Orderable Review 2024: Best Restaurant Plugin for Online Order Taking

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Orderable Review

Looking to set up your own online food ordering system. If yes, then Orderable plugin allows you to do this.

Orderable is one of the best restaurant ordering plugins to set up a complete online food ordering website on WordPress with Woocommerce.

It lets you save from 30% to 40% on transaction fees that charge by 3rd party platforms.

In this article, we’ll be going to share an in-depth Orderable review that helps you to know scout its features tools, and pricing.

We have also added the pros & cons and FAQs section to answer all of your queries regarding Orderable.

Before getting started let’s know about the Orderable plugin below.


Orderable Overview


Orderable is the #1 best restaurant ordering plugin for food ordering and delivery locally.

It is owned by StellarWP the company behind popular WordPress tools like Kadence WP, LearnDash, Restrict Content Pro, and more.

Orderable helps to go offline restaurant business online, letting restaurant owners take local orders and no need to pay heavy transaction fees on food orders.

You only need to set up a  WordPress site with Woocommerce and install Orderable to get orders. You can also handle payments online.

Orderable comes with useful features that boost sales of your restaurant business such as Product/Menu layouts, Product Label, Order Bumps, Time Slots, Holiday Scheduling, Order Management, Checkout Tripping, Whatsapp & SMS Notification, and more.

You can suggest additional teams on the cart with the Order Bumps feature to increase the average order value.

Get notification whenever a new order comes and you can change order status as you start processing it. Customers also get notifications when their order is on the way.

If you looking to set up an online ordering system for your restaurant business with no additional transaction fees then the Orderable plugin is for you. You only need to set up the store one time and run your business smoothly.

Key Features of Orderable:

  • 0% transaction fees
  • Looks great on mobile 
  • Product and menu layouts
  • Order bumps to increase sales
  • Holiday scheduling
  • Full checkout control
  • Checkout tripping
  • Whatsapp & SMS notification
  • Custom checkouts
  • Table Ordering

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Orderable Features

Orderable offers some of the most useful features that require any offline and offline restaurant business to manage its online presence. Its features make you hassle-free while maintaining an offline business too.

Here are some of the top features offered by Orderable plugin.


1. Online Food Ordering System

This is one of the main features of Orderable, using it you can simply set up a complete online restaurant website that can get local food orders and accept payments online.

To do this, you only need a WordPress website with Woocommerce and install the Orderable plugin to start taking orders.


2. Zero Transaction Fees

When you use existing food ordering platforms for taking orders, they charge up to 30% to 40% on each order.

So, if you use the Orderable plugin then you do not need to pay any transactional fees. To set up your own ordering system you only need to pay a one-time yearly payment to set up it.

By doing this all the total sales amount goes to your pocket and you no longer need to rely on third-party platforms that charge high commissions for using services.


3. Order Bumps

Order Bumps are one of the great features of Orderable that allow restaurants to increase average order value.

With this feature of Orderable, you can suggest additional items on carts to get a decent amount of sales per customer.

Orderable Order Bumps

Most businesses use this tactic to increase their business revenue.



4. Product Addons

Using this feature customers can add addons to their dishes. As a restaurant owner, you can also charge additional fees for addons.

It’s a good feature for targeting different ranges of customers.


5. Full Checkout Control

This is a wonderful feature to build a fully functional checkout system for food ordering. Owners can set custom fees on delivery, including payment methods, add optional tip prompts, delivery schedules, and more.


6. Whatsapp & SMS Notification

It’s very important to keep customers informed about order status to track their food. Orderable notify customers through WhatsApp and SMS notification.


7. Table Ordering

This feature allows restaurants to use a barcode-based table ordering system, the feature captures customer order details and assigns a table to a customer automatically.

Without human intervention, it’s a great way to maintain the online operations of your restaurant.


8. Holiday Scheduling

Orderable also takes care of holidays and days your business doesn’t operate, so it makes sure you only get orders when you are there to fulfill them.

You can easily schedule off days or recurring holidays of your business with Orderable.


9. Time Slots

This feature allows you to take control of your schedule, and lets you set up when you are able to deliver or accept orders.


