How To Create an Engaging Multi-Page Form [Step-by-Step]

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Do you want to create a split, multiple page form in WordPress site?

This kind of form helps to increase engagement and improve user experience by splitting a long ugly form in a beautiful navigational form.

In this post, I will show you how to build a multi-step form in WordPress from scratch using WordPress plugin.


Benefits of creating a multi-step form on your site

Here are some key features of creating multiple-step forms in WordPress.

Reduce Form Abandonment: Users love to fill out the navigational type of forms that ask one question at a time. Nobody likes an ugly long-form so when you break down the form in pages that reduce form abandonment.

Encourage Focus: You can break down information into areas.

Collect What You Need: You can create a WordPress multi-step form with conditional fields using conditional logic.

So, without doing future delay let’s dive into the step by step guide on how to create multiple step forms in WordPress.


How to create a multi-step form in WordPress?

Step 1: Create a form in WordPress

First, you need to install and activate the WPForms plugin. If you don’t know how to install plugins in WordPress? Then here’s the step by step guide that shows you how to install a plugin in WordPress.


After installing & activating the plugin. Go to the WPForms»Add New to create a new form.

WPFoms allow you to break any form in multiple parts for example here we will create a simple contact form.

On the setup tab, give a name to your form and select the template you want to use. Here we are going to choose a simple contact form. You can pick any form depending on your needs.


WPFoms come with a drag and drop functionality which allows you to add extra elements in a form by simply dragging fields from the left control panel to right inside a form.


You will already get name, email, contact, and massage fields in the contact form.

Now let’s go to the second step how to split your form into multiple parts.


Step 2: Split your form into different parts

Once you have set up all required fields for your contact form now you need to add the Page Break form field to split it into different pages.

Go to the Fancy Fields option and drag the page break form field then drop it inside the form where you want to split form.


You can create as many form pages as you want with WPFoms.


Step 3: Customize the progress bar

It’s better to show the process bar to let users know about the different sections of a form.

This helps them to know what’s their current situation and how much they have left to fill before clicking on the “submit” button.

WPFoms has over 3 breadcrum styles indicate bars for your multiple step form.

Connectors: Shows connecting bar and page title of each art of multiple step form.

Circles: Shows one click and page title title per page on multiple step form.

Progress Bar: Indicate the progress of the form as the user fill it out.

Cutomize the progress bar and page title of first page of your multiple step form, click on the first page break session.

A new panel will appear in the form where you can choose which progress bar you want to choose.


You can change the page title so users know which part of the form they are on it. You can choose between ” circles ” or ” connectors ” option.

To the next page title and the button taking site visitors to the next page on your form. Click on the ” page break ” section.

You can also show the site visitors previous page button. Once you done all of your page breaks and customizing the process indicator click save.


Step 4: Configure Your Form Settings

To start, go to Settings > General


Here are the configure the following.

1: Form Name: Change the name of your form if you want

2: Form Description: Give your form a description

3: Submit Button Text: Cutomize the copy on the submit button

4: Spam Prevention: Helps to prevent contact form spam with Google reCAPTCHA

5: AJAX Forms: Enable AJAX settings with no page reload

6: GDPR Enhancements: You can disable the storing entry of information and user details such as  up address and user agents.

Once you configure click on the save.


Step 5: Configure your form’s notification

Notifications are a great way to send a email whenever a form is submitted on your website.

Infact, unless you disable this feature when someone submit a multi step form on your site. You will get notified.

Whenever a users submit a form, you can send notification to user letting them know you received the contact shortly.


It’s also appreciate when it comes to multi page that may have taken a long time to fill out.


Step 6: Add your form to website

After creating your multi step form you have to add it to your WordPress website.

WPFoms lets you add your forms to multiple places on your website including your page blog posts and sidebar widgets.

To add form, create a new page or post in WordPress then click on + icon the select form icon.


A WPForms widget will be apper inside of your block click on the WPForms drop-down and pick a form which you have earlier created. 

Then, click on publish button to appear your form on your site.



Congrats, Now you know how to create multiple step form in WordPress using WPForms.

It’s a very easy to create you can also create other type of forms too like donation, order, poll, survey and more.

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