Social Snap Review: Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugin

Last Updated on December 23, 2023 by Kundan Sharma

Social Snap Review

Are you looking to add a social sharing button on your WordPress site?

There are lots of WordPress plugins available online such as Social Warfare, Monarch, and Add to Any that I used earlier on my blog to get social shares.

But, I didn’t find them effective, so I ended up using Social Snap. It’s the best social sharing plugin I ever used.

So, in this article, you will learn social snap review that helps you to know more about this great WordPress plugin. It’s more than just a social sharing plugin you will get some extra features like Auto Social Poster, Click to Tweet Boxes, and Analytics.

Let’s find out why you should have used social snap instead of social warfare.


About Social Snap

Social Snap About

Social Snap is a WordPress plugin that helps to add share buttons, click to tweet boxes, and many more things on your blog. You can control how people share and view blog posts on social platforms that boost website traffic and engagement.

Social snap enables website owners to add fast-loading social share buttons on their site that encourage visitors to share blog posts on their favorite social network platforms.

It’s a freemium WordPress plugin but the free version has too many limitations such as few social networks are available and no premium add-ons.

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Social Snap Review: Features

Multiple Sharing Buttons

Social snap lets you choose from multiple sharing buttons including Floating Sidebar, Inline Button, On Media Button, Pinterest Pin It, Sticky Bar, Via Widget, and Shortcode.

Social Snap Multiple Buttons

You can place a social sharing button almost anywhere on the site.


Over 30 Popular Social Networks

Social Snap support over 30 social media networks and platforms, so your website visitors can share your blog posts on their favorite social platforms.

Social Snap Social Platforms

There are some social networks that support social snap such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Telegram, WhatsApp, and More.


Multiple Button Style

You will get 4 different types of social button styles at this WordPress plugin

You don’t have to limit yourself with just a regular button. You can change your buttons in Slanting, Circle, and Rectangular including regular buttons.

Social Snap Buttons Design


Digital Social Counts

Here at social snap, you can encourage visitors to share posts by showing share counts of the article. Social Snap allows you to track social counts by share counts by API, via tracking, count all apps and networks.

You can choose when display share counts by minimum share count feature that lets you set a limit instead of 0 that doesn’t make any impression on visitors.

You can set minimum share counts 10, 20 any number, it depends on you completely. How many social shares you get on your articles.


Click to Tweet Boxes

Social snap has offered a click to tweet quote box feature that lets you add a tweetable texts box at post and pages. It enables visitors to share your content on twitter. You can easily add a click to tweet box in the contents from the WordPress editor.

Social Snap Click to Tweet

There are some multiple click-to-tweet box designs available in social snap plugin. Choose one that matches your website design.

I personally used click to tweet boxes on some of the blog posts that helped to get more tweets.


Open Meta Graph

When using a social snap sharing plugin on your site, you will have full control over how your post will look when shared on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Social Snap Meta Graph

You can customize open meta graph including Custom Image, Title, and Description. Social Snap gives some open meta graph options, choose one that boosts click-through rate.

It’s also enabled to add custom meta images for Facebook and Twitter.



Social Snap has offered an analytics report of shared blog posts that allow you to find out the most performed articles.

You can track how many shares you get on a social networking site in a particular period of time, so leverage strategies to get more social shares on posts that have fewer shares.

social snap statistics

There are some more features in social snap such as Recovery Social Counts in case you change the permalink, domain change, and site transfer from HTTP to HTTPS and URL Shortening via Bitly to automatically shorter shared URL with Bitly account.


Social Snap Add-ons

Social Snap offers 4 addons in premium plans that make it this plugin powerful social sharing WordPress plugin. Let’s have a look at these add-ons one by one.


Social Login

Social Login enables visitors to log in to a website through their favorite social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Social Snap Log In

But remember this feature is only available for Pro and Agency plan holders. 


Boost Older Blog Posts

Social Snap helps to boost older blog posts and automatically post them on Twitter and LinkedIn. This is the best way to get consistent traffic from older blog posts.

Social Snap Boost Old Blog Posts


Social Auto Poster

Social Auto Poster makes it easy to automatically share newly published blog posts on social media platforms.

It saves you valuable time as you do not need to share posts manually. This is a cool feature of social snap which lets you get more traffic from social networks.

Social Auto Poster


Content Locker

This a unique feature that allows content creators to hide some part of important content and place a share button. So, you can ask visitors to share the content before accessing that piece of locked content.

Social Content Locker

This feature can help to get more social shares and traffic to your site.


Social Snap Pricing

Social Snap has 3 plans to offer Plus, Pro, and Agency. No matter what plan you take you will get all features except addons. You will get addons in only Pro and Agency plans.

Plus: This plan costs $39 and allows you to use social snap on only one site. This plan comes with 1 year of support but won’t get access to premium add-ons.

Pro: This plan costs $99 and gets access to all features including add-ons like Social Login, Boost Old Blog Posts, Social Auto Poster, and Content Locker. In this plan, you will get support from up to 3 websites.

Agency: This plan costs $299 and supports up to 15 including all features and add-ons.

Social Snap Pricing

Every plan gives you access to 1 year of plugin updates and support. You will need to renew the license after 1 year to get future product updates and support.

They also give 30 30-day money-back guarantee, in case you don’t like their plugin features. You will be able to get a complete refund.


Social Snap Coupon Code

Social Snap Offers a 50% OFF on all plans. Here’s the social snap coupon code article to get a flat 50% discount using promo code ” SS50“.

Social Snap Discount


Go to Social Snap WordPress Plugin



These days more people are spending more time on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and many more.

You need a tool like social snap to reach up to your targeted audience, which makes it easy for visitors to share blog posts on social platforms through beautiful social sharing buttons

Social Snap click to tweet functionality allows us to add tweetable quote boxes within the content. We can also add a Pinterest share button on media that helps visitors to save images on their favorite Pinterest boards.

Pinterest is a quality traffic source that’s why I focus on Pinterest to get more targeted audiences on my blog.

There are more benefits of social snap plugin that I have mentioned earlier in this article in the features section. In short, Social Snap is the best social media tool to get more social shares and engagement.

Let me know which features you like about this plugin.


Social Snap Review: FAQs

Q1: Social Snap plugin is suitable for?

Social Snap plugin is useful for bloggers, marketers, business owners, and almost everyone who has a website. If you have a WordPress site and want to drive more traffic from social platforms, then you should use social snap.


Q2: Can I get a social snap free trial?

No, But you can get 30 days of the money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied after taking a social snap, ask for a complete refund.


Q3: Can I use the social snap on the client’s website?

Yes, Get Agency plans to use the social snap plugin for up to 15 websites.


Q4: Does social snap work on a non-WordPress site?

No, Social snap is available in the form of WordPress, so you can’t use it outside the WordPress platform.


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