Siteground Review : Is This Best Shared Hosting Provider in 2024?

Last Updated on December 26, 2023 by Kundan Sharma

Siteground Review

If you are looking to host your site and got confused with so many hosting options. So, in this article, you will do Siteground review with features, and pricing.

This review will help you to know why should you get hosting from Siteground?

If you want to start a self-hosted blog on WordPress then it’s is also recommended by WordPress to host a blog on Siteground.
You can see the image below 3 hostings is recommended by WordPress.
Bluehost, Dreamhost, and Siteground.
siteground recommend by wordpress

Review: Features & Pricing

Hosting PlanImportant FeaturesPriceDeal Link
Startup• Host 1 website only
• All essential Features
• 10,000 visitors
• 10 GB space
• Lack of server resources
$6.99/Month (60% OFF)Go to Siteground
GoBig• Host unlimited websites
• 25,000 visitors
• priority support
• Backup and Restoration service
• 20 GB space
• server resources
$9.99/Month (60% OFF)Go to Siteground
GoGeek Host unlimited website
• 100,000 visits
• Premium Backup and restore
30 GB space
• Fast shared hosting
• 3x server resources
$14.99/Month (60% OFF)Go to Siteground


1- Click Cloud Flare Activationcdn

Siteground allows you to active cloudflare in the Cpanel with just 1 click. If you don’t know what is cloud flare then it’s a content delivery network (CDN) that hosts your file in more than 140+ data centers. Which reduces the geographical distance of your content.


Actually, your content travels from cloud flare serves to site visitors that increase your website speed.

It’s also recommended by WordPress to use Cloudflare on a site.

4 Data Center

data center
When you buy Siteground hosting you will have the choice to host your site on these data centers Chicago (USA), London, Singapore, and Amsterdam.

You can choose the one that’s closest to your website visitors to reduce the content travel. For example, if most of the visitors from the USA then you should have to choose Chicago as a data center.


Uptime (Actually 99.99%)

siteground uptime
Siteground has outstanding uptime which is actually around 99.99%.
There are lots of other hostings providers say they also provide 99.99% uptime but fail to deliver at some points but site ground does not.
If you have ever experienced internal server error, the connection fails, bad getaways, and site go down. You will not get these problems with sitegraound hosting.


Free SSL Certificatefree ssl

As you know how important an SSL certificate these days for a website. Google only ranking sites who has run on a secure network HTTPS.
When you get hosting from siteground they also provide a free SSL certificate that allows your site to a secure Network. Some other domain registrars and hosting companies charge extra for this certificate.


SG optimizer Pluginsg optimizer

This is a plugin that works with super cache, no other hosting companies provide SG optimizer with shared hosting, helps the website to load fast, and keep the site upgraded to the latest version of PHP.


Supportsitegound support

Siteground provides better customer support their team very helpful with the WordPress platform.
Especially, when you choose GrowBig and GoGeek plan which comes with priority support. So, they provide the fastest consumer support.


Free Migration

Siteground will migrate your site for free, this is not like other companies who charge for migration between $49 to $149.
If you migrate from existing hosting to siteground then you will get free site migration. You can simply request for migration from your siteground dashboard.

And the migration process will take time between 5-6 hours to complete. Which is also faster than some other hosting companies at this price range.


30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you take hosting from Siteground they give you 30 days money-back guarantee. so, you would not get happy with your siteground hosting then you will able to cancel your hosting within 30 days to get your refund.
Don’t know how to cancel a Siteground account then you only have to post a service termination request from siteground service.

Siteground Pricing

Siteground provides 3 best hosting plans startup, GrowBig, and GoGreek. There is the main difference between these plans with a startup plan you can only host one website but still, you get all the features.
If you want a better site website speed. Then, I recommend you to take GrowBig and GoGeek plans because they have more server resources. Which makes your site load faster and comes with daily backups, WordPress Update, and Host unlimited website.Siteground Pricing Plans

StartUp: Starting from $6.99/mo

StartUp is a cheap and sufficient hosting plan for 1 website with little traffic. It is better than other $6.99/mo plan hosting services.
But in this plan, you get a lack of server resources and storage.
It is a good hosting plan for a new and startup website.
Things you should know in the startup plan.
  • Host 1 website only
  • All essential Features
  • 10,000 visitors
  • $6.99/mo
  • 10 GB space
  • Lack of server resources

GrowBig: Starting from $9.99/mo

You can host multiple websites with GrowBig and get more server resources than a startup Plan. Which helps your site to load faster.
In this plan, you get 20 GB of space, Priority support, and 30 days backup.
Things you should know in GrowBig plan.
  • All essential features
  • Host unlimited websites
  • 25,000 visitors
  • 30 days backup
  • Priority support
  • Backup and Restoration service.
  • $9.99/mo
  • 20 GB space
  • Server resources
  • Free SSL certificate

GoGeek: Starting from $14.99/mo

It is 4x faster web hosting than regular shared hosting. It is the perfect webs hosting plan for the peoples who want to superfast website with just $14.99/mo.
GoGeek plan provides unlimited resources by Siteground team. It’s is also a good hosting plan for an e-commerce website at an affordable price.
Siteground also provides credit card fraud protection with this plan.
Things you should know in the GoGeek Plan.
  • All essential features
  • Host unlimited website
  • 100,000 visits
  • Premium Backup and restore
  • $14.99/mo
  • 30 GB space
  • Fast shared hosting
  • 3x server resources

Do we recommend Siteground?

Siteground is affordable and one of the best hosting providers with its 3 plans Startup, GrowBig, and GoGreek. I recommend you take GrowBig and GoGeek which provide more server resources.
It’s the best-managed hosting provider for beginners, who want to start a blog on the best hosting at an affordable price.
Siteground has delivered solid uptime in the last few years that means your site will not get down.  You will also get free SSL and CDN with every plan that boosts your site performance.
If you still hesitate to take siteground hosting then it comes with 30 days of a money-back guarantee. if you aren’t like its service, simply ask for a refund they will give your money back into your account.

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