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Are you looking for Restream Free Trial? If yes, then you have come to the right blog post.

Restream is an all-in-one multistreaming platform that allows users to stream up to 30 social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, and more.

It’s a premium tool but offers a free plan for beginners.

In this post, you’ll know about the Restream Free Trial and also be guided on how to avail of it.

Before getting into it, let’s discuss Resteram free vs premium plan below.

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Restream Free Plan vs Premium Plan
Restream offers free and paid both plans so you can start with the free and later upgrade to one of its paid plans.

Its free plan lets you multistream up to 2 platforms and allows you to use it with third-party streaming software like Zoom, OBS Studio, Xsplit, and vMix.

Where premium plan (standard) costs you $16/mo which allows multistreaming up to 5 platforms, 6 hours of stream recording, store stream for 15 days, no restream branding, custom graphic & overlay and etc.

Features Free Trial Premium Plan (Standard)
Platforms fro Stream 2 5
Stream to Custom RTMP No Yes
Third party Integartion Yes No
Steram Pre-recorded Videos No Yes
Video Storage No 10 Videos
Video Upload limits No 1 Hour/2GB
Restream Branding Yes No
Stream Participents 6 10
Storing Time for Recording No Yes

Restream Free Trial

Restream free trial plan

Restream offers a free plan that is forever free. This plan is for newbies or someone starting first time with live streaming.

You can try Restream free trial plan as long as you want, no credit card is required to avail of it.

When you subscribe to the free plan, you will get access to lots of features that are enough for a beginner streamer.

In the free plan, you will be allowed to stream up to 2 channels, compatible with platforms live OBS Studio, Zoom, vMix, and more.

You can upgrade your plan after trying the Restream free plan from your dashboard. The basic plan starts from $16/mo if you are billed annually.

Get Started with Restream Trial

How to Signup for Restream Free Trial?

It is very easy to signup Restream free trial, you can do it just by following the steps given below.

Step 1: Go to the Restream official website.

Step 2: Click on the “Pricing” tab and you will see different pricing plans.

Step 3: Click on the “Get Started for Free” button of the free plan.

Step 4: Now, signup with restream using your details.

Step 5: Once you have done, you will get the confirmation email to complete your registration.

Congrats, you have successfully created a free account with Restream, you can use Restream free plan for free forever.

Now, you can host your first live stream on your favorite social platforms.

How Much Does Restream Cost After Free Trial Plan?

Restream offers 5 plans; three plans for individuals and two plans in companies categories. Except for the free plan, you get two plans for both Individuals and companies.


Individual Plans

Restream individuals pricing


Standard: This plan costs $16/mo when billed annually. The plan includes all the features of the free plan plus multistreaming up to 5 platforms, no restream branding, stream record 6 hours, 10 participants, and more.

Standard is the basic plan of restream, which is suitable for beginner streamers.


Professional: Thai is the most valuable plan for Restream, which costs $41/mo when billed annually.

The professional plan has everything in the standard plus multistreaming up to 7 platforms, stream pre-recorded videos, 1 hour/2GB video upload limits, Full HD (1080p) support, 10 video storage, and more.


Companies Plans

Restream companies plans

Premium: This plan costs you $83/mo if billed annually. The plan is best suited for businesses and professional streamers.

The plan has everything in the professional plus stream up to 10 platforms, 2 hours/5Gb video limit, 25 video storage, 30-day video storing, priority support, RTMP source, multi-camera support, and streaming amplifier.


Business: This is the most expensive plan of Restream, which costs you $249/mo. This plan is suitable for big businesses and enterprises.

The business plan comes with all the features of premium plus 4 hours/10GB video upload limit, 40 video storage, 20 hours stream recording, priority support and failsafe stream backup, and more.

You can have a look at Restream pricing to compare all plans.

Visit Restream Pricing Page

Why Choose Restream Free Trial?

Restream is a multistreaming platform that allows you to broadcast your shows and events up to 30 social sites.

It easily integrates with some other popular third-party streaming tools like OBS Studio, Zooom, vMix, XSplit, and more.

As it is a complete live streaming solution that lets you stream video on popular social platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Twitch, and more.

It offers a free plan, which is completely free you don’t need to pay anything. In the free trial plan, you get access to lots of tools and features that are good enough for a beginner streamer.

You can use its online streaming studio with the help of a web browser, no need to download any heavy application, it is completely a cloud-based platform.

Using Restream Studio you can customize your stream with graphics, captions, themes, background music, logo, and many more other things.

The free plan has the features like, steam up to 2 platforms, steam from a web browser, on-screen comments & captions, 6 streaming participants, cross-platform analytics, and stream health monitoring.

If you are new to Resteram and have any doubts regarding its service, then the best thing is you can do, sign up for its free plan.

