How to track file downloads in Google Analytics to Boost Downloads

Last Updated on January 4, 2021 by Kundan Sharma

How to track file downloads in Google Analytics

Do you want to track how often users download your resources such as an ebook, PDF, zip, video, and many more files?

MonsterInsight is a plugin that helps you to track your filed downloads in WordPress and also enables option to see file downloads in the Google analytics.

In this article, you will know how to track file downloads and see in Google analytics using monsterInsight.


Benefits of tracking file downloads

If you are offering ebooks or something else on your blog. You must know how many people downloaded.

But, you can track downloads directly in Google analytics. It’s doesn’t support file download tracking.

If you want to track your downloadable resources then you can use tools like MonsterInsight that help to track downloads in Google analytics.

You don’t need to copy & paste any code.

There are some main benefits of downloads tracking.

1: You can find out how many people downloaded your resources.

2: You can find out which one downloadable resources performing well.


How to track file downloads on your site?

Before enable download tracking, first you need to set up Google Analytics in WordPress using MonsterInsights.

Once you have completely, setup the MonsterInsights with Google analytics in WordPress.

File tracking will be enabled automatically you don’t need to set it up. You can add some extra file extension which you want to track.

Add file extension to track as downloads. In the default option MonsterInsight only track these file extension doc, exe, js, ppt, PDF, zip, tgz, XLS.


If you want to track more file extensions.

Go to the WordPress dashboard then hover to “Insights” in the menu click on “add-ons” then click on the “Tracking” tab.

Here you will see a “file downloads” option click on it.

Then click on “save changes“.


How to view file downloads in WordPress?

To view the download report, Go to the, Insights>>Report>>Publisher Report then scroll down to see your downloads.


How to view file downloads in google analytics?

To view files downloads in google analytics. Log in to your analytics account then select the site which ones report you want to see.


If you enable downloads tracking as pageviews. You can see the downloads report in one “All Pages“.

To see this, navigate to Behaviour>>Site Content>>All Pages.

If you enabled downloads tracking as events. To view the extent report, navigate to Behaviour>> Events in the Google Analytics.

Here you will see four different types of options.

: Overview

: Top Events

: Pages

: Event Flow


Click on the “Top Events” to see the detailed report after that click on “downloads” to get all the details.

I hope that this article helped you in tracking file downloads in Google Analytics. If you have any questions and suggestions, do let me know in the comment section below.

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