Surfer SEO Lifetime Deal 2024: Do They Offer LTD?

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Surfer SEO Lifetime Deal

Are you looking for Surfer SEO Lifetime Deal 2024?

If yes, then you have come to the right blog post. Well,  Surfer SEO does not offer any lifetime deal.

If you have been searching for the deal then I am sorry you are wasting your valuable time. There’s not any lifetime deal offered by Surfer SEO.

But they offer 7 days money-back guarantee which means you can try Surfer SEO at no risk to your investment.

You can also increase the money-back guarantee up to 30 days by sharing your feedback with their team on how can they improve Surfer SEO.

In this article, you’ll know why Surfer SEO doesn’t offer any lifetime deal and also know how to get 17% OFF on plans.

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Why Surfer SEO Doesn’t Offer Any Lifetime Deal?

As I earlier mentioned in the article, Surfer SEO doesn’t offer any lifetime deal.

Because this kind of business is not profitable in long run for it.

There are lots of expenses are involved in the Surfer SEO tool like; cost of updating tools, team and developer salary, domain, hosting, customer support, and many more.

That’s why they don’t offer any lifetime deal of their tool. So they offer monthly basis plans that are suitable for everyone.

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Surfer SEO Pricing Plans

Surfer seo pricing

Surfer SEO offers 3 pricing plans that suit all business needs. The plans are Basic, Pro and Business.

Below, you will find a brief description of its pricing plans;


Basic Plan: $49/mo

The basic plan is best for freelancers and bloggers and costs $49/mo if you are billed annually.

The plan comes with 10 Content Editor, 20 Audits per month. But, NLP (Natural Language Processing) is for the only first month.



Pro Plan: $99/mo

The Pro plan costs you $99/mo when billed annually which has everything in the Basic plus included; 30 Content Editor, 60 Audits, and NLP access.

In this plan, you get access to invite up to 3 team members.



Business Plan: $199/mo

This plan is best for the agencies and enterprises, costs $199/mo when billed annually.

The Business plan has everything in the Pro plus 70 Content Editor, 140 Audits, NLP Access, API Access, and White Labeling.

In this plan, you can invite up to 10 team members.

Surfer SEO Pricing Plans


What is Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO home

Surfer SEO is a powerful content optimization tool that uses AI to improve blog posts and articles for Google.

It supports NLP (Natural Language Processing) and supports all languages.

Using this tool, you can optimize keywords in articles, create article outlines, get content suggestions, audit, and more.

Surfer SEO helps you to get your article on the Google’s first page by analyzing top-ranking pages and suggest how you can improve your blog post to beat competitors.

It has some powerful tools like Content Planner, Content Editor, SERP Analyzer, and more.

You also get access to some free tools as well which help you in content creation such as Keyword Surfer Extension, Content Editor Extension, and Ai Outline Generator.


Top Reasons to Choose Surfer SEO Lifetime Deal

Here are some top features and benefits of using Surfer SEO.

Optimize Article for SERP

optimize article for SERP

Surfer SEO content editing tool provides top recommendations that are SEO friendly and can optimize your article for SEO.

It directly gives you optimization suggestions by analyzing the top-ranking articles.

So you can optimize the blog post to get a better rank in Google.


Keyword Research

Surfer SEO offers a free keyword research tool called Keyword Surfer Extension that allows you to check keyword volume and competition.

You can also find relevant keywords for articles using it.


Content Planner

Surfer SEO content planner tool helps you to come up with related keywords for your blog niche so you have the content ideas for your blog.

It helps to dominate your niche with high-quality and relevant content.


Generate Article Outline in Few Minutes

surfer seo content outlines

Surfer SEO allows you to generate unique paragraphs, categorize them into proper headers, which you can tailor to match your tone and voice.


Full Content Audit

Surfer SEO has a fast and easy-to-use Audit tool that lets you identify content gaps and remove formatting issues that boost ranking in SERP.


Ai Writer Compabality

Surfer seo jasper integration

Nowadays lots of people use AI writer tools to create blog posts. If you also do the same then you would love Surfer SEO Jasper integration.

You can automate content creation using and optimize content for search engines from the Surfer SEO dashboard together.


Get your Post on Google First Page

rank article on google search with surfer seo

Once you optimize your content using Surfer SEO, then you can build internal links using audit tool to take advantage of your top-ranking pages.

You don’t need to do it manually and remember blog posts, Surfer SEO will suggest your integral linking opportunities based on your blog posts.


Pros and Cons of Surfer SEO

There are some pros and cons to this tool as mentioned below.


  • It is a very easy-to-use tool
  • Suggest real LSI keywords
  • Get recommendations from top-ranking pages
  • Help in building content structure
  • The audit tool helps to build internal links from top-ranking pages
  • It uses 500 ranking factors to optimize post
  • Compatible with writing tool
  • Offer a free keyword research tool



  • Get you a limited numbers of queries every day
  • The keyword research tool is not that accurate



FAQs Surfer SEO Lifetime Deal

What is Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is an SEO tool that allows you to improve the ranking of your blog posts by giving actionable tips and keyword recommendations.

It gives you suggestions after analyzing top-ranking articles in the same keyword.


What is the Basic Cost of Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO’s basic plan starts from $49/mo which includes 10 Content Editor, 20 Audits, and Free NLP per month.


Does Surfer SEO Offer a Lifetime Deal?

No, Surfer SEO doesn’t have to offer any lifetime deal but you can get a 7 days money-back guarantee. So if you aren’t satisfied after taking Surfer SEO then you can ask for a complete refund.


Does Surfer SEO Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, It has a 7-day money-back guarantee that makes it safe to try.


Is it Worth Investing in Surfer SEO?

Yes, It’s absolutely worth investing, lots of bloggers, marketers, and businesses use Surfer SEO to optimize their blog posts for ranking.


Can I Get a Discount on Surfer SEO?

Yes, When you buy Surfer SEO from our link, then you get 17% OFF on the annual plan.


What Payment Methods Do They Accept?

Surfer SEO accepts credit and debit cards and also bank transfer payment methods. They don’t accept PayPal payments.


What is NLP?

NLP stands for Natural Langauge Processing. Surfer SEO uses NLP to exact the entitles related to your main keyword.

Using NLP you can optimize your content for the main keyword like where and how often used in an article so it looks natural in the blog post.



As you know Surfer SEO doesn’t offer any lifetime deal. Surfer SEO is a powerful tool in which you can invest and it is worth your investment.

Using it you can dominate search engine traffic to cover the tool expense and also generate profit from your blog posts.

This tool can help you to increase your blog revenue by optimizing existing and future blog posts.

Well, I know a monthly subscription is a little expensive for bloggers and freelance writers.

But, Surfer SEO charges a reasonable price for what it offers. It is really worth the price you pay. So what are you waiting for get Surfer SEO Today! Click Here to get 17% OFF on it.

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