Long Tail Pro Review: Find Best Long Tail Keywords to Rank Higher in Google

Long Tail Pro Review
If you tied to searching long-tail keywords to grow your business and have not got the results from free tools like on the market Google keyword planner. No doubt it is the best free keyword tool provided by Google.
Google keyword planner help in most of the cases and search better long and short keywords for us and it is very helpful to run a Google ad campaign but the thing is everybody knows about the Google keywords search and their results.
But there are so many good paid keyword research tools in the market like a long tail pro. It helps to find long tail profitable keywords for you so you. There are lots of high profile marketers using long-tail pro such as Fat Flynn and some other.
Most people believe that it’s the best keywords research tool for long-tail keyword.
Let’s read is a really Long tail pro is the best keyword tool.
long tail pro review
Why should you need to use long tail pro
Easy to Use: LTP is very easy to use because of its friendly interface. You can easily make your keyword research and get the right keywords that generate leads.
If you sign-up then they also provide video tutorials to do keyword research on Long tail pro.
They show everything like keywords competition, global search, suggest bid and more.
LTP tool provides you a lot of data with the help of them you can find the perfect keywords for your site.

Keywords competition – that help to know which keyword has low and high competition.

Global search – it shows
you monthly and yearly searches of keyword even help to find monthly searches in the country for a specific keyword.

Good ad-word campaign –
LTP comes useful when we want to run an ad-word campaign on Google because it shows your bid rate for each keyword. LTP made your Ad word campaign easier.

See your competition –
keyword competition is the most important when you target long tail keywords.
LTP has the feature to shows you a list of websites which already ranked for your targeted keywords they give you a letter help to rank higher your pages in search results.

Add seed keywords –
this is the place where you start keyword research.
You need to start a need project and add seed keyword you can add multiple keywords to research.
LTP also, let you customize search via a click on customize data & pre-filter here you can set the bid rate between any amount that helps you to run a profitable ad-word campaign.

It has also a feature to filter the search volume as if you want keyword which has monthly search volume between 500 to 1000 then it shows you only less than 1000 and more than 500 search results.

You can also research keywords via numbers of the word if you want to get words between 3 to 5 words then you can simply search.
They also provide the global search volume, domain ability, Google title competition and Bing title competition.
Then you can simply click on the generate keyword button to get results.
Adorable Price – Long tail pro is not so expensive than other tools are in the market but for still a little expensive for the beginners.

Long Tail Pro 2 Best Monthly Plan
Long-tail pro offers 3 types of monthly and annual based plan. monthly plans are much expensive compare to annual plans. The basic annual plan just start from $25/mo.
long tail pro plans

If you are planning to get long tail pro, I highly recommend you to take the annual plan insist on monthly. You can save lots of money when you signup for one year. 

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