Top 61+ High PR Blog Submission Sites in 2020

High PR Blog Submission Sites Getting blog rank in google is quite difficult in these days without backlinks.
Today I am going to tell you about more than 61+ high pr blog submissions sites that will help you to generate backlinks for your blog.
If you have a new blog then I know it’s very hard to get links from others.
But, if you are going to submit your blog on these HR blog submissions sites that will help to increase your exposure and improve traffic.
You can add your blog on these blog submission sites for free; most blogger and SEO experts used the same method to gain backlinks to their sites.

What is a blog submission directory? 

Blog submission means submit blog to different blog directories that will help blog to get traffic as well as increase ranking in Google.
It’s one of the SEO methods used by almost everyone to take their blog to more audience.

What are the benefits of blog submission?

There are several benefits from blog submission directories, but I’m going to tell you the main three important benefits you will get from blog submit.

1. It’s very important to benefit when you submit your blog on blog submission sites then it’s would be a higher chance to get backlinks.
2. You will get more targeted traffic from blog directories.
3. When you add your blog on blog directories that helps you to get exposure to new peoples.

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How to add a blog to HR blog submission directories?

It’s very easy to put your blog to blog submission sites.
When you first go to the blog submission sites you will see the links like “Add Your Link” and “Submit Your Site”.

You need to add your blog by clicking links like but before adding your blog first, you need to sign-up with each blog submission site on which you want to list your blog.
You can easily sign-up with your name, email, and password once you completed the sign-up process then you can easily add your site.
Most of blog submission sites have both paid and free plans you can use free version to submit your blog.
Before submitting your blog I suggest you write down some important things in notepad or text editor.

• Title of your blog
• URL of your blog

• Description of your blog

Having these things will help you to speed up your blog submission process.
In this way, you would be able to submit your blog up to more blog submission directories.
I personally used this method for my blog submission and I was able to add up to more blog submission site in less time.

List of Top 61+ HR blog submission sites
Blog submission helps your blog to reach more audiences.
You will also get traffic from blog directories and backlinks too.
But the thing is submitting your blog to blog submission directories is a method to do better SEO of your site.

There are lots of other SEO techniques that help you blog like you also need to focus on your On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.
There’s no shortcut of success that doesn’t come overnight, you need be work hard.
If you are in the Blogging industry then you must have patience and passion.
I want to say that content is everything, if you have in-depth valuable content on your blog want happens you will easily rank in google. so focus on writing more valuable content for your blog and naturally rank in google.
So, submit your blog on these blog submission sites and try more different things.
I hope this post was helpful. If you have any questions and suggestion let me know in the comments below.
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