Infolinks Text ad Review, Best Google AdSense Alternative

You guys know google adsense is the best advertisement program online. Most of the blogger use google adsense at their blogs but for new bloggers sometimes they don’t get the Google Adsense approval because of some reason. New blogger also doesn’t know much about paid reviews, affiliate marketing so making money out of their blog becomes difficult for them. Google Adsense is not the only advertisement program online. Infolink is the best alternative of Adsense and getting the approval of infolinks is not hard like Adsense. Infolinks is good for those also who rejected and banned from Google adsense.
infolinks review, best alternative of google adsense


Infolinks is a ads program like Google Adsense but it is not a banner ad program. You don’t need to make space for ads in your blog. Infolinks convert some text from your articles as a link. When someone hovers on the text link an advertisement is displayed and you make money.

Why Infolinks?

Infolinks is the best text ad program online. It does not have strict policies like Google Adsense. Its bring more benefiting to the publisher by targeting keyword ads. Infolinks is compared to Google Adsense get approved easily.

How is it the best Adsense Alternative?

Infolinks is the best alternative of Adsense because it gives more power to the publisher than Google Adsense. If you have more than one site you can monetize them also with one approved site.  Infolinks is also a CPC and CPM based Ad Program that help to make more money for the publisher. The website owner has full control over what types of Ads want to displayed on own Blog or Website.

Types of Ads Provide Infolinks.

1.  In Text Ads
In Texts Ads the those displayed via text when a visitor takes the cursor or click on dual lined texts an ad displayed. In the text, ad is an amazing ad program of infolinks. I have given a screenshot below. You can see how it work.
in-tag-ads-infoniks, google adsense alternative

2.  In Tag Ads

In Tag, ads are best ad type to display on your blog for maximum earning.  In tag ads mostly displayed end of the posts.

infolinks ads type


3.  In Frame Ads
In the frame, ads mean infolinks display banner ads where your site bar space is useless. its helps to make more money from useless space at your blog. Here the image how it looks.
in frame ads infolinks, best alternative of google infolinks


How to Sign Up with Infolinks

Sign up with the infolinks is an easy task. You have to follow some method to get apply for Infolinks ads code.
1. First, go to the infolinks ( Click here To Sign Up) website.
2.  Now click on the Sign-Up button.

3. Add your Website URL, Email, Name, Password, etc like shown in the image below.


Now after filling the form, you need to wait to review your website. When you got approved they will send an email to you. It takes approx 2 or 3 days to approve.

How to Add Infolinks Code to your Blog or Website.

Once you approved from infolinks. Now you need to add infolinks code to your blog or website to display ads on it.
1. Log in to the infolinks with your email and password.
2. After login you will see JavaScript Codes.
3. Copy the code and Paste at your blog or website.
You can add the code to blogger platform via adding a JavaScript/HTML gadget in the layout of the blogger.
Can We use Infolinks and Google Adsense Together?
As you know Google Adsense is one of the best Advertisement program and also has strict policies but the good thing is you can you Infolinks and Google Adsense together. There is no problem to use infolinks and Adsense together, in fact, you can use them together to make more money from your blog or website.

Pros and Cons of Infolinks

Infolinks have some pros and cons like every ad program here are some listed below.
1. Pros of info links

Easier to Get Approved – Compare to Google Adsense Getting approval for infolinks is easier. It has not strict policies like adsense. Infolinks took only 72 hours to notify you that your application is approved or not.

Doesn’t need Advertisement Space – You don’t need to make space at your blog for display ads like google adsense. Infolinks provide text ads so space is not needed.
Payment – infolinks provide payments options are Paypal, Payoneer and Wire Transfer.
Minimum Payout – You can pay out of your money when you reached the $50. Which is achievable.

2. Cons of Infolinks

 Less Income for Asian Traffic – Infolinks has more Advertisers from UK/USA. Asian traffic gets less CPC and CPM compare to the USA traffic so earning from infoliks is less for Asian traffic.

Looks Site Bad –  Infolinks shows lots of text ads at the website which make the site look bad.

Payments Options and how you receive the payment?
Infolinks has a minimum payout of $50 in case of using PayPal, echeck and Payoneer payment methods.
If you want to make payment from wire transfer and Wester Union the minimum payout is $100. You will get paid when you crossed the payment threshold of chosen mode of payment.
Payment Method
Minimum Payout
eCheck/Local Bank Transfer
Wire Transfer
Infolinks is one of the best and trusted Advertisement program. You can apply for infolinks, if your google adsense disapproved. It’s the best alternative of Adsense and also you can use it together at your website or blog for maximizing your earning. You should try the infolinks.

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