Freshsales Review 2024: A CRM Software for Sales Team

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Freshsales review

If you looking for a CRM  tool that helps you to build a relationship with customers, nurture leads, and close deals faster then Freshsales is the software for you.

It is the product from Freshworks, the same company behind some of the popular software Freshdesk, Freshservice, Freshmarketer, and Freshchat.

In this post, I’m going to share with you Freshsales review, it will let you find out how Freshsales helps your sales team to close deals, manage leads, and communicate with customers.

Here in this article, you’ll get to know about Freshsales all its features, tools, and pricing which will help you make the decision whether is it the right platform for you or not.

Let’s dive in,


What is Freshsales?

Freshsales Home

Freshsales is a popular customer relationship management (CRM) platform that allows you to manage & nurture leads, close sales, email, chat & phone via built-in tools with customers and more.

It helps you to manage your sales by tracking and following up leads while building a healthy customer relationship.

Freshsales is offered by Freshworks, a software company that has various software products like Freshdesk, Freshchat, Freshmarketer, and more.

Freshworks was founded in back 2010 by Shan Krishnasamy and Girish Mathrubootham. 

Freshsales has some best features such as a 360-degree view with Kanban board, connecting with customers via chat, email, & phone, sales sequences, multiple sales pipelines, product catalogs, deal insights, and more.

One of the main features of Freshsales is handling leads tracking and managing them.

With Freshsales, you can close more leads on the go with its mobile app which allows you to automatically log calls, access data even if you are offline, instant document access, send personalized SMS in bulk, and schedule a Zoom meeting.

You can also connect Freshsales with your favorite apps with built-in integrations which let you connect with apps like DocuSign, Gmail, PayPal, Slack, Zapier, QuickBooks, Outlook, and many more.

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Freshsales Pricing Plans

Freshsales offers 4 different plans; Free, growth, Pro, and Enterprise. Below, we have explained all the plans with pricing and features that help you to compare all these plans.

You can also try Freshdesk for free by signing up for a forever free plan or 21 days free trial of any paid plan. No credit card is required.


1. Free Plan

This is the forever free plan offered by Freshsales for up to 3 users. The plan costs you $0 dollar. Using the free plan, a sales team can organize and engage with leads by email, chat, and phone.

The free plan has essential features like Kanban view of contacts, built-in chat, email, and phone,  email templates, custom fields, sales dashboard, and more.

In the free plan, you will also get access to the Freshsales mobile app for iOS and Android to stay connected to leads through phone.

When comes to support free plan offers 24X5 customer support via email, chat, and phone.

You can use Freshsales free plan at zero cost, it is suitable for small & growing businesses and also for someone getting started with a customer relationship management platform (CRM) to organize & manage leads, send emails, track performance, and more.

Well, no credit card is required to sign up Freshsales free plan, create a free account today with Freshsales.

Key Features of Freshsales Free Plan:

  • Built-in chat, email & phone support
  • Kanban view of contacts, accounts, and deals
  • Contact life cycle stages
  • Email templates
  • Sales dashboard
  • Mobile application
  • Custom field
  • 24/7 customer support


2. Growth Plan

Growth is a paid plan of Freshsales and pricing starts at $15 per month. The plan comes with powerful CRM automation tools that help your sales team grow more sales by avoiding repetitive tasks.

It has everything in the Free plus, AI powered contact scoring, workflows, sales sequences, product catalog, and CPQ license.

With the Freshsales growth plan, you can automate tasks, trigger automated campaigns, and update records.

The plan lets you more focus on sales rather than on repetitive tasks. The plan is sutable for growing and mid-size sales teams.

Key Features of Freshsales Growth Plan:

  • Everything in the Free plan
  • AI-powered contact scoring
  • Workflows
  • Sales sequences
  • Custom sales activities
  • Product Catalog
  • CPQ license


3. Pro Plan

This is the most popular plan of Freshsales that costs $39 per month. Pro plan is ideal for managing multiple sales teams to grow revenue like a pro.

The plan has everything in Growth plus, multiple sales pipelines, auto-assignment rules for accounts, contracts, and deals, time based workflows, sales team territory management, and AI-powered deal insights.

Using all these features you can nurture your leads to convert them into paying customers.

Pro plan allows you to manage multiple pipelines that let you find out which of your product or service is performing well.

It also gets you AI-powered deal insights so you can better close deals. You can also manage your sales teams and their territory.

Pro plan is a value-for-money plan that comes with all the advanced CRM automation tools to grow your sales.

Key Features of Freshsales Pro Plan:

  • Everything in the Growth Plan
  • Multiple sales pipelines
  • Time-based workflows
  • Auto-assignment rules for contacts
  • Sales teams & territory management
  • AI-powered deal insights


4. Enterprise Plan

This is the most expensive plan of Fershsales costs $69 per month. In this plan, you get all the CRM advanced tools and customization options & controls.

The plan has everything in the Pro plus, custom modules, AI-based forecasting insights, audit logs, field-level permissions, a dedicated account manager, and a sandbox.