10. Timed Products

Orderable also has the option to set timed products, so you can control when a product or product categories will be visible in the store.


11. Mobile First Design

Most food orders come through the mobile website and app, so that’s why Orderable was designed in a way that looks great on mobile or any device. Customers can easily navigate the menu and order on phones.


Orderable Pricing

Orderable Pricing

Orderable is one of the best plugins for restaurant businesses that offer only annual plans. It costs you depending on the number of websites you want to use the Orderable plugin.

Its plans are straightforward 1 Site license costs you $149, 2 Sites license costs $399, and 25 Sites license costs $499.

Orderable Pro plan has everything in the free plus offer features such as 1-year updates 7 support, product labels, order bumps, time slots, custom checkout, SMS & WhatsApp notification, and more.

Well, after taking the Orderable Pro plan, if you are not satisfied with the service, you can ask for a complete refund within 30 days of your purchase.

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Pros and Cons of Orderable


  • It charges 0% transaction fees on orders
  • Offer order bumps to increase the average value
  • Customers get order status through SMS & WhatsApp
  • Allows to addons on order
  • Give you complete control on checkout
  • Let you set up the delivery cost
  • Get orders on the only working days
  • Cost-effective setup
  • Add tips prompts on the website
  • QR-based table booking



  • Required advanced knowledge to setup
  • You need to market your website to get customers


Conclusion: Orderable Review

If you want to set up your own restaurant food ordering website then the Orderable plugin is for you.

It lets restaurant owners take orders and accept payment on the website. It comes with revenue optimization options like Order Bumps, Custom Checkouts, Order Addons, and more.

Above, we have written a complete detailed review of Orderable. I hope that helped you to know everything about this WordPress plugin.

You can also try Orderable for free by installing it on your WordPress site. Once you like its features, then you can upgrade to a paid plan for all advanced features.

Not to worry, it comes with a 30-day money-back policy, so if you aren’t satisfied with the service, you can get a complete refund.

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FAQs: Orderable Review

In this section, we have added the most frequently asked questions account Orderable which clears your doubt or any queries about this plugin.


1. Does Orderable charge any percentage of each order?

Well, one of the best benefits of using the Orderable plugin for your food ordering system is you not need to pay any transactional fees on orders, unlike other 3rd party platforms.


2. Will Orderable work with all page builders?

Yes, Orderable works with all page builders including some popular ones like Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin, and more.

You need to simply create your ordering layout and use the Orderable shortcode on the page.


3. Can I use Orderable for free?

Yes, Orderable is a freemium plugin, you can install its free version on your WordPress site, the free plan comes with only essential features.

You won’t get advanced features like Order Bumps, custom Checkouts, Table Order, and many more.


4. Can I use Orderable on the client site?

Yes, if you’re a freelancer, web developer, and agency owner then you can also use Orderable on the client’s website.

However, your client won’t have direct access to customer support. A license holder can only get customer support.


5. Can I use Orderable on a non-WordPress site?

No, Orderable is a WordPress plugin that integrates with Woocommerce to checkout orders. So it only supports WordPress-powered sites, you won’t able to use it on other website builders like Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, etc.


6. What payment getaway does Orderable support?

Orderable is compatible with any payment gateway that works with Woocommerece.


7. Is there an annual subscription?

Yes, Orderable can be only subscribed in an annual subscription and you need to renew each year.


8. What happens if I don’t renew my license?

When your Orderable license expires, the plugin will continue work on the site but you’ll no longer receive any update and customer support.


9. Is there any discount for an annual subscription?

Yes, Orderable offers a 30% discount on the new costumes, which will be automatically added to your cart.


10. What are the key features of Orderable?

Orderable has lots of premium features that boost your restaurant business, getting you features like One Page Ordering, Order Bumps, Order Flow, Custom Checkout, SMS & WhatsApp notifications, and many more.


11. Do I get a refund?

In case, if you aren’t happy with the Orderable service, then you can request for full refund within 30 days of purchase. We highly recommend you check out all the features of Orderable before making the refund request.

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