How to Write Product Description Using Tailwind Ghostwriter

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Tailwind Ghostwriter AI for Product Descriptions

Are you looking for an AI-powered product description tool to write high-converting descriptions for your eCommerce store?

If yes, then Tailwind Ghostwriter is the tool for you that quickly generates product descriptions for your eCommerce products.

It uses artificial intelligence to write unique and conversion-focused descriptions that will attract the attention of your customers and drive more sales.

In this post, we will show you how to use Tailwind Ghostwriter to create a product description in a few seconds by adding a few pieces of information.

Before heading to the Ghostwriter product description guide, you should know about Tailwind Ghostwriter.


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What is Tailwind?


Tailwind is a popular social media marketing and scheduling tool that designed for social networking sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

It was launched in 2015, and since then it has added lots of new features like content curation, link-in-bio tool, email marketing, and more.

Now, it come up with a new AI-powered writing tool called Ghostwriter for marketers.

Using Tailwind, you can plan, create and schedule social media posts on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

It allows users to schedule their posts in advance, optimize scheduled posts, and track the performance social media campaigns.

Some of its best features are onboard lists, smart scheduling, send emails, and hashtag finder, all of these help you to reach more audience.

Tailwind is an easy-to-use tool that is suited for bloggers, marketers, social media managers, small businesses, and more.

It has a forever-free plan for newbies.

Recently, it introduced a new AI content generator tool. Let’s talk about Tailwind Ghostwriter below. 


What is Tailwind Ghostwriter?

Tailwind Ghostwriter

Tailwind Ghostwriter is an AI-based content generator that helps you write high-converting post titles and product descriptions in a few seconds.

It uses artificial intelligence to generate content for your blog posts, product description, Instagram caption, email subject lines, Facebook post, and more.

Ghostwriter is a complete AI copywriting solution for generating the best marketing copies that attract more audiences.

It offers more the 55+ categories to choose from, all you have to choose the kind of content or category you want to generate then type some important keywords and Tailwing Ghostwriter will generate the content that you can use.

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How to Use Tailwind Ghostwriter for Generating Product Description?

Here you will get to know about how can you use Tailwind’s newly launched Ghostwriter for generating product descriptions.


Step 1: Create a Tailwind-Free Account

To do this, first go to the Tailwind official site then sign up for a free forever plan.

Tailwind Forever Plan

The plan will get you 10 Ghostwriter credits per month. If you need more credits, then you can upgrade to a paid plan;


  • Pro: 50 Ghostwriter Credits
  • Advanced: 250 Ghostwriter Credits
  • Max: 500 Ghostwriter Credits


After successfully creating an account with Tailwind. Now, you can use Ghostwriter for writing product descriptions.


Step 2: Choose a Product Listing Generator

Log in to your Tailwind dashboard, look at the left side of the screen, and click on “Ghostwriter AI”.

Next, within the Ghostwriter AI section find “Product Listing” and click on it as shown in the below image.

There you see multiple options, Product Name, Esty Listing, Amazon Listing, Shopify Listing, and other listings.

Tailwind Ghostwriter Product Listing

You need to pick an option based on the platform you use for e-commerce.

For example, we take the “Shopify Listing” and click on it.

Shopify Listing

Once you have added all the information you need to click on the button “Generate Shopify Product Listing”  button.


Step 3: Generate Product Listing

Now, Ghostwriter looks at the information you have given and then generates title, description, and tags for your product which helps to attract and sell more products.

Add Information for Generate Product listing at Ghostwriter

If you don’t like it and want to change, simply click on the “Generate Shopify Product Listing” button again.

Note That: each time you generate a new content it will be deducted 1 Ghostwriter credit.


Step 3: Add Generate Product Description to Your Store

Now you can copy product title, product description, and product tags one by one and use them on your Shopify online store.

Ghostwriter Generated Product

In the same way, you can write AI-based product descriptions for other e-commerce stores. Ghostwriter is a powerful AI content generator for all marketing needs.


Tailwind Ghostwriter Free?

As I mentioned earlier, you can use Ghostwriter for free. To try Ghostwriter for free, you need to sign up Tailwind forever-free plan.

In this post, you get access to all Tailwind basic features including the new Ghostwriter. You will get 10 Ghostwiter credits every month for generating product descriptions, Facebook posts, email subject lines, Instagram captions, Pinterest descriptions, and more.

So, you can get started with Ghostwriter for free, later you can upgrade to the paid plan if you need more credits and premium features.


How Much Does Tailwind Ghostwriter Cost?

Tailwind Pricing plans

Tailwind offers 4 different pricing plans that are suitable for a wide range of users and needs. Let’s have a look at all Tailwind plans and the number of Ghostwriter credits for each plan.

Free Forever: This is a free plan and is suitable for those who want to try Tailwind for the first time. The plan offers 10 Ghostwriter credits per month.

Pro: The plan costs $12 per month and has everything in the Free Forever plan plus 50 Ghostwriter credits per month.

Advanced: $19.99 per month and get you 250 Ghostwriter credits.

Max: This is the most expensive plan of Tailwind costs you $39.99 per month and gives you 5000 Ghostwriter credits per month.

You can go to Tailwind pricing page to check out and compare all the plan’s pricing and features.

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If you looking for AI copywriting tool to create product descriptions for eCommerce then Tailwind Ghostwriter is the best tool for you.

It can generate product descriptions for multiple eCommerce stores like Shopify, Amazon, Esty, and other eCommerce platforms.

Tailwind is a very easy-to-use platform that helps you not only generate product descriptions, it also lets you drive more sales from social media platforms.

Using Tailwind ghostwriter tool you can write better product descriptions to improve your eCommerce store.

I hope this post helped you to learn about how to use Tailwind Ghostwriter. If you have any questions, do let me know in the comments below.

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