How to See The Keywords People Use to Find Your Website

see keywords people use to find your website
Do you want to see the keywords people are using to find your site?
You may know about which keywords driving traffic to your website and getting more impressions.
So that can help you to improve your ranking on Google by taking the right SEO strategy.
Search console is the best tool to find out your website queries.
But, in WordPress, you can use MonsterInsight plugin allows you to connect search console account with Google analytics.
You can easily see your keywords in your WordPress dashboard.
I will show you how to see keywords that people search to find your site.

Why should you track the keywords your site already ranking for?

If you are thinking why should I track my keywords your site already ranking for?
Keywords are the most important ranking term that people type in search engine.
You must know about the search queries are sending traffic from search engine.
Neil Patel ( one of the best digital marketers in the world) says you must go after keywords that for your site getting the impression and click.
You can see that term in search console.
You can take those keywords which getting the most impressions and add them to your content or you can also create content around that keywords.
It will help you to get a better rank in a search engine like Google.
You can get the new keyword ideas for your blog when you check already ranked keywords.


How to see the keywords people search to find your site?

There are so many ways to find ranking keywords but Google search console is the best platform to view quarries that people type in Google to find your site.
Search console is a free google webmaster tool that allows you to see and manage your site performance in Google search engine.
There are so many things you can do with this tool such as fix crawl issues, Index request, submit sitemaps, view Click & CTR rate and etc.
You can view site keywords with search console in mainly two ways.
1: In your WordPress dashboard using MonsterInsight plugin.
2: In your search console account.

1: View your website keywords in the dashboard with MonsterInsight

It’s the best way to see ranked keywords of a WordPress site using MonsterInsights Google analytics plugin. It will show you website traffic, user interaction, clicks, bounce rate, CTR and etc.
To see search console report in WordPress you will need to set up a MonsterInsight on your website.
monsterinsights licence key
You must have to purchase MonsterInsight plus plan to see search console report in WordPress dashboard because the basic plan doesn’t come with those features.
Now you need to add and verify your site to search console you can do this with Google analytics account a complete guide to verify your site in Google search console with Google analytics.
Once you have completely added your site with search console. You can see the top 50 search terms in your search report.

You can view the search console report, you will need to go insight>> reports from your WordPress dashboard. There you will see your site analytics report go to the search console tab to see 50 search terms for your website.
There you can see the terms, clicks, impressions, CTR and Avg position of keywords.
search console report in monsterinsights
If you want to see the full queries report click on the “view full queries report” button at the bottom of the screen.
It will take to you Google Analytics account website and go to Acquisition>>Search Console>>Queries like shown in the below image.
google analytics queries

2: View your website keywords in your search criteria account.

To view ranking keywords of your website, first you will need to go search console and sign-in with your account.
There you will see your website URL in search console homepage if you have more than one website use drag and drop features to select a website.
select website from console
Now you will see a performance tab Click on the “Open report” option to see top-ranked keywords.
search console performance tab
A new page will be open where you can see the queries, clicks, and impressions like shown in the below image.
Here you can see a list of all the keywords for your website ranking and getting impressions.
This report is useful to improve your page SEO and ranking in Google.
website queries
I hope this article helped you to know how to see keywords that people search to find your site.
If you have any question & suggestion. Let me know.
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