How to Create Spin to Win Campaigns in WooCommerce and Shopify

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Create Spin to Win Campaigns

If you are running an eCommerce store on WordPress.

Then, you can add a spin to win gamification to your sign-up forms to get abandonment.

You can offer a discount, special deal, and reward to users when they play spin to win. This helps you to get more engagement and sales from the Website.

In this article, you will know how to set up spin to win option in an E-Commerce store.


What is Spin to Win?

Spin to win a discount coupon wheel and sign-up form which ads gamification to your site. You can offer users to play a game to win discounts, unlock deals, and discounts.

It can grow your conversation rates as high 30% because gamification options are fun, interactive, and instantly attract users.

Let’s see how to easily add spin to win option in WordPress.


Step 1: Install and Activate Optinmonster WordPress Plugin

First, you need to install and activate optinmonster which is the best lead generation WordPress plugin.  It helps bloggers and marketers to collect emails from a website and convert them into customers.

optinmonster plugin

Optinmonster is a premium plugin and you need to signup their growth plan to access the coupon wheel campaign option.

After successfully install optinmonster next you will need to connect your account with the OptinMonster account from wordpress admin.


Step 2: Create a Spin to Win Wheel Campaign

Once you connect wordpress with OptinMoster account. Now, you need to click on the “create new campaign” button to create your first spin to win campaign.

create new campaign

You will be redirected to optinmonster website, here you need to select a full screen for campaign type.

Next, you need to select a campaign template, select one of wheel Templates to create a spin to win campaign in WordPress.


After that, you will be asked to give a name to your template and select a website where you would like to place it.

Next, you will see an optinmonster campaign builder feature, so you can change campaign color, design and fonts etc.

Now, you need to add the value to coupon selections by clicking on the edit wheel section.

In this way, you will add coupon codes and special deals to the wheel.


Step 3: Choose When to Display the Spin Wheel

Now, you need to select when you want to show your spin to win the campaign.

Optinmonster gives powerful targeting and trigger options that allow you to display spin to win at anywhere and any time on your site.

Go to the display rule tab and here select display rules for your campaign.

display rules

You can use the exit intent rule to launch the spinner campaign when users try to leave your site.

Once you added the display rule, click on the next “step button” Now, here you will be asked to select the option and click on the next step button.


Step 4: Add Spin to Wheel to Your Site

Now, you have set up a spin to wheel campaign next you make add it to your site.

First, you have to publish your campaign from Optinmonster dashboard by clicking on the plugin button on the publish button on the top right corner of the screen.


Now go to your WordPress site and click on the optinmonster menu item. Where you see spin to win wheel campaign with Live stats.

You can also see a live preview of your campaign browser. Congrats, You have completely added spin to win to your site.

I hope this article helped you. If you have any questions, do let me know in comment.

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    Creating a spin helps user to offer discount, special deals and also helps to gain more engagement
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    Your each of the suggested steps for including spin to win option on wordpress site are so clear, easy to understand and follow, whereas following these steps will be helpful for several user and will allows them to create spin to win campaigns.

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