Link Whisper Review 2024: AI-Powdered Internal Linking Plugin

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Link Whisper Review
You might know internal linking is important for On-Page SEO optimization. That’s why we always link out other relevant blog posts with the existing content.
But, It’s hard to do internal linking manually when you have published more than 100+ blogs. You have to go through each relevant post URL to interlink with the post you are currently working on.
When it comes to interlinking old blog posts it’s also a big headache.
So to solve this problem, you should use Link Whisper, an AI-powered internal linking WordPress plugin to boost the linking process as well as on-page SEO.
In this article, I will review the Link Whisper tool to find its useful features, and benefits, and how you can automate internal links with relevant pages.
Link Whisper Review

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add and manage internal links to your site.
It has worked on a smart AI-powered algorithm that suggests links based on available content on your blog. Using link Whisper you can speed up your internal linking for SEO.
The best thing is you will have complete control on Anchor text, so it can be easily added or deleted by clicking on the suggested sentence.


Link Whisper Pricing

The plugin comes with 3 plans to make it suitable for everyone.
Single Site Licence: This plan supports only 1 website, so if you have only run one site then take this plan for just $77.
3 Site Licence (Popular): If you are a blogger and marketer then this plan is best for you. It’s also the most popular plan of link whisper. In this plan, you get all the features at just $117.
10 Site Licence: This plan is suitable for agencies and someone who runs multiple sites then 10 site licence costs you $167.
Link Whisper Pricing
Link Whisper each plan comes with all the features. This plugin price is very affordable single licence will cost you $77 per year.
Link  Whisper is a worth plugin that reduces 90% work by automating linking with artificial intelligence. It will also help to do better SEO of your site. You can choose a plan that fits your website needs.

Link Whisper Features

AI-Powered Automatic Links Suggestions

Link Whisper is powered by artificial intelligence that suggests you as you write in the WordPress editor itself.
You don’t leave the WordPress editor to find and link other articles. It will provide you link opportunities depending on how many articles have already been published and the relevance of current article Anchor texts.
You will get relevant link suggestions, all you have to do tick on the suggested links boxes and update the post.


In-Depth Link Reporting

Link Whisper gives powerful reports of available internal links on your site, the plugin gives a separate report page where you can add internal links to blog posts.
To view this report, you need to click on the “Link Whisper” from the WordPress dashboard then select the option called “Report
link whisper report
In this report, you will get 3 types of link suggestions.
Inbound Internal Links: There are links pointing to the other blog posts.
Outbound Internal Links: There are links that are redirected to external links. For example, you have clicked links with a link cloaking plugin like Thirsty Affiliates.
Outbound External Links: These are the links that go to external websites from a different domain.

Add Internal Links to Old/New Articles

When you write a post then you can simply add internal links from the WordPress editor. But, what’s about the previously published blog posts.
Don’t Worry, Link Whisper makes it easy to add internal links to old articles as well, For adding internal links to older blog posts. First, you need to visit the Report as I earlier showed in this article.
Internal links report link whisper
Here you will see all published blog posts with the inbound internal links suggestions, click on the “Add” link.
Then, it will show you all the relevant posts that you can add to the selected post. Click on the checkbox and hit the “Add Links” button to add internal links.

Editable Anchor Text

Link Whisper also gives you an independency to add your own Anchor Text. It’s a very needed feature of any internal links plugin to optimize anchor text for better SEO.
You can simply add or remove it with the link Whisper plugin. You just need to click on the suggested anchor text from the sentence then customize texts as you like.

Auto Internal Links

Do you want to build internal links faster?
If yes, then you definitely like Link Whisper Auto Linking feature that allows you to add links on keyword-based.
Using the auto-linking feature you can easily automate the internal link process. It has an option to automatically add a link on a specific Keyword so whenever you mention that keyword in the article it will be automatically interlinked with an article.
Link Whisper Auto Link
You should use settings like add only one keyword-based link in an article. Which is highly recommended.
It’s a very useful feature that saves your valuable time. You can easily link your puller contents and Affiliate links just by mentioning keywords in the posts.
There are some more useful features of this plugin as all links reports that help you to monitor site internal and external links and broken links reports to find out the 404 links on site.

Link Whisper Coupon Code

If you want to save more on link whisper then here is the Link Whisper Coupon Codewhisper10” that lets you save $10 on all plans.

Link Whisper coupon


Pros and Cons of Link Whisper

Let’s take a look at pros and cons of link whisper plugin. Here are some points that let you know about this plugin.
Simple and easy to use
AI-powered link suggestions
 Customizable anchor text
Powerful Lin reports
Time serving plugin
Allow to interlink old blog posts
No outbound link support
The report can be more improved


There are no other plugins that do effective SEO-friendly internal linking as Link Whisper.
If you are a blogger, marketer, content creator, or running an agency. It will save lots of time by automating the internal linking process in WordPress.
You will get strong internal links reports that help you to easily internal link all blog posts with relevant articles.
You will have complete control on Anchor text as well. Link Whisper is really a useful plugin to improve your site’s internal link structure.
It’s definitely worth it. I recently started using this plugin to get more internal link suggestions that save my efforts and time as well.

FAQs on Link Whisper

 Q1: What happens if you uninstall the link whisper plugin?

 If you remove the link whisper from your WordPress site, links will remain active as other links added from the editor.
Link Whisper internal links act like other normal links on your site.

Q2: Does link whisper help to rank higher in Google?

No, Link Whisper doesn’t do that, it can only improve your site internal link structure, so it helps posts to rank higher on Google.

Q3: Link Whisper is Useful for?

 It’s an ideal plugin for those who have more content on their site and improve their internal link to have better on-page optimization.
If Your site has more than 100 blog posts then definitely you need a link whisper plugin to manage internal links.

Q4: Do they offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, if you don’t like their performance ask for a complete refund within 30 days, so it’s completely risk-free to buy the Link Whisper plugin.

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