Top 7 Proven Link Building Strategies for Bloggers in 2022

Last Updated on December 18, 2021 by Kundan Sharma

Proven Link Building Strategies for Bloggers
Do you know backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors in search engine?
Study says the more backlinks have on your page the higher your chance to get better ranking.

When your blog has pointed from other high DA sites that help you to increase your domain authority and page authority.


In this way, your page ranking gets better day by day because I found that a good domain authority site rank better than a less one.

Yes, I know content also matters.


I have in this SEO field for the last 3 years and seen lots of sites that are live more than 1 and 2 years and still haven’t got better ranking in search engines like, google.
Then I analyzed those sites link profiles and founded that most of them have fewer backlinks.
If you really want to rank in google then you should have to build some high-quality links for your site.
That’s why in this article I’m going to share with you the top 7 link building strategies that will help you in to create links.

7 Best Powerful Link Building Strategies & Methods for Bloggers in 2022

1. Guest Posting

I know most of you guys already know about guest posting.
If you don’t know about it then guest posting is a process used by bloggers and marketers to write a post for other blogs.
That helps to get backlinks and as well as traffic to your blog.
It’s one of the best link building strategies and also best ways to build links from authority blogs who come under your niche.

Guest posting also helps bloggers to build a relationship with some existing bloggers. You have opportunities to create a do-follow profile backlink.
Now the question is how can you find blogs who accept guest posting.
You can easily follow these given ways below to find out guest post blogs.
Search them on Google to find guest post opportunities.
• your keyword + guest-posts
• your keyword + want to write to you
• your keyword + become a contributor
• your keyword + now accepting guest posts
Please keep some important things in mind before writing a guest post for any blog.
because blog admin can reject your article from publishing on their blog if wouldn’t satisfied with your content.
• Write a super an in-depth article in more details.
• focus on to write an article between 1,000 to 1,500 words.
• write a relevant article that comes under the blog niche.
• check the whole blog to find out is it already that content published or not.
Now if you want to list of guest posting sites then you can read this complete list of guest posting.
In my point of view, guest posting is the best way to create high-quality links from authority blogs.
That helps your blog to rank higher in the search engine.
So, spend some time to write guest posts for good domain authority blogs.
Now it’s time for the second method.

2. Blog Submission Directories
Blog directory submission is also a good way to create links from high domain authority sites. It helps you to get a backlink for your new blog and as well as visitors too.
There are lots of blog submission sites that allow you to submit your blog for free. I personally submitted my blog on many directories that helped me to got some high DA backlinks.
If you haven’t added your blog yet to directories then submit now. You don’t have to do many things, it’s very easy.

I suggest you note down the information of your blogs like title, description, URL and meta tags in notepad or word document that will boost your submission process.
First, you need to go to every blog submission site one by one. Then, click on something like add site/link button.
Now you need to add the details of a blog like a title, description, and URL.

For this, you can simply copy and paste it from notepad. Then click on the submit button. Most of the sites have the same method.
Now you need the top blog submission sites list where you can submit your blog.
Here the post I have written on top blog submission sites that will help you in to build links.
Now it’s time for the 3rd method.

3. Social Bookmarking
These days social media networks have been growing rapidly. We know about some famous social media accounts like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.
But, there are some more powerful social networks that help you to get backlinks and traffic too.
Social bookmarking is a method to list your blog articles to social networks. So people can able to find and read your post.

It also helps to create do-follow backlinks from high domain authority sites. I have also bookmarked my blog on various social networks.
If you are thing how to add your blog to social accounts. Then it’s very easy to bookmark the blog to social platforms.
You only have to create social and then you can add your links directly.
Here is the list of top social bookmarking sites where you can bookmark your blog.\

4. Profile Creation
Profile creation is one of the easiest ways to build links from high domain sites. Some of the profile creation sites give do-follow backlinks to their users.
I personally created my own profile of different sites that helped me to get some links.

Now, how you can do the same.
It’s very easy you online have to create an account profile on the site and include the URL of your blog.
This is a very important thing to add the URL of your blog and also add your post if the site allows you to add it.
Here is some profile creation sites list you can create the profile on them to link from high domain sites.

5. Commenting on Blog
Blog commenting is the best you to communicate with other existing bloggers.
But, it’s also helped in to build links from the commented site.
I know we get most of the time no-follow links from blog commenting but sometimes blog owners like your comment and give you a do-follow link.
Whenever I read an article I also do the comment to share my thought and appreciate the work of others.
Here is the list of some do-follow commenting sites that will give you the link to your blog.
Please keep these things in your mind before commenting on any blog.
• Add the value in the comment and also appreciate the work of others.
• Don’t be Spam, add an only valuable related link.
• Add your blog URL in the website box.

6. Join Forum Sites
If you don’t know about the forum site then it’s a site where peoples talk on various topics. For example blogging, SEO, social media marketing and etc.
Peoples discuss various topics and also get help from others. You can join forum sites and others with your knowledge.

The best thing is you can also able to build a high-quality backlink for your blog while helping others.
Via adding your blog post and URL in the relevant text that increases blog traffic as well as search engine ranking.
Here is the list of top do-follow forum sites that provided by the

7. Infographic Link Building 

Do you know most peoples don’t like to read even 1000 words articles?
Infographic is one of the best link building strategies and the best way to add information shortly and make it interesting too via graphic.

It also helps to build links. Neil Patel, one of the best digital marketers have also talked about how to create links from infographics.
You can watch this video to understand how you can make backlink using infographics.

First, you need the topic on which you want to create an infographic.
Once you have the topic then you can use tools like dribbble to hire a graphic designer who going to make it for you.
and, you can also create its own self from canva it is a free online image editing tool that allows you to create infographics.
Once you have created the infographic then you can post it on your blog.
Now you need to create the embed code of infographic for this you can use the WordPress plugin called embed code.
After embedding the code you can paste it below the infographic.
So peoples can easily share the infographic on own blog in this way you can get backlinks. 


If you really want to rank your web pages higher in search engines then create some high do follow backlinks.
Use these above-given methods to build links for your blog.

I personally have been using these methods from my first day of blogging and that helped me to got backlinks.


I hope this list of link building strategies helped you to get some ideas about how can you acquire backlinks. If you have any questions and suggestion then let me know in the comment below.

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