A Simple Beginner’s Guide to Use New Google Keyword Planner

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Guide to Use New Google Keyword Planner


Keyword research is the most important thing before writing any blog post because without targeted perfect keywords your post can do well in search engines.

We cannot assume that this Keyword will work better because things don’t work like that.
We always have to do proper keyword research to find new and targeted keywords for our posts so they will perform well.

Keyword research tools help us to find new Keyword ideas and give us some profitable keywords.


What is Keyword research?

Keywords are those with the help of we get search results for example when we come to the Google search to find something like “chicken recipes” and “room interior ideas” that keywords bring results related to that Keyword for us.
Now the Keyword research is the process to identify Keywords which gets a good number of monthly searches, low competition, and targeted audience.

The Idea Behind the Keyword research to find keywords that have low competition and maximum traffic. Better keyword research will get you targeted visitors, more traffic, and leads.

What is Google Keyword Planner?

Google Keyword tool is a product powered by Google. Which is part of the Google AdWords tool.
GKP main work to find profitable keywords to run a Google AdWords campaign but is also helpful to find some new Keyword ideas. Which shows us estimated monthly searches and competition of a specific Keyword.
It will show you some great Keywords around your niche so you can use those keywords to target your audience.
Google Keyword planner also helps to find competitor’s keywords. You can also, find which Keywords of your competitors getting traffic.

Why you need to use Google Keyword Planner?

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool. You only have a Google AdWords account to use this tool so you can easily signup, you don’t have to spend any money to use  GKP.

This tool is provided by Google so we get accurate data of Keywords with monthly searches and competition.

It’s very easy to use you only have to take a couple of minutes to understand the GKP.

Get historical statistics and traffic forecasts use statistics like search volume to help you decide which Keywords to use for new existing. A forecast like predicted clicks estimated conversion.

How to use Google Keyword Planner?

Signup with Google AdWords

Go to the Google AdWords site and log in then click on the tools icon on the top of the screen.


Then choose the “Keyword Planner” tool from that option.

keyword planner

When you choose the Keyword Planner option a new page will be open where you see two options to research Keyword the one is ” Find new Keywords” and the second one is ” Get metrics and forecast for Keywordsgoogle keyword planner

Both options do different works.
Now it’s time to show you how to use Google Keyword Planner.
But their main option is “find new Keywords” which helps to find new Keyword ideas for you.

1. Click on the find new Keywords

Here you can add your seed Keywords to find some more interesting Keywords related to that Keyword.

find keywords

You can also research keywords from the words, phrases, and URL of the website or any web pages.

Let me clear what’s the mean by them.

Enter words: here you have to add keywords related to your blog or website and business.


For example: if you have a blog on “Home Made Cooking” and “pet care” then you can use these Keywords to get some new Keyword ideas.

Phases: phases help to research long-tail keywords you can add 3 to 4 words long Keyword to get better Keyword ideas related to those phrases.
For example: “cheap Owen Gloffs” and “affiliate marketing programs” etc.

A URL related to your business: I personally like this method to find keywords from “find new Keywords” you can look at the Keywords of any website by adding the URL. The most interesting thing is you can also see the competitors Keywords by their URL. It shows you all the keywords driving traffic to their site.

domain search

You will able to know which Keywords are bringing traffic to your competitor’s site.

These are the three options to research Keywords after choosing any one of them then you need to click on “Get Started” button.


Google Keyword Planner result page

Google Keyword planner takes you to the Keyword results page. Where you can find Keyword for your blog post but wait let me show you how you can use GKP in more different ways to find better Keywords for you.
At the top of the screen you can notice the 3 options Location, Language and Search Network.

nav tab
Location: you can enter Geographical location, including countries, territories, regions, and cities in the box. Google Keyword planner help to the target location to find profitable Keywords idea and run a profitable advertisement indifferent.

geo taging keyword

For example: if you want to research the Keywords in China then you can simply change the location from “all locations” to China.

Language: GKP has also featured to select the language that helps to do get more targeted keywords.


Let assume, if you are based in China then you should select the country as China and the language as Chinese.

Search Network: it is not so important place for you at this place you can target all the search network of google like maps and YouTube.

search networks

But we are looking Keywords for Google so we don’t need to change if you want to target the other search network then select the “Google search partners” option.


Filter keyword search

Google Keyword planner has also some good options to filter your Keywords research.
To filter your search at the results dashboard click on the filter icon.

keywords filter

Then select the option which one you want to apply on the Keyword research.

You can filter your results by Keyword text, average monthly searches, top of page bid (low range), top of page bid (high range), competition, and organic impression.

keyword select

 Keyword Text: it helps to add a word that you want to add in your keyword research.

keyword text

Like Shown below on the keyword research page.

keyword result

Average monthly searches: the average number of times people have searched for a keyword it is closely based on targeting settings and data range you have selected.

mothly searchYou can know searches for last over 12 month period.

Competition: This means each keyword shows the competition level. Note this data specific to the location and search network targeting that you have selected.


In the competition column, you can see the competition for Keywords is low, medium and high

2. Get metrics and forecasts of your keywords

Step 1: Login to AdWords account.

Step 2: In the upper right corner click on the tool icon, then click on “Keyword Planner”


Step 3: In the “get metrics and forecasts of your keywords” search box, enter or paste a list of Keywords separated by commas.

search volume forcast

Step 4: Click on the “get started” button to see your forecasts.

add keywords
Step 5: To see your historical statistics like average monthly searches or competition 
data, click on the historical metrics at the top of the page as shown above.

keyword forcast result

So, It will help you to know how many impressions you get if you use that keyword.

I hope this guide helped you to learn how to use Google Keyword Planner to find profitable keyword ideas. If you have any questions and suggestions. Let me know in the comments below.

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