Top 12 Reasons Why You are not Getting Success in Blogging

Top reasons why not getting sucessful in blogging

Is your blog successful? Peoples always talk about how to get success as a blogger but, forget about to know what are the possible reasons have stopped from success.

You have landed on this post which means your blog has been not doing well. Do you know 90% of new blogs fail in the first few months? For some reasons like lack of interest, poor content, haven’t chosen a niche, and want overnight success.

I have maintained below some possible reasons why most of the blogs get failed. Find out, which one or more things you are doing wrong on your blog.

When I was first started blogging I also did lots of mistakes and learned from them.

12 Blogging Mistakes You’re Probably Making Right Now on Your Blog.

1. Not Using Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most popular traffic sources after google. It’s also used as a search engine.

Most people use Pinterest as a search engine for their queries. If you just started a blog then you have less chance to get traffic from Google because it takes lots of time to get constant visitors from Google.

So you can target Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog, most bloggers have done this and focusing on it more than Google.
If you are not using Pinterest then probably making a big mistake that has stopped you from getting success in blogging.
I recommend you create a Pinterest account and pin blog posts that help you to get traffic from this platform.

You can use Tailwind, it’s a Pinterest scheduling tool, allow you to grow your visitors and followers.
If you want to look at my Pinterest account to know how I’m using it to drive traffic to my blog then click here.

2. You aren’t Promoting Your Post

If you have not promoted your content to the various platforms yet then probably have missing thousand of traffic.

I spend 20% of the time on writing a blog post and 80% on promotion. The power of promotion is way powerful than you think.

You cannot seat back after publishing blog posts and wait for google drive traffic to it. Instead, share posts in various places such as Facebook page/groups, Twitter, comments, emails, Pinterest, and many more.

That would help your blog to generate traffic from various sources places, don’t be relying only on one traffic source.

3. You Haven’t Chosen a Niche

Probably, your blog has not as successful as other blogs because you haven’t chosen a niche and probably writing on various topics that come to your mind.

For example, you are covering different topics like lifestyle, fashion, motivation, tech and etc in the same blog. If you really want a better ranking in Google then you must have to choose your blog niche.

The study’s found that Google loves niche sites than sites that cover random things. If you look at my blog then you will see that I cover only blogging and internet marketing-related stuff like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and many more.


4. Haven’t Collecting Emails

One of the biggest reasons why your blog is not doing well, you haven’t collected emails of blog visitors.

Having a big email list is an asset for a blogger. You can monetize your email list with products and services that help you to make money.

Email marketing also helps to stick visitors to your blog. Whenever, you publish a blog post you can send a message to your subscribers to let them know about your new post that drives instant traffic to the blog.

You should have to be an email list to do well. If you don’t know how to collect emails then I have already written a post on this topic, which you can read here.

You can use tools like MailChimp and Hellobar (both are free) to collect emails of your blog visitors.

5. You Don’t Have Many Backlinks

Do you know backlink is the most important ranking factor in Google? Because it tells Google that the site has the authority or not.

Backlinks help to build site authority and a high authority site ranks better in Google search than less one.

When I was started my blog I haven’t got the better-ranked because fewer backlinks pointed to my blog. Then, I started guest posting it’s one of the best ways to build quality links from good sites.

This type of backlinks loved by Google it can increase your blog ranking too.

If you don’t know what is guest posting? Then, It’s a process you need to write content for other blogs and get one or more do-follow links depends on the site owners.

It also helps to take your blog to new audiences. You can also try the various link-building strategies such as guest posting, Infographic, profile creation, article submission and social bookmarking, etc.

6. You Haven’t Optimized Your Blog SEO

Search Engine Optimization matters a lot that helps Google to know what is your blog all about.

If you haven’t optimized your blog properly.

Then, it might be hard to get a better ranking on google. Most of the peoples failed at blogging because they don’t know how to optimize the blog for SEO.

Here are some tips you can follow that help you to optimize your blog.
1. you should have to include your main targeted keywords in your blog post title and description that tells Google what is your post is about.
2. use proper H1, H2, and H3 tags inside the blog post.
3. Add more LSI keywords within your blog posts to your blog post will have a chance to get rank for various keywords.
4. Internal linking of your new and old blog posts.

7. You are looking at Analytics More Often

If you see your blog analytics more often then it would only hurt you. Because it takes lots of time to get success in blogging. First, give your blog 3 to 6 months and work hard on it and also publish some more useful content.

These days domain authority unique contents and backlinks matter more to get organic traffic so first build them then over time, you will see your ranking get to climb.

You cannot get overnight success in blogging you will have to work hard for it.


8. Horrible Design

Blog design and loading speed are also important ranking factors. If your blog design has not responsive and loads pages slowly then it would not get a good rank.

Google already mention that they rank responsive sites over none responsive. If your site is loading slowly no one going to use it and left immediately that increases your bounce rate too.

You should have to choose a responsive and first loading blog design that works on all types of devices such as mobile, tab and desktop, etc.

If you want to check your blog loading speed then you can use a free tool like Google Page Insights (it’s free) provided by Google.


9. You are not Posting Enough

Some peoples want to get success in blogging and make money from just 5 to 10 blog posts.
If you are thinking more about money than posting more valuable posts then you will get failed at blogging.

First, you need to give more values that means you should have to focus on a post more content at least 1 or 2 blog posts a  week.

In this way, you will have enough posts within 4 to 5 months. Once you have more than 50 blog posts then you can start making money from your blog.

I personally followed this method for my own blog and this helped me to create at least 10 blog posts every month.

10. Poor Content

If your blog posts are poor then they would not appear in the top searches on google. Because Google likes unique and quality content.

If a blog post has written in detail and covers more topics in one post then it might have a chance to get a better rank.

Most of the bloggers failed in blogging due to poor contents have on their blog. You should have to focus on writing a post between 1000 to 1500 words.

These types of post-work better than 600 words article because detailed content covers more topics and gets rank for various keywords.


11. Lack of Focus/Interest

Over time you might be not focusing on your blog and not taking an interest in blogging.

If you really want to become a successful blogger then you must have to take an interest that helps you to work on your blog.

And keep the focus on the blog to get achieve them. Invest your time in your blog then wasting on things like watching TV, playing games, and movies, etc.


12. Not Monetizing Your Blog

If you afraid of monetizing your blog or thinking you don’t have enough traffic to monetize your blog.

Then you are completely wrong.

If you have targeted traffic then 7 or 8 leads can help you earn handsome income from your blog, so don’t think about traffic just monetize the blog.

Peoples did the mistake think when they will have lots of visitors then start to monetize a blog. I know you can not earn money from Adsense with less traffic.

But, you can use affiliate links and sell your own products that help you to earn money with less amount of traffic.

Monetize your blog today.

Over to You

I have mentioned all the possible reasons why your blog has not succeeded. If you make these things correct over time your traffic and ranking will climb.

Blogging is a long-term process so give time to it.

I hope this post was helpful to you. If you have any questions and the suggestion then let me know in the comment.

I would love to reply.

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