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Are you looking for ProWritingAid Discount Code 2024?

If Yes, then you have come to the right post.

ProWritingAid is a popular grammar checker and proofreading software for professionals. It helps to write error-free and improve the overall writing quality.

Whether you write a business email, blog post writing, or social media post proofreading software is very useful to give you confidence while writing.

ProWritingAid has interacted with all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari via an extension.

Also, interact with Microsoft word, google docs, scrivener, Microsoft outlook, and more.

ProwritingAid Discount Code


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In this article, I’m sharing with you a flat 20% OFF on ProWritingAid premium plans.

Click on this link to Save 20% on ProWritingAid and use coupon code1AZVX50DTA ” you can also follow the step-by-step methods given below to avail of the discount.

Let’s dive in.

Get 20% OFF on ProWritingAid


ProWritingaid Discount Code 2024

Subscriptions Normal Price Discounted Price Link to Buy
Monthly Subscription $20/month $20/month Grab Now
Yearly Subscription $79/month $63/month Grab Now
Lifetime $399/month $319/month Grab Now

ProWritingAid is the best proofreading tool that allows you to correct your grammar errors and improve the quality of the articles you write.

It’s an advanced grammar checker tool that has a lot to offer, best suited for proffessionals like content creators, bloggers, professors, and more.

ProWritingAid has 3 different pricing plans, Monthly, Yearly, and LIfetime subscription.

When you subscribe to the monthly plan, then it costs you $20/month, the yearly subscription costs $75 for a year which just costs you $6.58 a month (67% OFF), and the Lifetime plan costs $399 which is a one-time payment including all future updates.

ProWritingAid offers a 20% additional discount on their plan so garb it today. We highly reccomend subscribing to a Yearly or Lifetime plan that lets you save huge on this tool. Use discount code ” 1AZVX50DTA ” to get the offer.

Don’t worry they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee to their customers, so you can try the ProWritingAid premium plan for free for up to 14-day.

Grab 20% Discount on ProWritingAid


How to Avail The ProWritingAid Discount?

You can follow the steps mentioned below to grab the ProWritingAid at a discounted price.

Step 1: Click on this link to visit the ProWritingaid official website.

ProWritingAid Discount

Step 2: Now you will see the ProwritingAid subscription plans, choose one that suits you. I highly recommend picking either a Yearly or Lifetime plan for bigger savings. Use coupon code1AZVX50DTA ” to apply the 20% OFF offer.

ProWritingAid Coupon Code

Step 3: Discount will be applied automatically to your plan.

Congrats, you have successfully grabbed the ProWritingAid discount.

20% OFF on ProWritingAid


What is ProwritingAid?



ProwritingAid is a leading proofreading software that comes with features like grammar checker, style editor, plagiarism checker, and more.

It has advanced artificial intelligence based on algorithms that analyze your writing and highlight your strengths and weaknesses.

It also analyzes your writing and suggests over 20 different types of reports that much better than some other proofreading and grammar checker tools.

The best thing is doesn’t matter where you write, there’s a version of ProWritingAid for you.

It supports multiple browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. You can also use ProWritingAid in Microsoft word, google docs, Gmail, and more other tools.

ProWritingAid is best suited for Authors, Content Creators, Bloggers, Students, Business Writers and etc.




Reason to Subscribe ProWritingAid Coupon Code

There are so many reasons why you should subscribe to ProWritingAid Premium plan. Below I have mentioned some of the key features that make it one of the best grammar checker tools.

1. Seamless integration with Every App You Use

There are lots of grammar checker tools that come with their own desktop and web-based editing software.

So you can simply write, copy, and paste your document to use the service that is fine too. But when comes to the prowritingaid integration it works desktop both Windows and Mac.

You can download a Google Chrome extension and write error-free almost anywhere on the internet.

There’s also a tool for the Safari browser, popular with Mac users.

Prowritingaid integrates with popular editing tools such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Scrivener, and more.

ProWritingAid Integrations


2. Grammar Checker Tool

ProWritingAid is a contextual spelling grammar and punctuation checker that makes it checks more than 350 grammar rules to improve your content quality.

Most of the time the suggestions are accurate.

ProWritingAid grammar checker


3. Word Explorer

It’s a tool to find the right words, choose word explorer from the menu or hit CTRL+SHIFT+E on mac to open a suite or tools that help to choose the perfect words.

