Top 5 WordPress Plugins to Speed Up Your Website

top wordpress plugins to speed up your site
We all want to rank better in search engines and drive traffic to our site but if your site has not loaded fast then you will not get a better rank in Google.
It’s very important to optimize the speed of your website for better user experience and as well as better rank in Google.

If your site pages load slowly and take more than 10 seconds then nobody wants to use it and escape out from your website.
Even, Google also not rank sites that have not user-friendly.
Heavy design and image are one of the main factors of site speeds.
You always should have used the light theme and compress images to speed up your WordPress site.
There are some WordPress plugins that help your site to load faster to users and reduce your download time.

Top 5 Best WordPress Site Speed Optimization Plugins

1. WP Fastest Cache
WP fastest cache is a WordPress plugin that helps you to load faster webpages.
It has more than 6 million downloads.
When a page is rendered PHP and MySQL, therefore, the system needs RAM and CPU.
In case the page is rendered so slowly.

But, when you used WP fastest cache it generates a static HTML file and saves it. 
It will allow your pages to load faster.
WP fastest cache is very easy and set up this plugin. You don’t need any modification and coding skills.
• Admin can delete minified CSS and JavaScript files from the options page.
• You can delete all cached files from the options page.
• Enable/disable cache option from mobile devices.
• SSL support
• CDN support
2. Cache Enabler
Cache enabler plugin is a tool that creates static HTML files and stores them on server disk.
These files are then used to deliver content faster to site users.
WordPress cache enabler has the ability to cache files serve web images without JavaScript.
• Fast disk cache engine.
• Automatically cleaning of the cache.
• Minification of HTML and JavaScript.
• Custom post type support.
• Display of the actual cache size in your dashboard.

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3. W3 Total Cache
W3 Total Cache improves your SEO and user experience of the site by reducing download times.
It’s a complete WordPress performance optimization framework used by millions of developers and site owners.
W3 Total Cache used by big names like,, and
It is a good tool especially for the mobile-friendly website and helps to improve in search engine result page rankings.
• It’s compatible with all types of Hosting.
• Accelerated mobile pages (amp) support.
• Secure socket layer (SSL) support.
• Transparent content delivery network (CDN).
• Compress pages and posts in memory and desk.
4. WP Super Minify
WP Super Minify plugin combines inline JavaScript and CSS files to speed up page loads.
When you activate this plugin then you will see the source code of your site HTML, JavaScript and CSS are compressed.
It will help to improve your page load speed as well as Google rank.
It’s very easy to set up and uses WP Super Minify for beginners.
• Minifies HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
• Give the option to enable/disable compression of CSS/JavaScript.
• Improve page load speed.
5. WP Smush it
WP Smush it is a great tool for resize, optimize and compress WordPress site images and reduce the unnecessary bytes of images without reducing the quality of the image that helps images load faster to the users.

Smush is an award-winning and favorite image optimization plugin for WordPress.
Smush has compatible with all types of media gallery plugins like WP All Import, WP Off Load, NextGen Gallery and WP Media Folder that optimize images on your site.
• Optimize and Compress all type of images files.
• Optimize any images in any directory.
• Process JPEG, GIF, and PNG image files.
• Get super fast compress at the time of image uploading.
If you are struggling to speed up your WordPress site then you can install these 2 or 3 plugins. You will see a significant improvement in your page load speed.
Do not install all these plugins, only install plugins that required for your site.

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I hope this article was helpful for you if you have any question, suggestion and wants to add more plugins in this list then let me know in the comment section.

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