10 Best Tools That Help You to Create Landing Pages for Your Blog

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Landing page for blogger is very important to convert the leads. Landing pages are the pages that help to subscribe and increase your sells.
What is a landing page?
In the digital market, a landing page is a web page used for the purpose of marketing and advertisement. It is a page where visitor land and designed for only one focus is known as a Call for Action (CAT).

There are two basic types of landing pages

Lead Generation Landing Pages
It is the most used landing page. It is uses a web form as the Call to Action to purposes of collecting leads data of website visitors such as Name and Email Address.
Click through Landing Pages
They are mostly used for e-commerce and it has a simple link button as the Call To Action.
Its only one single focused objective for converting visitors into the lead. There are so many landing page builder websites are online but personally, I found the best landing page service provider site that helps you to create best landing pages.

Top 10 Tools That Help You to Build High Converting Landing Pages

1. Instapage



Instapage is just like an Unbounce landing page creator tool. You have the ability to edit some individual elements and also offer to the drag-and-drop system. It is also very responsive like Unbounce and you can test your landing page creations using their A/B testing feature.
The Instapage editor is simpler than the Unbounce editor so you don’t have to need any technical skills. If you are not very technical this tool is for you to create a landing page for your website.
Instapage can easily publish your landing pages directly to your website. If you have a blog on WordPress then you can use a WordPress plugin to let your landing pages to your website with some clicks easily.
 It has a free version but the free version has limited options. You can buy a plan with just $29 a month if your budget is limited than I prefer you use Instapage over Unbounce.
• Get Instapage

2. GetResponse

getresponse landing page builder

GetResponse as you know from its name it is a responsive landing page creator website online, that helps you to create responsive landing pages. You can customize your landing page according to your needs.
GetResponse templates are 100% responsive and also work responsively to mobile. You can grow your email marketing, grow your list, increase conversions, and optimize your audience engagement with GetResponse landing page builder.
It has features like Drag-and-drop Email, Autoresponders, Advanced Analytics, A/B Testing Perfect Timing, and Forms.
You can also customize your landing page templates with more than 1000+ iStock photos and help to create and publish high-converting landing pages
 GetResponse landing page maker has more comprehensive packages that include email marketing, autoresponders, and webinars platforms. It is a little difficult to choose the package of GetResponse.
The Minimum package is $15 month with email marketing and a top enterprise option of $1,199 month.


3. Unbounce

unbounce landing page creator


Unbounce is the most popular and trusted landing page builder website. It helps to create an effective landing page. The performance of uncounce is really amazing. It is an extremely user –friendly tool.
Unbounce has more than 125+ landing page and popup templates. You can create a landing page for your blog according to your blog design and color because Unbounnce has a different type of landing page templates.
You can create a blog subscription landing page to convert the visitor into the lead and you can create a landing page to sell your products like eBooks to your blog reader.
It is very responsive in desktop mode and also in the mobiles. I recommend you to use Unbounce to build a better landing page for your blog.
It is not free to use. It will cost you $49 a month which is a basic plan. You can take a plan according to your recruitments.

4. Leadpages

leadpages landing page builder


Leadpages is also a very good landing page creator tool and most-well know landing page creator software. Most of the blogger use this landing page tool because of the low price than Unbounce. They get better features in low monthly plan.
It has also provided some useful features like Including A/B testing and also Leadboxes.
It has tons of good templates to choice for you can choose any out of them. You don’t have to need more coding skills with Leadpages.
It helps to create landing pages like Drive More Traffic, Build-in payments, Mobile opt-in Codes, Lead capture pop-Ups, and 1 Click Sign Up Links,. You can create every type of landing pages from Leadpages.
It has also some good feature that will you more you can Design of conversation, Add pages to Any Site and Drag-and-Drop Customization.
It also works well with small a device like mobile and all the templates are mobile responsive.
It is not free you have to pay between $10-$15 each. If you don’t want to expend more on the landing page building you can choose this software.

