How to Migrate from Blogger to WordPress (Step-by-Step Guide)

Last Updated on October 30, 2023 by Kundan Sharma

migrate from blogger to wordpress

Blogger is a free platform where you started your blog. Which is owned by Google.
It is a good platform for those who just want to start a blog and learn about blogging without spending any money but if you want to do serious blogging or grow your business then you need to switch your blog on the WordPress self-hosted platform.

It is free software and has the entire features that you need to grow your blog.
When you migrate your site to the WordPress self-hosted platform than in the real meaning you became the owner of your blog.
Most bloggers and marketers powered their site on the WordPress platform Because it is one of the best blogging platforms these days.

In this article, I am going to show you how to migrate (switch) your blog from blogger to a WordPress self-hosted platform without losing any traffic, ranking and subscribers, etc.

Why you need to switch your website from blogger to WordPress platform?

For Better Features: Blogger powered blog is only good for the new bloggers who just started blogging and learn about it.

It has poor and limited features that are not so helpful to grow your blog and from the last few years, it’s not so popular for blogging.
So for getting better features, you should have to switch to WordPress to grow your blog significantly.
For Safety: In the real meaning you are not the owner of your blog on blogger. It is a free blogging platform powered by Google. If anything will go wrong then it might be Google delete your blog at any time.

Earning limitation: Blogger has limits to earn money from blogging when you have a blog on blogger. If you want to grow your business and earn more money then you should switch your site on WordPress.

How to switch your blog from blogger website to WordPress?

Before going to start migrating from blogger to WordPress, You need to get a domain name and hosting for your WordPress site.

Step1: Get a domain name and web hosting

If you are already using a custom domain name then you don’t need to buy a domain name. If you still using Blogspot free domain then you need to buy a domain name.
You can get a domain name from GoDaddy or Namecheap both are the good domain name registrar.

I recommend you to get the hosting from the Bluehost because it’s recommended by WordPress to take hosting and you will also get a free domain name.
Currently, more than 2 million websites hosted on the Bluehost. It is one of the best web hosting service provider.

You can buy Bluehost hosting a basic plan from $3.95 month.

You can read this article to know how to buy Bluehost hosting for WordPress.
After bringing the hosting you can easily install WordPress just from one click on Bluehost.

After setup the WordPress account, then it’s good to go for the next step in the tutorial.
Now you can start the migration process.

Step2: Download The Blogger XML File

 First, you need to download your blogger blog files for this you have to login to your blogger account and go to the “Settings” option then click on the “Other” page now you can see the option called “Import & Backup” so simply you need to click on “Backup Content” button.
download blogger content
Then a popup page will be open where you need to click on the option “Save to Your Computer”
save blogger file
After clicking on the blogger then content will be saved into your computer in an XML file. Once you downloaded the file the next step is important that XML file to the WordPress site.


Step3: Import XML File to WordPress

 Now you need to import your blogger site XML file into the WordPress site.
For this, you need to login to your WordPress dashboard then go to the “Tool” option then select “Import” where you have to click on the blogger option.
You will be at the popup page where you need to install the “blogger to WordPress import” tool then click on the install button.
install blogger impoter in-wordpress
One it will be downloaded and installed by WordPress then simply you have to click on the “run importer” then continue.

Now you need to click on the “Choose file” button and select the XML file which you downloaded from the blogger. Then click on the “upload file and import” button.
upload xml file in wordpress
Once you import the blogger XML file. You will be land to a new page, where you need to select the user.

You can simply choose your name here only if you are the only user of your site.
Then click on the “save changes” button.

Now you have successfully uploaded your blogger content on the WordPress site.

I know you don’t want to lose your ranking and subscribers because nobody wants to lose them. You need to make a little adjustment to switch all of them to your new WordPress site.

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Step 4: Redirect your blogger posts

 Everyone worried about their ranking after migration site from blogger to WordPress but when you migrate your site to WordPress there no impact on your site ranking, if you do this right.
You can redirect your older user in case you used a BlogSport domain at the place of a custom domain in blogger.
You can easily redirect all the traffic, visitors and older pages to the new WordPress site when someone uses your older URL to reach you they redirect to the new WordPress site.

So let’s get started, how to redirect your blogger traffic to WordPress.
That’s means when someone uses your older blogger URL to and posts they will land to your new WordPress website.
You need to do little HTML code transfer if you don’t know about anything HTML.
Then it’s ok because it’s very simple.
Go to the WordPress dashboard and then click on “Plugins” then select “add new”
Now, you have to install a plugin called “Blogger to WordPress Redirection” you can search it from the search box top right corner of the screen.
Then, simply click on the install button. Once installed the plugin click on the “active” option.
blogger to wordpress plugin
Now you need to go to the plugins setting by navigating to the “tool” option then select the “Blogger to WordPress Redirection” tool.
Then on this page, you need to click on “Start Configuration” and Get the code.
get blogger to wordpress redirection code
Now copy the code that code you need to paste into the blogger to start Redirection,
In the next step go back to the Blogger account and click on the “theme” then scroll down up to the bottom of the page and click on the “Revert to Classic Template” option.
Now you need to find the “Edit Theme HTML” scroll down up to the bottom you will find it.
Then replace the blogger code with WordPress code, which copied. After replacing the blogger code with the WordPress code.
add html redirection code in blogger
Then click on the “Save Theme” button to activate the redirection.

You can also check its working or not, just go your browser and paste any blogger page URL in browser tab then you see you are redirected to a WordPress site.
Congratulation, you completely redirect your traffic to the WordPress site.

Step 5: Edit Your Permalink

Permalinks used for URL structure of every single page of your site.
Permalink helps to make SEO friendly URL for the site.
Make sure when you redirect your blog from blogger to WordPress. Pages URL should be like the same as were on blogger in WordPress.
change permalink
For this, you have to go to the “Settings” panel of your WordPress then select the “Permalink Settings” and there select the month and name option.
Now your pages URL still works like blogger.

Step 6: Redirect Your Feeds

Now you also need to redirect your blogger blog feed subscribes to the new WordPress site.
It is very important to redirect subscribers to the new site because nobody wants to lose their subscribers.
When you redirect your subscribers to WordPress they wouldn’t notice that they switched to the new site.
Redirecting of feed, step is easy and short.

You need to go to the blogger “Setting” option then click on the “Other” option.
Where you see the “Site Feed” click on the “Add Link” of post feed redirect URL then next to “Post Feed Redirect URL” where you need to paste your WordPress site feed URL. Usually, it will be www.

Then click on “Save Settings” to apply the change.
If you have any questions and suggestions then let me know in the comment section.
I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions. Do let me know in the comment below.

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