SolidWP Coupon And Promo Code 2024: 50% OFF

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SolidWp Coupon Code

Here is the latest and active SolidWP coupon code 2024 to save a maximum of up to 50% on its all plans and products.

You’ll get to know about SolidWP discount code to get it at the best discounted price.

If you’re looking for SolidWP discount code? It’s one of the best platforms that offer security plugins to secure and take backup of a site.

It also lets users manage all WordPress sites with the help of the Solid Central plugin.

In this article, we’re going to share with you the latest SolidWp coupon codes that let you get maximum discounts on its plans.


SolidWp Coupon Code 2024

SolidWp is a platform that has 3 main plugins; Solid Security, Solid Backups, and Solid Central. Solid Security allows user to protect their sites from hackers and remove malware from websites. On the other hand, Solid Backups plugin helps users take a backup of WordPress sites including files like Media, Database, themes, plugins, and more.

If you have multiple WordPress sites, then you would love to use Solid Central, it lets you manage all WordPress sites from a single dashboard.

Do you looking for SolidWP coupon code? If yes, then we have the best promo code for you, which lets you save 50% off on the Solid Suite plan or any individual plugin if you purchase.

So, to get the discount on the SolidWP here we have some of the best working coupon codes mentioned. You can also visit the link given below to avail the SolidWp at a 50% discount.

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About SolidWP

SolidWp About

SolidWp is an all-in-one platform that offers plugins to secure, backup, and maintenance your WordPress sites.

It’s owned by Liquid Web the WordPress company that is behind some popular plugins like LearnDash, GiveWP, Restrict Content Pro, Orderable, and more.

SolidWp has three different plugins; Solid Security, Solid Backups, and Solid Central. Where Solid Security helps to secure a WordPress site from malware attacks, Sold backups lets you take the backup of your entire site on cloud storage, and Solid Central is capable of maintaining all your WordPress sites from a single dashboard.

All these plugins’re available under one plan called Solid Suite and pricing starts at $199/year for a single website. Thousands of businesses trust SolidWp such as ToRo, Carolina West Wireless, Buenau University, Nevada Business, and more.

Almost 30,000 sites are hacked per day, so if you want your site to not be one of these then SolidWP plugins are best for you.

SolidWp also offers a Solid Academy, a place where you will be able to meet with WordPress professionals to build a business and learn from them.

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SolidWp Pricing Plans & Discounts

SolidWp Solid Suite Plan

SolidWP offers 4 different plans Solid Suite, Solid Security, Solid backups, and Solid Central. Let’s have a look at all these plans one by one.

Note that, SolidWP doesn’t offer any free plan, you have to take the paid plan to use its plugins. Don’t worry, you’ll get the 30-day money-back policy.


1. Solid Suite

Solid Suite is three in one: security, backups, and maintenance plan that includes all 3 plugins Solid Security, Solid Backups, and Solid Central.

The plan pricing starts at $199 per year for single website usage.

This plan protects your site from cyber attacks and security vulnerability, stores your site with automated backups, and manages admin tasks on your all sites.

If you’re looking to secure your site from cyber attacks and take a complete automated backup of a site then Solid Suite plan you must consider.

The plan has also given you a plugin to maintain all websites from a single interface, no need to log in all your sites one by one.

This plan supports 100+ websites but to get this plan, you’ll have to chat with the SolidWP sales team.


2. Solid Security

You can individually purchase SolidWP plugins, so Solid Security is an individual plan that offers Solid Security Pro plugin to reduce your WordPress site risk to nearly zero and stop brute force attacks.

The plan starts at $99 for 1 site. If you looking for a plugin to secure your site from hackers, then this plugin is for you. Get you only Solid Security plugin.

This plugin is also capable in increasing login security, two-factor authentication, and scanning vulnerable plugins.


3. Solid Backups

The plan is for someone who only wants to secure sites backup. This plan costs you $99 per year for a single site. Solid Backups lets you secure offsite archives, one-click restore, and automate & schedule backups.


4. Solid Central

The plan is for multi-site management centralization. It allows you to manage up to 100 sites and more. The plan costs you $69 for 5 websites. The plan lets users see real-time visibility, bulk installs and updates, and more.


Top Features of SolidWP

SolidWP main features are its all products each plugin has its own features and helps you differently.

Below, we’ve explained all the features you will get in SolidWP suite subscription.


Solid Security Plugin

Solid Security is one of the plugins of SolidWp that helps users secure a site from hackers and cyber attacks. It won’t let your WordPress sites be hacked.

It secures your sites in different ways run a WordPress security scan to identify vulnerable software. 

Solid Security Plugin

You can also automatically update vulnerable software with a patch available.

