Liquid Web Review: Best Managed Hosting Services for 2024

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Liquid Web Review

Liquid Web is a well-known popular managed hosting provider. It has been working since 1997 that makes it one of the oldest web hosting companies list.

If you are looking for a reliable best in class managed hosting service for your business website, then Liquid Web suites your requirement.

They offer a wide range of web hosting services such as Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Ecommerece Hosting, and more.

Please note that; they don’t offer any shared hosting instead of they focused on only high-performing hosting services.

In this article, I have reviewed the Liquid Web and covered everything that helps you to get to know about its hosting services.

If you are looking for the best host for your website, Liquid Web should definitely be on your shortlist, but with the information from this review, you will soon know whether they meet your requirement, or not.

Let’s dive in,


About Liquid Web

Liquid Web ReviewLiquid Web is a well-known managed cloud & web hosting company that was founded by Jim Geiger in 1997. The company owns data centers in different locations like US-Central, US-West, and EU-Central.

Liquid Web has over 45000 customers in over 150 countries worldwide. The company managing more than 500,000+ sites shows it one of the most trusted web hosting companies.

They only offer managed hosting services for cloud, dedicated, and VPS servers. They also help to manage everything, so you don’t have to handle any technical things or maintain your server, which gives you peace of mind.

They have offered a server cluster that helps in the multi-server configuration which allows you to achieve maximum uptime & performance.

Liquid Web is the most loved managed hosting provider in the industry with a leading NPS score of 67.


Different Hosting Options at Liquid Web 

Liquid Web offer high-quality fully managed hosting services, so the plans are suitable for someone who looking for more than just then an average or cheap shared hosting.


Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated servers are those where the entire server is used to serve your site only.

You will have full control over the configuration and setup of the server, have more limited plans place restrictions on what software you can use and like. Dedicated servers allow you to pick and choose the options that best meet the needs of your website.

This kind of web hosting service is more secure and high-performance, which is highly important if you are handling sensitive information on your website.

Liquid Web dedicated hosting regular entry-level plan starts from $169/month, including 4 Core CPU, 16GB of RAM, 480GB SSD Storage, and Cpanel Support.liquid web dedicated hosting

Dedicated Hosting Service Features:

  • Free Migration
  • IPMI Access
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Mult-Level DDoS Protection
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Backup-Drive
  • Server Secure Advanced Security
  • Business-Grade SSD Storage
  • 100% Network and Power Uptime
  • 59 Seconds Chat Support Response
  • Minimum Management Costs
  • Server Backups Available
  • 30 Min Hardware Replacement Guarantee

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Cloud Hosting

In Cloud Hosting your site is hosted on a distributed network of servers. Cloud Hosting is an infrastructure as a service cloud delivery model that provides a suite of virtual services where by the entire computing capacity of an infrastructure of data center is distributed to multiple users simultaneously.

Cloud Liquid Web hosting standard plan starts $265/month including, 960GB SSD File Storage, 10TB Transfer Per VM, CPanel Server, Load Balance, an Acronis Cyber Backup, and Centos 7 win Cpanel.liquid web cloud hosting pricing

Cloud Dedicated Hosting Features:

  • Free Migration
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Automatic Backup
  • Integrated Firewall
  • Powerful API
  • Built on OpenStack Technology
  • ServerSecure Advanced Security
  • 100% Network and Power Uptime
  • 59 Seconds Chat Support Response
  • 30 Min Hardware Replacement Guarantee

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Visual Private Server (VPS)

VPS plans are very similar to a shared server, but their servers are more dedicated. Visual Private Server is a popular choice because it’s generally lower in cost than dedicated hosting but provides better server security, performance than shared hosting.

Users get root access to the server and get the freedom to install applications and make environment changes without having to go through the hosting provider.

This is can be the best hosting service for those who want to host a site at an affordable price at high performing shared server.

Liquid Web VPS hosting entry-level plan pricing starts at $15/month, including 2GB of RAM, 2vCPUs. 40GB SSD Storage, 10TB of Bandwith, and more.

Liquid Web also gives the option to choose window-based VPS hosting.  VPS specifications are the same, but you have to pay more than the Linux-based VPS.liquid web VPS hosting plans

Visual Private Server Hosting Features:

  • Free Migration
  • Unlimited Sites with InterWorx
  • Gigabit Transfer
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Multi-Level DDos Protection
  • Integrated Firewall
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Local Backups
  • Business-grade SSD Storage
  • 100% Network and Power Uptime
  • 59 Seconds Chat Support Response

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Key Features

Let’s start by taking a look at features of Liquid Web that will help you to manage your website more efficiently.


1. Complete Managed Hosting Services

Liquid Web Managed HostingLiquide Web hosting takes care of all technical things, update core WordPress software automatically by default.

However, you can also pause this feature if you don’t want to automatic WordPress update. Unlike, other web hosting services they also update plugins instead of only WordPress updates.

So, that reduces the risk of newly found threats to keep your site safer. Don’t worry, plugins are first updated in a separate environment before updating to your main website.


2. Automatic WordPress Website Backup

Another wonderful feature of the Liquid Web server is the automatic daily site backups. Which is safely stored on the Liquid Web another server, separate from your main website server.

