How to Log Your Emails with WordPress using WP Mail SMTP

Do you want to keep records of every email that sent outs from your WordPress website?

You can set up email logs in WordPress using the WP Mail SMTP plugin.

That allows you to keep tracking emails that go out from your site.

In this article, I will know how to set up email logs in WordPress using WP Mail SMTP.


Benefits of Using Emails Logs on WordPress.

There are lots of benefits of using email logs on a site. Its keep track of all the emails sends out from your site.

1: If you are using form notifications on your site. It will help you to send you email alerts when someone fills the form. In this way you can generate more leads from your site.

2: Email logs help you to see the things when emails were sent, email status, date and time, email attachment and etc.

3: Using email logs you can verify an email was delivered successfully or not. If Someone, say he didn’t receive the email, you can verify the status in the email log.


How to Logs Your Emails in WordPress Using WP Mail SMTP

If you want to see what emails your site sends out then follow this step by step guide to setup email log in the WordPress powered site.


Install and Activate WP Mail SMTP

First, you need to install and activate the WP Mail SMTP plugin on your WordPress website.

It’s very easy to set up WP Mail SMTP settings I have already written a guide on how to set up WP Mail SMTP in WordPress.


Once you have completely set up and activated the WP Mail SMTP plugin.

Now it’s time to enable the email logs.


Enable Email Logs in WordPress

Go to the WordPress dashboard, hover to the “WP Mail SMTP” in the menu then select the “Settings” option.

You will see a new tab open click on the “Email Logs” as shown in the below image.

At this page, you will notice an option “Enable Logs“. It will allow your WordPress site to keep records of all the emails that send out from your site.


Here’s the list of all the records that will be included in each wordpress email.

• Email Status It will let you know the message sent successfully or not.

• Date and Time of message sent.

• Subject line

• The email address of recipient

• From email

• Number of attachments

• Mailer option used

• Additional technical details

Click on the “Enable Log” box, just after selecting this option you will see a new option called “Log Email Content

Log email contain will store all the content of emails sent from a website. It will allow you to find out all the email records with other information.

It depends on you if you want to enable log email content. This is not necessary to enable it.

Then click on the “Save Settings” button to complete the setup of WordPress email logs.


View your Email Logs in WordPress

Go to the WordPress dashboard, click on the WP Mail SMTP>>Email Log on the left side of the WordPress menu.

Here you will recent emails at the top of the screen.

If you want to look more information about a single email just click on the subject line. You will land to a new page where you see the individual email log.

Congrats, you have successfully set up email logs in WordPress. Now you can see the email logs of emails.


Now you know how to set up email logs using the WP Mail SMTP plugin in WordPress.

Go ahead and set up a one for your own website.

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