How to Join Fiverr Affiliate Program and Make Money?

fiverr affiliate program
Fiverr is one of the biggest marketplaces where sellers and buyers meet.
Freelancers provide their services at reasoning price anyone can join and start earning from offering gigs on fiverr.
But apart from this, there is another way to earn money from fiverr.
They have an affiliate marketing program from which you can join and start making money. if you don’t like how to work on fever then you can promote fiverr on your blog or website to generate some sales through your affiliate link.
In return, you will get a commission on your referral.
So in this post, I will show you step by step how can you join the fever affiliate program. I will also give you some more extra tips which help you to maximize your earnings.

What is Fiverr?

fiverr is a global online marketplace where freelancers offer their services to the customer people can hire freelancers in just a minimum $5 for a job.
You can outsource your work on fiverr at a very affordable price.
It provides services like Digital Marketing, Logo Design, SEO, Content Writing, Photo Editing and etc.

How to Join the Fiverr Affiliate Program?

Step 1: Go to the Fiverr affiliate registration page and fill out the form.
fiverr affiliate signup
Make sure to add all the * marked fields with correct information.
Like, Email, Password, Phone and Skype Id this will require you later when you log in your affiliate dashboard.
Once you filled all the information correctly then click on reCAPTCHA to verify.
Next, submit the form.

Now you affiliate request submitted it will be reviewed by Fiverr team to get you approval or sometime you may get the direct approval.
It’s very easy to get Fiverr affiliate program approval compared to other affiliate programs like Shareasaleand Amazon Associates.

Remember this, you must have a related website or blog which provides fiverr tips and makes money online guide and etc.
Because it’s going to be complicated for you to promote Fiverr without having a website and blog.
Step 2: Once you have approved to Fiverr affiliate program, Login to your affiliate dashboard and click on the menu, then go to the “Marketing Tool” option here you need to click on the “Default Links” option.
fiverr affiliate dashboard
Here you get the affiliate link of your Fiverr affiliate program.
Now you can place this link to your site to drive more users to the Fiverr through your link.

If you are wondering about how to get your payments then need to create a PayPal or Payoneer account to receive your payment quickly.
I suggest you use PayPal to receive payments it’s quick and easy to use.
If you haven’t created a PayPal account yet then click here to set up a new one (it’s free).
Note that: PayPal charges almost 6% commission on payment received.

Here are some ways to promote Fiverr on your site.

1: Education people’s about Fiverr there are so many people aren’t aware of fiverr. You can write a review about Fiverr to let your blog reads to check out Fiverr through your referral link.

2: You can make a list of services and gigs that people can easily get on Fiverr.
You can list the services that freelancers offer on Fiverr so you blog readers will try Fiverr if they want something.
You can create a list link like the way I have created on my blog “18 Best Selling Fiverr Gigs to MakeMoney”  This is one of the best ways to drive traffic on Fiverr.

3: Write Helpful tutorial about Fiverr like I have created in this post about “Fiverr Affiliate Program” you can try various topics like “How to join Fiverr” “How to post Gigs on Fiverr” and etc.
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