11 Practice Ways to Increase Domain Authority of Your Site

how to increase domain authority
Domain authority is an important thing for any website. It considers how good and strong a website is.
In this article, I’m going to talk about how to increase the domain authority of any site.
You will get some amazing tips that help to improve domain authority of your site.

What is domain authority and how to check it?

Domain authority is a matrix which developed by MOZ.
They score domains according to their site performance in the search engine, social signal, content quality, backlinks and etc.
Moz have their own algorithm on that basis they give DA and PA score to any site.

Now the next thing how can you check the domain authority of a site.
For this, you need to go to the Mozlink explorer and add URL in the search box.
Once you do this then you need to signup with Moz after completing it.
It takes to the page where you can see Domain authority, page authority, backlinks, ranked keyword and etc.

Here are Top 11 Steps to How to Increase Domain Authority of a Site.

Step 1: Backlinks

When it’s come to increase domain the authority of any website, backlinks play an important role.
If your site gets good numbers of high-quality backlinks then domain authority of site would also improve.
But we talk about creating high-quality backlink in 2019.
It’s harder than ever before.
Due to lots of competition in the blogging industry and these days peoples only link to in-depth high-quality content.
Backlinks also became a business in these days some of the top authority sites charge a huge amount to link back to a site.
If you are a beginner blogger or don’t know how to acquire links then I have already written a post on “how to build high-quality links“.

1: Do not create links from the low authority sites. It’s better to create a link from high authority site than 10 links from a poor site.
2: keep this thing in your mind before creating a link for your site. You should create a link from a site which comes under your niche because this type of link considers valuable than a link from a random site.
Google also love such type of link.
You can use a tool like SEMrush that help you to acquire links by spy on your competitors and creating link opportunities.

Step 2: High-Quality Content

Most of blogger and content creator believe content is king, and I’m one of them.
Did you ever think about why Google is the best search engine.
Google provides a better user experience to its users by giving accurate search result.
The same way you should focus to create unique and high-quality content on your blog which helps to improve DA and PA.
You must write 1500 to 2000 words post which covers every single detail of a topic.
Do you know most of the post which ranks in the top 10 google results have written over 3000 to 4000 thousand words.
When you create high-quality content on your blog, peoples link and share it to the various social platforms.
Which help to improve domain authority your site.
When I started blogging, I did the same mistake and created poor content on my blog.
When I noticed that my DA is not improving then I switched my self to content upgrade and also create new high-quality contents.
That helped me to improve my domain authority quickly.

Step 3: Internal Linking

Google reward sites for having balanced internal/external linking.
If you really want to increase your overall page authority of your blog then you have to interlink your blog posts.
Suppose one of your blog post rankings well in google. You can link a post which not performing well with the ranked post.
That improve your domain authority and SEO.
Internal linking of web pages are most important for SEO.
Note that choose your anchor text carefully and link posts with them that way which help blog readers to navigate around posts.

Step 4: Social Shares

We can not underestimate social media when we want to increase the domain authority of any site.
As you know these days social media is way popular than ever before.
That’s why google also started considering social signal when comes to rank any site.
If you really want to improve domain the authority then you must have to set up a profile on some popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and etc.
At these platforms, you can build the engagement we people by content marketing of your blog posts.
You can also ask your blog readers and other bloggers to share your content on various social sites.
These strategies help your site to get better domain authority in a short period of time.
I have created pages on various social networks to share my newly published content that drives more traffic as well as improve DA.

Step 5: Remove/Disallow Poor Backlinks

I have seen many times that the website got linked to poor site and blog. Which decrease the domain authority and overall ranking in SERP.
If your blog has linked to poor backlinks then remove such links because those type of links would not help your blog ranking.
Although, decrease your DA and search engine ranking.
If you don’t know how to remove poor links from your site then follow this article on ” how to remove low-quality backlinks

Step 6: Website speed

Speed of a website also affects the domain authority.
When a site load slowly which affect the user experience and also increase the bounce rate which decreases the domain authority.
You can use a tool like a Google PageSpeed Insights which is a free tool that allows the testing speed of any website.
You can test the speed of your site in both version desktop and mobile.
If your site loads slowly then you must use these methods like Compress Image, Minimize javascript and CSS, use fewer plugins, add less number of ads on a page and etc.
That improve your site speed and as well as domain authority.

Step 7: One-page SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the main factors that affect the domain score of a site.
If you want better domain score than you must work on your on-page SEO optimization.
Google also ranks to those sites who are has optimized their web pages.
There is so many things come under on-page SEO. I have going to list some most important things which mostly affect domain authority and overall SEO.

Title: you should have a focus to add a rich title including the main keyword.

Meta Description: it is an important thing for SEO. You must have a meta description on your blog which describes clearly about your blog with having main keywords.
It should be noted more than 150 words.

H1, H2 tags: Do you know Google also consider headings like H1 and H2 tags when it’s come to rank a site.
You just need to use various heading inside your post content with keywords.

Image Optimisation: people always made mistakes when comes to optimize blog images.
It also affects the on-page SEO.
You must have to use title text and alt text within your all images.

Step 8: Create a Mobile-friendly site

As you know these days people are using the internet on their mobile phone.
Do you know more than 60% of searches are on Google happens by mobile devices.
That’s why Google already mentioned that they would rank only those website who are mobile-friendly.
It also affects the domain authority.
If you want to increase domain authority then your site must have mobile responsive or AMP Template.

Step 9: Age of Domain

Age of the domain also considers when calculation of domain score.
If you have just launched your blog and getting worried about to improve domain authority then it’s a useless thing.
Actually, it takes time to see massive improvements in domain authority.
A domain less than 6 months older consider as a new domain.
You just need to wait for at least 6 to 9 months to get domain score between 15 to 25 which depends on your work with your site.

Step 10: Publish Regularly

It has been seen that a site which posts regularly get more domain authority than a site publish 2 or 3 posts in a month.
I know it’s hard to post regularly on a blog because it takes time to write content.
I suggest you post at least 2 or 3 times in a week that indicates Google this is an active site.
If you are a busy person or not used to write faster then you can hire a content writer for your blog.

Step 11: Keep Patience

Blogging is not a quick game, it takes time.
You must have the patience to get success in the blogging industry.
It almost takes 2 or 3 years to get a good domain authority score like 30 to 40.
You can not get overnight success in blogging.

I have mentioned some common factors that affect domain authority of a site.
If you work on this those tips you will definitely see the improvement in your domain authority within 1 or 2 months.
I hope you found this post helpful and share on Twitter.

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