5. Lunchrock

Lunchrock can be used to create landing pages but it is not quite a landing page creator tool. Lunchrock helps you to create a “coming soon” landing page.
Lunchrock usually used to start-up brand new business and also advertise a onetime event or want to gauge interest in a coming product.
If you are looking for a responsive landing page creator tool that helps you to start up your new business website then Lunchrock is the best choice.
You can customize themes and edit your message. You can use a free version even provides advance user analytics and reporting. If you want to advance version then you have to pay only $5 a month.

6. Pagewiz



Pagewiz provides you some better-optimized landing page templates. You can customize them with their drag and drop builder.
It also comes with A/B testing so with the help of you can create different versions of the landing page.  Pagewiz also comes with a tracking facility that you can easily see your audience responses easily.
You can create high-quality landing pages with the help of Pagewiz. You can get here beautiful templates for any purpose; so many popular brands like Philips and Chevrolet using Pagewiz.
You can use Pagewiz trail for 30 days after a month you can buy a basic plan for only $29 a month. There is so many rate package you can use it according to your requirement.


7. OptimizePress
optimize press landing page creator tools


OptimizePressis an amazing landing page builder website. It is a website that avoids monthly payment commitment, yea you heard right. You don’t have to pay monthly because OptimizePress works on onetime payment method.
OptimizePress is designed to work exclusively with WordPress powered website and these days lots of blogger are using WordPress that’s a good thing. If you have a site on that platform then OptimisePress may be the best option for creating a landing page.
It has more than 30 templates so you can choose any of them and also edit or customize your landing page too.
It also helps you to create high conversion landing pages. OptimisePress packages are saved more money for you because it is work on a one-time fee method.
8. Landingi


Landingi is a landing page builder that helps you to build landing pages from scratch, or you can fully customize your landing page.
It has also drag and drops feature so it helps you to make all kinds of elements to your page. It has more than 100+ templates styles. You can create from with landing which helps to collect visitors’ data and take leads.
You have needed little technical skills to build a better landing page from landing.  Price ranges from $29 month to $499 months depending on leads generated and they also have a free version. You can check their website for plans.


9. Lander
lander tool


Lander is a landing page creator tool like that others but it is very simple to use and also designed to convert your visitors into paying customers by taking a lead that exactly the site owner wants.
It has some good features that will help you to create high converting landing pages for you. You can edit the design and change templates colors very easily. If you are not too technical than it’s ok.
A/B testing tool allows you to check all the analytics. It has integrated embedding tools include that help you to include a Facebook page and trying with social platforms was from most of your blog visitors come.
You can use Lander landing page builder for 14 days free trial and you can also buy a basic plan which is $16 a month. I think it is a better platform to create a landing page only for $16 a month.
10. Hello Bar
hello bar


Hello Bar is a landing page creator that mostly shows the top of any blog pages. Its run on the top for only two purposes one is to show important messages to the visitors and another one is to collect contact information of blog visitors for increasing your sells.
This tool works well with the call-to-action method; this will help you to collect more data on your blog visitors.
Hello bar is free and easy to use you just need to go the homepage of hello bar and add your Website URL they will create a code for you and you have to add that code into your website. Don’t underestimate the power of small landing page creators like hello bar it is designed to collect more data from visitors.
You can use it for free but some features like automatic hiding after time is not free you have to pay a plan.
But overall it is a free and good landing page builder for call-for-action.

Landing pages are most important for a successful online business. They help in capturing a lead’s information and make sales.
If you are thinking about creating a landing pages are difficult and time-consuming, then you are wrong.
There are so many online websites that help to create landing pages for you and you don’t have to know to code.
If you are not using the landing pages for your site, then you are missing lots of leads and money too.
I have given you 10 tools that help you to create high converting landing pages for you. Most of the blogger and online marketers are using them.
Some of popular landing page builders are Instapage, OptimisePage, Leadpages, and Landingi.
If you take my opinion then I recommend you Instapage its a best landing page builder and trusted by millions of users.
 Click Here to Get Instapage 
You can also check which one is good for you by sign up with free trial landing page creator websites.
Spend more time to find the best landing pages then you will create high converting landing pages for you.
If you think, I missed any tool that should be on this list. Let me know in the comment section and also share your thoughts.

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