7 Easy Ways to Collect Email Addresses From Your Blog Visitors

easy ways to collect email addresses from your blog visitors

Do you collect emails of your blog visitors?
If you are not then making a big mistake and losing a lot of money on the table
Because email marketing is one of the best ways to generate leads and sales.
If you planning or want to get emails of blog users.
But don’t know how?
Then in this article, I’m going to share with you the top 7 ways to collect emails from your blog that will help you to get more emails of blog visitors.
When you collect email of your blog users then, you can target them for a long time and able to earn money from affiliate and product sales.

You Can use tool like Convertkit this is one of best email marketing tool.
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How to Collect Email Addresses From Your Blog?

1: Display a Sticky Bar on Top

There are lots of ways to collect emails of blog visitors but nothing is better than a sticky bar on top.
Because it shows always at the top of all blog pages
You can simply add an offer or sign up form for your users.
If your blog visitors like your content, idea, offer and want to read more articles from you then they will of course signup with your sticky bar.
Keep in mind that one thing doesn’t make the signup process too tricky, only ask for the name and email address of subscribers.
If you are worried about which tool will help you to create a sticky bar then you can use tools like hello bar its free.
It helps you to create a beautiful sticky bar for your blog.
Michelle from makingsenseofcents.com has using sticky signup bar on top that helps to collect emails of blog visitors, you can see the below image that will help you to know how its look.
floating bar

2: Exit Pop Up

Exit pop up is a very effective tool to let your blog visitors know that they can get a free course, offer and guide before leaving the site.
It’s work in a very simple way when visitors intents to exit from the site at that time exit popup shown up a pop-up box with customized text and images.
You can provide anything with exit popup such as offer, free eBook and also ask for sign up.
But, I recommend you to add values in exit pop up like provide free resources and guide that visitors can’t ignore.
and focus to make the signup process as simple as you can don’t ask for personal information like phone number and address.
Only ask for the name and email that converts well.
You can use tools like optimoster and growth funnel to create a stunning exit pop up box for your blog.
wpbeginner.com has used an exit pop up on their site that provides free useful resources of WordPress. Here’s the image of wpbeginner exit pop up.

exit popup


3: In-Text Forms

An in-text form also does well in capturing emails.
You can easily create a subscription form and add it to the post text.
So blog readers can sign up your newsletter while reading the post.
If they like your post then sign up too.
It can be created with the help of a tool like convertkit.
It’s a paid email marketing tool that does allow you to collect emails.
It’s one of the best ways to take your subscription form up to more visitors.
And most of the websites already using the same method on their site to collect more emails.
Michelle from makingsenseofcents.com has also using in-text signup form on his blog post ”How to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost” to collect emails of blog users.
You can also do the same on your blog. here the image of that signup form.

in-text form

4: Landing Page

Create a landing page for email subscription can boost your conversion rate.
Every blog should have a landing page that offers something valuable to blog visitors.
And also designed it beautifully with the perfect color combination.
Because an attractive landing page converts better than an ugly one.
Make sure the subscription process will easy and don’t ask anything more than a name and email.
There are lots of tool online that will help you to create a beautiful landing page for your blog.
But, I suggest you use Clickfunnels and Leadpages both are good to create a landing page.
Adam Connell from bloggingwizard.com has designed a beautiful landing page with an offer.
He also added a testimonial and used the perfect color combination that looks attractive to peoples.

landing page

5: Add a Guide and eBook in The Sidebar

The sidebar is a better place to add a subscription box because of it appears on all blog pages.
You can simply offer a guide or ebook for download.
That you found useful for your blog visitors.

John Chow offers a free eBook in the sidebar on “How I went From zero to over $100,000 a month” 
John offering something that everyone wants to know in the blogging industry to grow their revenue.
In this way, John collects lots of email from his blog.
You can also do something like that on your blog.

free ebook


6: Ask For Subscribe Newsletter

Email marketing is one of the best ways to get visitors to return on a blog.
So don’t forget to ask to subscribe to newsletters from blog visitors.
Because if someone wants to read more posts from you in the future.
Then, of course, subscribe to your newsletter.
This is one of the easiest ways to collect email list of blog visitors in this list.
You can simply add a subscription box anywhere on the blog like on the sidebar.
You can use a free tool like MailChimp and RSS Feed to collect emails.
I’m using RSS feed on my blog to collect emails from my blog visitors.
If someone subscriber to my newsletter then he/she will get notified whenever I post an article.
This method helps you to get instant traffic on your site because you can not only depend on the search engine like Google it takes a lot of time to index a new article and shows it in search results.
Here’s how my RSS feed subscription box looks.

ask for email

7: Add a Signup Box End of The Post

Adding a subscription box end of the blog post is also a good way to collect emails of blog audiences.
Because most people make up their mind after reading the post to subscribe or not.
Having a subscription box end of the blog post convert well.
You should also have a sign-up form the end of the posts.
Most popular blogs use the same tactics to collect more emails.
You can use any email marketing tool that will help you to create a subscription box. Which you can add it the end of blog posts.
Search engine watch using the method on their site to collect emails from their blog readers.
When you first come to the search engine watch post you will see a subscription post end of the post.
You can also do the same and add a subscription box end of each blog post that will help you to collect more emails.

signup form
As you know email marketing is one of the best ways to generate leads.
If you are not collecting emails of your blog visitors then you are leaving lots of sales on a table.
You should need to follow these above-given tips that help you to collect more emails.
Please keep in mind that one thing before asking visitors to put their email is providing something valuable in return.
For example, if you provide free courses, eBooks, guide and useful resources then people more likely signup with their email because they are getting something valuable in return.
This type of strategy works well and boost your email collecting percentage.
Now its time to talk about tools that help to collect emails of blog users.
If you are a beginner or don’t want to spend on email marketing then you can use a free tool like MailChimp that will allow you to collect emails of visitors.
But nothing is best then a paid tool like convertkit its a complete email marketing tool that does allow you to create beautiful signup forms and collect emails.
If you want to create a landing page then you can use Leadpages.
It’s one of the best landing page creators online.
I hope this post was helpful to you. Tell me which one method you would like to use for collect emails from your blog visitors.
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