Top 6 Ways to Promote Affiliate Products on Your Blog

Best Ways to Promote Affiliate Products on Blog

Are you looking for the best ways to promote affiliate products on your blog?
But don’t know how to do it? There are so many ways to promote an affiliate product through a blog.
But in this article, I am going to share with you the most useful ways to do affiliate marketing through a blog.
If you don’t know about what is affiliate marketing and how it works? then read this article.
Do you know there are so many bloggers earning thousands of dollars every month from affiliate products?
Most bloggers earn 90% of their blog earnings from affiliate products.

You can also do the same they do, follow the below-given affiliate marketing strategies with some real examples of bloggers who promote affiliate products on their blog.

How to Promote Affiliate Products on your Blog with ( Real Example of Bloggers)

1. Write a Product Review

Product review is one of the best ways to promote affiliate products through a blog. If a person is interested to buy a product then he/she will be of course looking for a product review.

It is one of the easiest ways to sell affiliate products on a blog because peoples invest their time to read a review before going to buy.
You should always write an honest and pretty much detailed product review, don’t only write only the features of the product, you should also write about the benefits of using it.
There is a very simple way you can create a product review first you need to choose a product you want to review then get all the information about the product on various websites and from the product’s official website as well.
If possible then try the product yourself, you will have a better understanding of the product. I work in the WordPress niche so we try tools and software before reviewing.
For Example
Matthew Woodward is a well-known blogger from has written a SEMrush review on his blog.
He almost breakdown everything about SEMrush in 68 ways that take your site next level and including an affiliate link of SEMrush that allows you to try it for free for up to 14 days.
Almost every blogger does the same for promoting affiliate products on a blog. You can also do this.affiliate promotion of semrush
2. Write Products Comparison Post
Product comparison is another best way to sell affiliate products on your blog. You can easily write a comparison post between two or more products.

A comparison post converts well because readers get a clear idea about the products from the comparison.
Most of the peoples write a comparison post on their blog and site to earn money from affiliate products.
You should focus to mention all the features of the product including the pros and cons of the product. Also, include stats and data of the products.

If you have already used any product then also suggest a product to blog readers. Which one they need to buy.
For Example
Anil Agarwal from has written a product comparison post on “Bluehost vs HostMonster: Which one is better?” 
He pretty much explained everything about both hosting providers like plans, price, features, benefits and etc with the affiliate link of both Bluehost and HostMonster.
You can see in the image below so you can also do the same as anil.
affiliate marketing blog post example

3. Add Affiliate Banners

Placing affiliate banner ads on a blog is an easy way to generate more affiliate sales.  It looks more attractive and grabs the attention of buyers, peoples click on banner ads to see offers.
Affiliate banner ads are good for affiliate marketing but at the same time, they take a lot of space of a blog. The best way to place affiliate banners on a blog to the sidebar and inside the blog post.

Don’t place banners everywhere on the blog. It can slow down your site speed and as well as visitors find them spammy.

For Example
Harsh Agrawal is one of the top bloggers in India and his award-winning blog He is making thousands of more than $30k every month from affiliate marketing.
He is also promoting an affiliate product by putting an affiliate banner inside a blog post. You can see the image below how can you promote affiliate products like harsh.
affiliate marketing example of shoutmeloud

4. Create a Resource Page

Bloggers should have a resources page on their site in this way you can promote your own favorite affiliate products as well as other products that useful for your readers.
If you look at my resources page you will see some great blogging tools which I like to use and recommend to readers.
I have added Web Hosting, Email Marketing, Page Builder, and more tools.

The resource page is very helpful in promoting affiliate products on a blog because your readers always want to know which tools are you using for your blog.
If your readers like your work and idea then they going to buy those tools which you have suggested to them.

For Example
Alex and Lauren from have a beautiful resources page on their blog. Currently, they are running two separate six-figure blogs.
When you look at their blog resources page you will find they have listed some best blogging tools on this page and recommend readers to use these tools for blogging.
You should also create a resource page like them on your blog.
craete and go resource page

5. Write How-to Posts

How to articles mostly searched on Google peoples always looking for tutorial posts over the internet.
You can also write a how-to post on products and services which you want to promote on your blog.
At the end of the blog post, you can simply add the affiliate link of the product and ask your blog readers would you like to buy or use the product click on this link.

I have written a lot of how-to posts on my blog with an affiliate link. This type of posts also generates more sells and you can able to earn a handsome commission from selling affiliate products.

For Example
Tuan Do from written a how-to post on Long Tail Keyword Research and has included the affiliate link of the product.
In this way, he is promoting affiliate products on his blog through how-to articles. you can use this method on your blog to promote affiliate products.affiliate-product-promoting in how to guide

6. Create Email Course

Most bloggers and marketers believe email marketing isn’t popular these days. But, that’s not true still emails convert into sales.
You can create an email course that provides knowledge about something and recommends products and services in the emails.

Once your readers have signup an email campaign and get an email course in their email box. And, started reading your emails course daily and after some time they also going to buy the product and services if they interested.
For Example
Kulwant Negi from the famous blog has started 7 days blogging email course that breakdown steps of blogging via email.
He also included some of the affiliate products which he used and recommend use for blogging. Such as Webhosting, Email Marketing Tool, Keyword Research Tool, and Theme, etc.

So, if someone wants to start a blog them, of course, buy some of the recommended product.
Here the screenshot of 7 days Blogging email course.blogging cage email series for affiliate marketing


As you know affiliate marketing is one of the ways to earn money online from promoting other products.
Most of the bloggers earn 90% of their blog income from affiliate marketing.

If you want to earn money from affiliate products like other bloggers then you should need to follow the above-given methods.
These are the best and common ways that almost used by every blogger to earn money from affiliate marketing.
I hope this post was helpful to you. Tell me which one is your favorite way to promote affiliate products on a blog.

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