitter tool for unfollowing non-followers. You can unfollow multiple accounts with the bulk features.

It also allows you to unfollow inactive accounts and fake followers. There are lots of Twitter unfollow apps, but now one matches the features of ManageFlitter.

ManageFlitter Pro plan starts from $12/Mo for one Twitter account.

ManageFlitter Features:

Find accounts you follow that are inactive

Identify spam/fake Twitter accounts

Schedule tweets at the right time

Find similar interests Twitter profile

Tweet search to find hashtags and targeted keyword

Download analytics report in CSV file

Power post buck import to schedule large no of tweets at once



ManageFlitter has 2 paid plans: Pro ($12/month) and Business ($49/month). Where Pro plan is suitable for individual and small brands and the business plan is ideal for large enterprises and agencies that manage multiple Twitter profiles.

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4. Socialoomph

SocialOomph app

Socialoomph is one of the best social media marketing tools. It is more than just a simple unfollow tool because it allows you to schedule tweets and track hashtags.

The free version of Socialoomph has limited features. You can schedule limited posts on limited social accounts.

If you want more features then you can take the advanced suite for just $15/Mo.

If you are looking for a complete social media management tool as well as a feature to unfollow non-followers.

Then, it’s the best choice for you.

Socialoomph Features:

Ten social profiles

RSS feeds for post sourcing

Unlimited scheduling posts

Post review & approval system

 Maximum 60 posts per hour

 10 blogs



Socialoomph plans come on a monthly or yearly basis offering 3 paid plans and free plans as well.

You will get 10% off when you are ready to pay annually.

Personal Suite ($0/Mo): one social profile, access to personal area only, access to basic personal feature, unlimited scheduled posts.

Advanced Suite ($15/Mo): Access to personal and team areas, one social profile, one blog, access to all posting features, free support, etc.

Professional Suite ($25/Mo): One user, ten social profiles, five blogs, unlimited scheduling posts, all post features, etc.

Business Suite ($55/Mo): one user, twenty social profiles, ten blogs, ten RSS feeds, unlimited scheduling posts, one webhook, and more.

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5. Tweepi

Tweepi app

Do you want to make your Twitter profile clean or unfollow non-followers on Twitter?

Tweepi is an application that makes it easy to find relevant users and engage with more followers.

This tool allows you to unfollow undesirable users & non-followers such as egg profiles, spammers, and nasty avatars.

Tweepi is a simple tool that you can use to shortlist non-followers so easily unfollow them.

Tweepi Features:

Monitor Twitter up to 15 hashtag

Monitor Twitter up to 150 competitors

Monitor mentions, retweets, and likes

Target users by Geolocation

Follow/unfollow the history column

Protect from Twitter suspension



Tweepi has 2 pricing plans.

Silver ( $10.75/Mo): 300 AI-driven daily recommendations, 15 hashtags, 15 competitors, up to 100 users per page, and many more.

Platinum ($20.75/Mo): 600 AI-driven daily recommendations, 25 hashtags, 25 competitors, up to 200 users per page and etc.

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Over to You

I have mentioned some of the most useful and famous apps that allow unfollowing non-followers on Twitter.

You can use one of these tools to clean your Twitter account, so your Twitter profile will not look spam.

You must remember that only follow the accounts that add value and unfollow those followers who don’t provide value.

Note that, don’t unfollow big companies and personalities because it’s rare they might follow back to others.

I hope this list of apps helped you. If you have any questions or suggestions let me know in the comments.


Twitter tools to unfollow non followers

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