You don’t need to open any dictionary website. Word Explorer contains contextually related words, collection directory, reverse dictionary, alliteration directory, and example usages from prose and etc.


4. Realtime Collection

Like Grammarly, Prowritingaid also supports real-time suggestions. It makes suggestions for improving spelling and readability while you write.

You can locate a real-time report tab on the top left of the screen that indicates all the issues such as grammar, style, and spelling.

Words and phrases highlighted with color, click on the green-colored suggestion to accept the suggestion.

ProWritingAid Coupon Code


5. Style Guide

It’s one of the best features of the ProWritingAid style guide. It gives context-sensitive style suggestions and highlights the repeated words.

ProWritingaid suggests better words to use or replaces the whole phrase with a single word.

You also get guided on issues like passive voice, vague words, long sentences and etc. Style editing improves the overall quality of your writing.


6. In-depth Analytics Report

This is one of the most useful features of ProWritingAid the tool gives you over 25 different styles of reports that analyze your writing. Here are some report types that help to improve your writing.

Style: The report shows how your writing can be improved in areas like passive verbs, readability, emotional tells, overuse of adverbs, repeated sentences, etc.

Sentence Lenth: this report suggests average sentence length for writing, and identifies long sentences because sentence affects readability so use this feature to shorten your sentence.

Repetitions: it identifies repetitions and frequently used words and phrases.

Structure: this report analyzes your sentence structure and compares it to the average published writing.



Pros and Cons of ProwWritingAid

Here are some Pros and Cons of the ProWritingAid discount code.

Pros of ProWritingAid

  • Chrome extension support
  • Suitable for professional writers
  • Premium software integrations include Open Office and Scrivener
  • Videos and Quizzes to make writing fun and interesting
  • High-quality security
  • In-depth writing reports


Cons of ProWritingAid

  • ProWritingAid free plan allows checking only 500 words at once
  • The premium version doesn’t include the plagiarism checker
  • Includes only 60 plagiarism checks per year



FAQs Related ProWritingAid Discount Code

Below, you will find the most frequently asked equations of the ProWritingAid proofreading and grammar checker app. It helps you to come to a conclusion about why should you try ProWritingAid instead of any other tool.

What is ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid is one of the best grammar and punctuation checker tools used by thousands of professionals like Authors, Editors, Copywriters, Professors, and more.

It’s a good tool to boost your writing skills and improve the quality of your content.


Do I Get Any Discount on ProWritingAid?

Yes, you can get a flat 20% OFF on the ProWritingAid premium plan. Click on this link to grab the deal.


How Much Does ProWritingAid Cost?

Besides, the Free plan has also a premium plan that starts from $20/Month. If you pay Annual then it costs you only $79 for a year and the Lifetime plan costs $359 for one time.

If you want to save more on ProWritingAid then consider the Annual or Lifetime plan.


What is The Offer for ProWritingAid Students?

ProWritingAid offers a 20% discount for students as well.


Do they Support Extension for Safari and Firefox?

Yes, they have extensions for both these browsers including Chrome.


Can I Use ProWriting on Multiple Devices?

You can use it on multiple devices with the same license as an individual user. You can use it on windows, Mac, and web editor for your multiple browsers.


How do I Apply the Discount Code in ProWritingAid?

To grab the discount on ProWritingAid, click on the special link to visit its official website then click on the Purchase button. You will see the discount applied to your plan and then make the payment.


ProWritingAid vs Grammarly: Which One is Better?

Both ProWritingAid and Grammarly are the best tools for error-free writing. ProwritingAid is the best suited for professional writers, it has better capability to improve sentences.

If you compare Grammarly Pricing with ProWritigAid, then it costs almost double. So, I highly recommend going with ProWritingAid instead of Grammarly.


What is Their Refund Policy?

They have a 14-day complete money-back guarantee, you can get the refund just by mailing it to them.


Conclusion: ProWritingAid Discount Code 2024

No doubt, ProWritingAid is one of the best tools to improve your writing skills and the quality of your content, doesn’t matter what you write an email, blog post, article, or more.

It is helpful in writing error-free by removing grammatical errors, spelling, punctuation mistakes, etc. If you want to improve the readability of your content then ProWritingAid does it well.

Get 20% OFF on this amazing tool that gives you a reason to grab it today. So what are you waiting for, avail of the ProWritingAid discount today?

If you have any questions related to ProWritingAid Discount, do let me know in the comments below.

Get 20% OFF on ProWritingAid 

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