How to Get Quality Backlinks for Your Blog in 2020

Get Quality Backlinks for Your Blog

Peoples always thinking about how to get quality backlinks at their blog, Because quality backlinks are most important to rank higher in Google. This day some sites selling backlinks to the website owners and some peoples are buying backlinks from them like

if you want to quality backlinks without expending any money then read this article I am going to show you how to generate quality backlinks for free.

In a simple word, backlinks are the backbone of a blog or website. It means when one site connected with some other site under his community that helps to rank higher your blog post in search engine because Google ranks high-quality backlinks powered sites only and also gets some targeted visitors at the blog. Now you can understand what is mean about backlinks.

10 ways to build quality backlinks for your blog


1. Internal Linking

Internal linking means linking your blog links within your blog post. It helps to rank higher in the search engine also tells the search engine to rank your blog specific page higher in Google.

The internal link also helps you to get more page views when you link your other blog posts to a post. your blog reader clicks on the link and reads the post exiting post.
Internal linking is the easiest way to increase backlinks to your blog.

2. Through Infographic

An infographic means an information graphic represents information in a graphics format. 
It is designed to understand the information easily and make the information attractive. 
Peoples use infographics to the quick representation of the large scale of data.
It also helps you to get quality backlinks for your site.
When will you have an infographic on a topic other bloggers can share your infographic link to their site in return you would get a backlink.

3. Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the most important methods to build high-quality backlinks.
Guest Posting is not the only give benefit to other bloggers. It is also beneficial for how to write the post for other blogs. When you write a post for other blogs under in your niche they get a post for free and you get backlinks in return by just adding your site URL in the article.
Guest posting help to break out your name over the internet
Almost every blogger writes posts for other sites to get high-quality backlinks.

4. Broken Link Building

You have to find broken links from authorizing the website to create a backlink from it.
How can you find the broken link of any site?

Step1. First search keywords under your niche in Google.
Step2. Select any URL and search that link in broken link checker if you found any 404 error link than its time to create a backlink for your site.
Step3. Now, Mail the site owner tells his/her that you have the same blog post related to that broken link, so they can link back to you.

5. Blog Commenting

Commenting on other blogs under your blog niche is one of the best ways to get high-quality backlinks for your blog.
Blog commenting means comment on another blog post which helps to build backlinks for your site.
You should be a comment on another blog the way to appreciate their works and also add your site URL  in the website box to generate backlinks.
I also get high-quality backlinks from commenting on other blogs.
It is the easiest way to create high-quality backlinks for your site.

6. Social Media

Social media is enough popular nowadays, peoples love to spend time on social media more than some other sites. 

Do you know social media can help you to make backlinks because of these days millions of peoples are using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Digg etc.
You can share your blog post on these social media platforms which helps you to get backlinks and also some traffic to your blog.
These day page ranking also depends on the number of shares on social media of your post.
You should have to share your blog post on social media at least one time in a week that will help you to generate backlinks for your site.

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7. Google Plus

As you know Google Plus is a social media platform and it also helps to build high-quality backlinks for your blog.
You can share your blog posts on Google Plus to get backlinks.
Google plus helps you to get targeted visitors, you can join communities according to your blog niche on Google Plus and share your articles in the group which helps to build more backlinks for you.
Google plus is one of the best free ways to get high backlinks for your blog.

8. Interview Bloggers

Interview of bloggers is the quickest way to increase your visibility over the internet.
For building backlinks, drive more traffic and build a relationship with other bloggers. You have to interview top bloggers under your niche.
Keep one thing in mind while taking an interview of blogger to ask only simple and related questions according to the blog niche that found blog readers interesting.

9. Spy on Competitors

It’s not faulting to spy on competitors, observe where they are getting backlinks and follow it.
How to check?
Step1. You have to use SEMrush and type the keyword of your niche. It will display you all the URL of your competitors.
Step2. You can also use the free backlinks checker tools and submit your competitors URL and observe their backlinks.
Step3. So you can ask to that blog owners to link back to you for this you must have a related blog post and it should be more detailed, so that website owner links your blog post at the place of your competitor.

10. Write Answers on Quora and link your content

You can drive a lot of traffic to your blog by the written answer on Quora.

Now you think what is Quora?
Quora is a Q&A website. It has millions of registered members. you can get the answer to any question at Quora.
What you need to do to get traffic to your blog from Quora?
Step1. You to create an account and add your bio because if your answer would go viral than most of the people check your bio so add your bio perfectly.
Step2. Now, make an answer to that question which is under your blog niche and also, adds your blog post links within and bottom of the articles.
Step3. When someone reads your answer at Quora they can click on your blog link and come to your blog so in case you get more traffic on your blog.


If you want to backlinks for free it’s not so easy but these days with the help of various platforms you can also get high-quality backlinks. 

Follow the above techniques that help you to build backlinks for your blog.
I hope you like the article. If you have any questions and ideas, then ask me in the comment section.

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