How to Install and Use the Sendinblue Addon with WPFroms

Last Updated on February 21, 2021 by Kundan Sharma

Install and Use the Sendinblue Addon with WPFroms

Do you want to add users to your Sendinblue lists through your WordPress forms? With Sendinblue addon form WPFroms, you can easily subscribe to users in your Sendinblue account each time a user submits your form.

In this article, you will learn how to install and use the Sedninblue addon with WPForms.

Install the Sendlinblue Addon

First, you need to make sure that WPForms is installed and activated on Your WordPress site.

Once you have got WPForms installed and your license verified, you’ll be able to quickly install and activate the Sendinblue addon.


Connect Your Sendinblue Account to WPfroms

Once the Sendinblue addon is installed and activated, you’re ready to connect your account to do this you need to go WPFroms » Settings and click on the Integration tab.


Next, click on the Sedninblue option to expand its settings. From there, go ahead and click the Add New Account button to enter your account information.

This will show two fields where you will need to add your Sendinblue account API key, as well as a nickname for your account.

Connection-fields-in-sendinblue (1)

To find your API key, first, log into your Sendinblue account. Once you have logged in click on the main menu, which is located on the top right corner of the page and select SMTP & API.


From there you will able to view your API key.


Now you need to copy this value and head back to WPFroms settings. You will need to paste your API key into the field labeled Sendinblue API key.


Then, add a nickname to the Sendinblue Account Nickname field. This is for internal reference only and can be helpful if you later decide to additional Sendinblue accounts.

Now, go ahead and click the Connect to Sendinblue button.


WPForms will now connect your site to your Sendinblue account. When done, it will show a green Connected status next to your Sendinblue integration.


Add a Sendinblue Integration to Your Forms

Once you have successfully connected to your Sendinblue account, you are ready to add Sendinblue to a form. To do this, first need to create a new form or edit an existing form.

Within the form builder, go to Marketing » Sendinblue. Then, in the Sendinblue tab, click on the Add New Connect button.


Click this button will open an overlay where you can provide a nickname for this connection. You can enter any nickname you like.


If you have more than one Sendinblue account connected to WPForms, you can select the account you like to use from the Select Account dropdown. Then, under Action to Perform, select the action you do like to happen when users submit your form. For our example, we’ll select Subscribe to add users to our Sendinblue contacts.


Once you have selected an action to perform, additional settings will populate for you to configure.

If you do like, you can also map any custom fields you have added to your Sendinblue account under the Custom Field Name section.


Once you have configured all settings then save your form.

Congrats, you have successfully installed Sendinblue addon with WPFroms.

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