Although, backup store for only 30 days, you are free to download and restore your backup from the liquid web dashboard.

So, you don’t need to use any third-party site backup plugins like BackupBuddy or UpdraftPlus to keep an automatic backup of your website.


3. WordPress Optimized Servers

Liquid Web has optimized servers that are specially built and configured for WordPress-powered websites.

They offer a custom cache solution, use PHP 7 & 8, image compression, and more that make sure your website performance boost.

Liquid Web servers are compatible with handling all kinds of websites.


4. ITheme Synic Pro

liquid web ithemes sync proITheme Synic Pro enables you to manage all of your sites from a single location, which simplify the process of managing multiple WordPress websites and able to update themes and plugins right inside the ITheme Synic Pro dashboard.

You will also get updated about website uptime and let you perform other admin tasks as well such as installation of new themes and plugins.

This tool is very helpful if you have to manage multiple websites.


5. Site Staging 

This feature allows you to create a staging site or copy of a live site. So you can test new themes, plugins, and other things on your website.

Liquid Web offer this option in the managed hosting services that allow users to copy a live site to make a testing environment.

There are some benefits of staging site:

  • Enable you to produce a better version of your website.
  • Helps to find errors and bugs without putting your live site at risk.
  • It’s very easy to create
  • You can set up locally or online at your own preference.


6. Free Site Transfer

If you already have a site powered with WordPress then it can be easily moved to the Liquid Web server for free. They offer free site transfer with all hosting plans, so you don’t need to do it manually to take your site at risk.

Everything will be taken care of by their team and make sure to migrate your site as soon as possible.


7. Control Panels

Liquid Web has a Plesk control panel that looks much similar to CPanel. Which helps you to manage your hosting environment and server. Plesk generally isn’t easy to use and is neither as popular as Cpanel.

However, Plesk has support with Android and IOS apps so you can manage administrative tasks on the fly.

Here are some common things you can use it for:

  • Add functionality to your websites
  • Onboard new customer
  • Improve SEO
  • Install 3rd party apps
  • Backup your site
  • Setup business email for your site
  • Check bandwidth usage 
  • and more

Note That: They also have the Cpanel support as well, so if you don’t like the Plesk control panel then don’t worry, you will be free to use the Cpanel.


8. Customer Support

Liquid Web SupportAll Liquid Web hosting plans include 24/7/365 customer support via live chat, phone, and email.

The guaranteed response time for live chat and phone is 59 seconds and your email will be replied to within 59 minutes.

Liquid Web support staff were easy to reach and helpful when you connect via emails and live chat. If you face any issue with their hosting service you can simply connect to their team and they will help you out.


Pros and Cons of Liquid Web hosting

Every web hosting has its own pros and cons, so Liquid Web has too. Below I have mentioned some of the ups and downs of Liquid Web hosting services.


  • SSL certificate included in all plans
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) installed on servers
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • They don’t charge based on how many visitors your website will be receive
  • Top-notch 24/7/365 customer support 
  • Allow site migration for free


  • High entry-level pricing
  • No free ad credit offered


Final Thoughts on Liquid Web Review

Well, the only biggest downside of liquid web-managed hosting is the entry-level pricing, which may bit expensive compared to other popular alternatives like Bluehost, Cloudways, and Siteground.

Although, Liquid Web pricing is a bit high, you get what you pay for.

Liquid Web hosting offers a high-quality server performance, excellent support, and fully managed WordPress on a dedicated server, cloud server, and VPS.

If you are willing to spend money on premium managed hosting, then Liquid Web is definitely the right choice. They only deal with high-quality web hosting services.

If you are someone who is serious about starting a high-speed, secure website, then this is can be the right choice for you.

They have been operating since 1997, which indicates this is a genuine web hosting company. You can start with the basic plan and as you grow you can upgrade to a higher plan.


FAQ’s of Liquid Web Hosting Review

Above I have tried to cover all of the things like features and pricing of Liquid Web Hosting. However, Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Liquid Web.


1. What is Liquid Web?

Liquid Web is a web hosting provider that has different kinds of hosting services to choose from such as Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, and more.

The ensure a 100% uptime guarantee for your website.


2. Does They Offer Shared Hosting?

No, Liquid Web hosting doesn’t offer any shared hosting plan rather than they focused on the WordPress managed hosting that performs better than a shared server.


3. Where are Liquid Web Servers are Located?

Liquid Web has different data centers in the places like Us-Central, Us-West, and EU-Central.


4. Can I Upgrade My Hosting Plan Later?

Yes, If you are starting out then you can simply go with the basic plan. As you grow with time, you can upgrade to a higher plan according to your website’s requirements.


5. Do I Get Dedicated Eccomerce Hosting at Liquid Web?

Yes, Liquid  Web has a Woocommerce hosting which is a fully hosted eCommerce service like other popular eCommerce platforms Shopify and Bigcommerce.

You can get started just by choosing a plan, the rest they shall do it.


6. Do Liquid Web Charge for Site Migration?

Well, in most cases Liquid Web migrates your site for free, but some complex migration may not be free.


7. Does Liquid Web Offer a Free Trial?

No, Instead of the free trial, they offer a standard 30-day money-back guarantee. So you will have 30 days to try its hosting services for free.

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