WPForms Helps You With Recurring Payments ( Here’s How)

recurring stripe payments

Now you accept recurring stripe payments on any of your wordpress forms.

Stripe add-on is one of the most popular add-ons of WPForms.

It makes easy to accept credit card payments online.

Using WPForms you can create forms easily. In this article, I’m going to share with you what stripe recurring functionality and how to set up one in your wordpress form for customers.


WPForms Form Entry Improvements

The best thing WPForms is easy to use and manage all different kinds of form entries even those that involves payments collection from customers.

Stripe recurring functionality now in full swing. WPForms want to make sure you can quickly glance at your form entries and know immediately which payments are recurring one.

Here you can see recurring payment icon that appears next to any form entry that is collecting regular payments.

Now you can offer recurring payments on your WordPress forms.

You can also see the value of each payment and recurring schedule selected by your customer.


There is an option to jump directly to stripe account to view the following by these links.

Transaction IP: Information of the accrual payment was made.

Subscription ID: Information of the recurring payment.

Customer IP: Detail of the customer who subscribed to recurring payment.

WPForms switching the wordpress dashboard and your stripe account as seamless as possible to manage payment simply.


Form Entry Data

Before, when some submit a payment using form WPForms send the entry id to your stripe account for viewing.

Well, that information is not useful so WPForms have made some changes.


Now uses can access their stripe account and see which form gets the recurring payment.

Using Form ID and Entry ID makes things easier.

WPForms have included an Entry URL link. So you can go to your stripe account to view the form entry details.

They give an opportunity to learn more about which forms are getting recurring payments. So it helps to grow business revenue.


WPForms Payment Settings

Here’s give you a sneak peak into how to payment settings in the form builder have changed to accommodate this exciting new functionality.

First, all you have to enable stripe payment, determine receipt settings and enable conditional logic. If you want to enable recurring payments. You will see some additional settings to configure recurring payments to match your requirements.

Name your plan and choose the recurring period. You can see here I chosen the yearly recurring time.

You can choose from Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-yearly, and Yearly.


Now select the customer email so stripe can create a custom profile.

Next, check the enable conditional logic. If you want to let customers choose between the one-time payment or setting up recurring payments.

When you enable conditional logic. This will trigger recurring payment functionality when your customer selects the option on your payment form.

I hope this article helped you to set up stripe recurring functionality in WPForms. If you have any questions and suggestions let me know in comments.


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