QuillBot Review: Explore Features, Tools and Pricing

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QuillBot Review

If you looking for a paraphrasing tool then Quillbot is one of the best an affordable cloud-based tools.

As a blogger and content creator, I have used several AI writing tools for paraphrasing, AI content generation, AI grammar checker, and many more.

I have been using QuillBot for a while. In this article, I’m going to share my honest review of QuillBot. I will be sharing QuillBot features, pricing, benefits, and more here.

However, QuillBot is a wonderful tool for students, academics, and digital marketers.

Let’s explore QuillBot features below.


What is QuillBot?


QuillBot is one of the best rewriting and paraphrasing tools for sentences, paragraphs, and articles. It uses AI artificial intelligence to improve your writing skills by polishing your content with NLP.

QuillBot comes with tools like paraphrasing, grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and summarizer.

It is used by millions of people and can be used for several types of writing like academic writing, content creation, email, social media post, and more.

It can be integrated with your favorite doc editor, and offer extensions for Chrome and Microsoft Word.

It has a forever free plan with limited features, the free plan lets you find out how to use QuillBot.

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QuillBot Features

QuillBot has a lot of features that we are going to talk about in this section.

I’ll be focusing on the QuillBot premium version features because you get all of its features only in the paid plan.

Let’s check out some of the best features and tools offered by QuillBot.


1. Paraphrasing Tool

QuillBot paraphrasing tool is one of its main tools which uses AI to rewrite any sentence, paragraph, or article.

This tool is useful for content publishers, students, and academics. You can rewrite texts based on selected modes, Standard, Fluency, Formal, Simple, Creative, Academic, Expand, and Shorten.

The free plan only supported Standard and Fluency modes.

Paraphrasing tool allows you to take a complex piece of writing and turn it into something readable.

Paraphrasing Tool QuillBot

I have been using the Paraphrasing tool for one of our projects for a long time and I am completely satisfied with the results.

QuillBot Paraphrasing tool can be helpful for digital marketers to rewrite social media posts and it would be also a useful tool for academics and essayists to turn writing into easy language.

You can try this tool for free but the free plan only supports 125 words.


2. Grammar Checker Tool

 There are too many good grammar checker tools out there like Grammarly, ProWritingAid, and more.

These apps come with good monthly pricing, so when you use QuillBot it offers a free grammar checker tool that helps you to detect and correct punctuation and spelling errors.

This way you will save your money and as well as time. You get paraphrasing and grammar checker tools under one roof.

Grammar Checker QuillBot

If you have already written content you can upload it to Quillbot Grammar Checker tool to get one-click grammatical errors and suggestions to fix it.

The best thing is when a grammar checker flags mistakes in your writing, it visually bring issues to your attention which helps you learn and grow.


3. Summarizer tool

QuillBot Summarizer tool lets you reduce articles, pages, and documents to their most important points. It uses AI natural language processing (NLP) to locate critical information while maintaining original content.

Text Summarizer QuillBot

The Summarizer tool allows you to get key points from news articles, research pages, and confusing paragraphs.

QuillBot premium plan, summarizer tool can be summarized up to 25,000 characters per run, and the other hand, free plan is limited to 10,000 characters.



4. Plagiarism Checker

It is a premium feature of QuillBot that allows users to check whether its is content original or copied.

You only need to paste your article or essay into the plagiarism checker tool and it takes a few minutes to scan and then show you the result.

It ensures proper authorization & citation and supports web-based, research papers, academic papers, and news sources.

Plagiarism Checker QuillBot

You will receive 20 pages every month, if you need additional pages you can purchase as a premium user.

You can also access your previous plagiarism report in the future. QuillBot supported formats for plagiarism checker are html, txt, csv, xml, and more.


5. Citation Generator Tool

QuillBot offers access to a built-in citation generator. It allows you to produce complete and in-text citations in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles.

It’s a free citation generator tool that is capable of making citations for essays, presentations, and other projects.

Citation Generator Tool

QuillBot citation tool is very easy to use. If you working on APA format but need to have MLA that can be changed in just one click.

You can also pick the style you want from the drop-down list.


6. Powerful Extensions & Integrations

Nowadays, Extensions are very popular which help any tool to connect with an app and work with a browser.

QuillBot also offers some extensions that make your life easier. It has a Chrome extension that allows you to access the QuillBot features without opening a new separate tab in your browser.

QuillBot Chrome Extension

QuillBot integrates with some popular tools like Gmail, Chrome, Docs, and Microsoft Word.

If you use an online text editor then you would love the QuillBot Chrome extension which lets you paraphrase right within your native tool.


QuillBot Pricing Plans

QuillBot Pricing

There are two plans offered by QuillBot:

Free: This is the forever free plan that has limited features like only supported 125-word paraphrasing and 2 modes.

Premium: The plan offers different pricing options $49.95 annually, $39.95 for 6 months, and $9.95 per month.

The plan has all the features of Quillbot including the Plagiarism checker tool.

The best thing is all plans have a 3-day money-back guarantee. You can also pause your subscription if you want.


Pros and Cons of QuillBot

Here are some pros and cons about QuillBot.


  • Easy-to-use paraphrasing tool
  • It offers 8 different modes including a custom one
  • Integrates with Google Docs and Microsoft Word
  • Let you correct your grammar and punctuation
  • You can summarize a long article’s key points
  • Affordable plans
  • It allows you to decide how many vocabulary changes you want
  • Offer 20 plagiarism checks per month



  • It is only suitable for institutes and students
  • It doesn’t pass AI detection tool



If you looking for a paraphrasing tool then QuillBot is the best option. It is an easy-to-use tool that comes with additional features like a Grammar Checker, Plagiarism tool, and Summarizer Tool.

QuillBot is not an advanced AI writing tool rather it’s a simple and affordable tool for paraphrasing.

Try QuillBot for free, it has a forever-free plan.

I hope you liked our QuillBot review. If you have any questions, do let me know in the comments below.

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QuillBot Review: Frequently Asked Questions

What is QuillBot?

QuillBot is a popular paraphrasing and rewrite tool that helps digital marketers, students, and academics to rewrite content in a few seconds.


Does QuillBot offer a free plan?

Yes, QullBot has a forever free plan with limited features. In this plan, you are limited to paraphrasing content up to 125 words.

There are a lot of limitations as well including not getting access to the plagiarism checker, and only getting two modes Standard and Fluency.


Which languages are supported by QuillBot?

QuillBot supports American English, Canadian English, British English, and Australian English.


Can I use QuillBot with Google Docs?

Yes, QuillBot integrates directly with Chrome and Microsoft Word, so you don’t need to switch windows everything you paraphrase your content.


How many modules are offered by QuillBot?

QuillBot paraphrasing comes with the 8 predefined modes including Standard, Fluency, Formal, Simple, Creative, Academic, Expand, and Shorten.


Do I get a grammar checker tool?

Yes, you can correct your article’s grammar for free. It offers a free grammar checker tool that supports English, German, Spanish and French.

QuillBot perfects your writing for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

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