Once you are completely satisfied with the Restream service then you can upgrade your plan to any paid one.

How to Make Use Of Restream Free Trial?

Restream offers 3rd party integration with popular streaming tools, like OBS Studio, vMix, XSplit, and more.

There are some features you get access to Restream free plan:

Multistreaming Platform: Restream allows you to stream up to 30+ social accounts.

3rd Party Integration: It’s compatible with third-party stream software such as Zoom, vMix, OBS Studio, and more.

Stream from Web Browser: you don’t need to download any software, start streaming from just a web browser.

Screen Sharing: The free plan allows sharing the desktop screen in the live stream.

On-Screen Comments & Captions: You can chat and add titles/captions on the live stream too.

Overlay: Restream lets you chat with participants across all platforms which build more engagement.

Background Music: You can also add background music to your video broadcasting to make it more interesting for viewers.

Analytics: You will be able to see live stream data like views, chats, pick of the steam, and more.


You can use these features absolutely for free in the Reteram free trial. If you get started with the multistreaming then the Restream free plan is good for you, using it you can learn how to stream for the first time and get experience.

However, Restream free trial has limited features, you will have to upgrade your plan to paid one for getting more features.

The Standard (paid) plan has many premium features like up to 5 channels support, stream recording for 6 hours, video storing time for 15 days, stream to custom RTMP, no Resteram branding, and custom graphic overlay.

Restream Overview

Restream overview

Restream is an all-in-one live-streaming platform for video broadcasting. It helps businesses, content creators, bloggers, and influencers to stream on multiple platforms at once.

Using Resteram you can broadcast your stream across different channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and more.

It allows you to stream 30 social platforms at once. Restream integrates with some of the industry’s popular sterling tools and software, such as; OBS Studio, vMix, XSplit, Zoom, and more.

It helps its users to deliver 8.8+ million broadcasts per month and drive 600 million views every month to them.

Restream comes with a “Studio” which lets you manage your stream through, with the help of it you can add a changing theme, ad title/caption, background music, recorded videos, graphics, and more to your stream.

Restream also allows users to stream from multiple views, you need multiple cameras and multicamera tools to make it happen.

It is also possible to stream pre-recorded videos with Restream as a live stream across multiple platforms.

Restream offers an analytics dashboard where you can track stream performance across various channels, audience engagement, pick of the stream, and trending topics.

Some of the features include;

  • Restream live Studio which comes with easy to use interface
  • Stream up to 30 social accounts
  • Up to 20 hours of streaming
  • Allow to upload and broadcast pre-recorded videos
  • Add title/caption to stream
  • Integrates with other streaming software
  • Comes with chatting features
  • You can stream from a web browser
  • Invite other broadcasters in your stream
  • Multiple camera support
  • Capture and share screen recording
  • Built-in analytics dashboard for tracking performance
  • Save recording up to 30 days
  • Priority support

Try Restream For Free

FAQs on Resteram Free Trial 

What is Restream?

Restream is a live-streaming platform for individuals and companies that allow you to stream up to 30 social platforms.

You can directly multistream from your web browser, no need to download any application.


Can I Stream in Full HD 1080p?

Yes, Restream studio lets you steam in Full HD (1080p) from your web browser.


Does Restream Compatible with Other Streaming Software?

Yes, you can use it with 3rd party streaming software like ONS Studio, Xsplit, vMix, and Zoom.


Can I Use Restream Free Forever?

Yes, Restream has a free plan which allows you to use it absolutely for free.


Can Guest Join The Live Stream?

You can add guests to your stream with a link, it supports up to 10 participants in a stream.


Does Restream Stream Pre-recorded Videos?

Yes, you can stream pre-recorded videos as live stream in the professional plan or higher companies plans.


What is the Basic Cost of the Restream Plan?

The restream basic (standard) plan starts from 16/mo when you are billed annually.


Do Customizable Options Available for Streamers?

Yes, Restream offers lots of customizable options, including; themes, overlay, graphic, logo, background music, and more, so you will have fully customizable options to match your stream to your brand.

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Restream is one of the best streaming software in the market. It has some best multistreaming features and easy to use interface.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, Restream has a free trial plan, which gives you an opportunity to try live streaming for free.

Here are some features includes in the free plan:

  • Stream up to 30 social platforms
  • Stream with the web browser
  • Stream up to 6 hours
  • Integrates with other streaming tools like OBS Studio, Zoom, XSpit, and more
  • Easy to use Restream Studio
  • Allow using title/caption to live stream

So, get the Restream free trial today and get started with multistreaming to your favorite social platforms

I hope this article helped you to know about Restream Free Trial. If you have any queries, do let me know in the comments below.

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