It also allows you to increase user login security with two-factor authentication and password login. It automatically locked out bad users by brute protection network and own backlist. If you want to keep bad guys away from your WordPress site, then Solid Security is the best plugin.


Solid Backup Plugins

It’s a plugin offered by SolidWP for backing up and storing backup files of the WordPress site. You can store backups on any remote server desk and restore files with just one click.

It allows you to automate and schedule backups, and run backups hourly, twice daily, daily every other day, bi-weekly, weekly, and monthly.

Solid Backups Plugin

Rolling back your WordPress database with Solid backups is just play of few seconds.

Do you looking for a backup plugin to take backup of your website frequently, then Solid backups plugin can help you.

It’s a very easy-to-use plugin and a good alternative to some other backup plugins like ValultPress and UpdraftPlus.


Solid Central Plugin

Do you have multiple WordPress sites and are tired of logging each one by one? If yes, then Solid Central plugin is very useful for you.

It’s a plugin that lets you maintain all your WordPress websites from a central dashboard.

With this plugin, you can manage up to 100+ sites under one dashboard. You have to only log in the central dashboard to perform all admin tasks on all sites.

Solid Central Plugin SolidWP

The plugin also allows to monitor uptimes, downtime, and the overall performance of all your websites. Solid Central is ideally designed for those who have multiple sites to manage.


Solid Academy

Solid Academy gets you access to WordPress premium courses, tutorials, training, and guides.

It’s a learning community for WordPress professionals, they host monthly live sessions on Solid Academy YouTube channel where you get training on WordPress business topics.

Solid Academy

You can also ask your queries in Q&A sessions every week. Some live and public sessions are recorded and added to Solid Library, so you can watch them in peace.


FAQs About SolidWP Discount Code

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about SolidWP coupons & promo codes.


1. What is SolidWP?

SolidWP is a platform owned by StallerWP a brand behind some of popular products like LearnDash, LiquidWeb, Nexcess, Restrict Content Pro, GiveWP, and more.

Under SolidWP brand, it offers 3 main plugins; Solid Security, Solid Backups, and Solid Central which help users to maintain, secure, and backup WordPress sites.


2. What is Solid Suite?

Solid Suite is a there-in-one security, backup, and maintenance plan that includes all three plugins of SolidWP. The plan starts at $199 per year for a single site. If you take the Solid Suite plan, then you’ll have all these plugins to secure, backup, and maintain your WordPress sites.


3. Can I only buy Solid Security plugin?

Yes, you can buy Solid Security plugin individually to secure your site from hackers. The plugin helps you to stop brute force attackers, increase login security, two-factor authentication, and scan vulnerable plugins & themes.


4. How much discount do I get on SolidWP?

As a new user of SolidWp, you can save a huge 50% on the Solid Suite plan. Get the deal here.


5. How can I avail SolidWP discount?

To get the discount on the SolidWp, all you need to do is click on this link and use our promo code to get 50% OFF.


6. What is the cost of SolidWP plugins?

It offers plugins under a Solid Suite plan that costs you $199/year for a single site. However, you will also be able to buy these plugins individually Solid Security and Solid Backups start at $99/year for 1 website and Solid Central starts at $69/year for 5 websites.


7. What is the best alternative to SolidWp?

There are some alternatives available to SolidWp such as Sucuri Security, Malcare, Wonderdefence, Updraftplus, and more.


8. Does SolidWp have a refund policy?

Yes, It’s 100% risk-free to purchase SolidWp or any plugin of it, you’ll have the 30-day money-back guarantee with a yearly/lifetime subscription.

For a monthly subscription, you’ll get the 7-day money-back policy.

Get 50% OFF SolidWP


Conclusion: SolidWP Promo Code 

SolidWP is a popular platform of Liquid Web that has three main plugins under this brand Solid Security, Solid Backups, and Solid Central.

Using these plugins you can secure, backup, and maintain your WordPress with ease.

Undoubtedly, It’s a great platform for those who looking to secure and manage WordPress sites. The Solid Security plugin allows users to save websites from hackers, Solid Backups saves users from server crashes by keeping your website backup at remote storage, and if you have multiple WordPress sites, then Solid Central helps you to manage them all from one dashboard.

If you looking for plugins to secure your site, I highly recommend you go with SolidWP plugins. Use our SolidWP discount codes to get the huge up to 50% OFF.

It’s a good alternative to some plugins such as VaultPress, Sucuri, and UpdraftPlus because you’ll get Solid Security and Solid Backups both plugins in the Solid Suite plan at a very affordable price.

Above, we’ve mentioned everything about SolidWP which you need to know before subscribing the SolidWp discount code. How it’s time to get the SolidWp plan at a 50% discount

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