Enterprise plan is designed for large sales teams and businesses who want to skyrocket their sales.

You can try even the Enterprise plan for up to 21 days for free. No credit card is needed.

Key Features of Freshsales Enterprise Plan:

  • Everything in the Pro Plan
  • Custom modules
  • AI-based forecasting insights
  • Field-level permissions
  • Audit logs
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Sandbox


Freshsales Features 

Here is the list of the best features you get in the Freshsales.


Easy to Use

If you looking for an easy-to-use, simple, and lightweight CRM tool, then Freshsales is a good choice for you.

Some businesses don’t want to get into the steep learning curve that time can be utilized by the sales team to grow the revenue of the business.

Freshsales platform is very user-friendly and easy to understand.

You will see a clean and simple user interface that takes no time to understand the platform. Your sales team can quickly implement Fershsales, it’s best for someone who first time getting started with the CRM software.

 It’s suitable for small and mid-size businesses. Try it for free with a free plan today!

Pipeline Management

Using Freshsales, you can create, track, and manage multiple sales pipelines.

It helps you to have sales pipelines for various sales teams. Freshsales has some features like sales revenue forecasts, and deal probabilities on each deal stage.

Freshsales pipelines

With a weighted pipeline, you can assign probability across stages, track your deal conversions, and forecast revenue as well.

There’s also an option to maintain your product inventory and configure price models. For teams, you can also define and track goals based on their closed deals and revenue.



Freshsales allows you to customize your Freshsales account according to your business needs.

The system can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals which is ideally useful for large sales teams.

The platform lets you monitor customer interactions, track custom sales activities, and more.

Freshsales Customization

You can also customize things like contact stages, contact fields, roles & permissions, business modules, language, and more.

It’s a very useful feature offered by Freshsales to customize the platform according to your business needs.


360 Degree View

One of the best features of Fershsales is it offers a 360-degree view of your customer information which allows your sales team to monitor customers from a single dashboard.

You can visualize data with the table and Kanban board which are modern view options to have a look at all important information on one dashboard.

Freshsales 360 degree view

With its activity timeline, the sales team can understand customer engagement with a chronological view of their interaction all over the platform like website, app, and more.

The detailed section let the sales team get an in-depth understanding of your contacts across modules, app, and touchpoints.


Omnichannel Support

With Freshsales, you can connect with your customers on their preferred channel from the CRM tool. It is one of the best features of Freshsales that lets the sales team connect and engage with customers via email, chat, phone, messenger, and more.

Freshsales allows you to create and send customized campaigns from the CRM dashboard with readymade email templates.

You can also deliver personalized messages on chat with trigger-based campaigns.

Freshsales Conversion

It’s easy to interact with customers in real-time across various channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, And Line.

There is also an option to interact with customers with high-quality calls. It also allows you to connect Freshsales with an SMS provider to send updates via SMS to boost sales.


Workflows & Automation

Fershsales comes with the lots of wide range of workflow and automation features that allow you to automate repetitive sales tasks.

Using these features, sales team can customize and automate workflow that triggers on specific actions and conditions.

Freshsales workflow automation sends follow-up emails to leads, assigns leads to different team members, and more.

Freshsales Workflows

With the automation feature, you can create complex workflows that integrate with multiple systems.

You can segment and prioritize prospects’ territories and rules. The automation feature of Fershsales enables the sales team to automate sales processes and reduce manual work by setup conditions or even based triggers.


3rd Party Integartions

Freshsales allows you to integrate with your favorite apps and platforms. It has a wide range of integration options to add more functionality to your CRM.

It can be easily integrated with some popular platforms like Gmail, Outlook, DocuSign, PayPal, PandaDoc, Xero, Zapier, Slack, and more.

Freshsales integration

You can integrate Freshales with its native products like Freshchat, Freshservices, Freshmarketer, Freshdesk, and more.

Freshsales seamlessly connect with the help of API the tools you are already using.


Mobile Application

Freshsales offers an Android and iOS mobile app that lets you manage leads,  contacts, accounts, and sales activities anywhere in the world on the go.

It enables you to automatically log catalog, and contacts, take notes, access documents and quick links, hail and Uber rides to your onsite meetings, and more.

You can send personalized emails and SMS in bulk on mobile applications. It gets you real-time push notifications of meetings and upcoming tasks on your phone.

The best thing is when you are offline or have no internet connection, even get access to essential pieces of information on mobile.

There’s also an option to schedule and join Zoom meetings from the device.

Pros and Cons of Freshsales

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using the Freshsales CRM platform.


Freshsales Pros:

  • All-in-one sales management platform
  • Clean, simple, and easy to use
  • Multiple pipeline management for multiple sales teams
  • Connect with leads via email, chat, and phone
  • Advanced CRM customization
  • Track and engage with customers on apps
  • Kanban board view to get a 360-degree view
  • Interact with customers in real-time with Whatsapp
  • Automate sales processes and avoid repetitive tasks
  • Define and track the goals of the sales team
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS 
  • Lets you connect with your favorite apps & tools
  • 21-day free trial of paid plan
  • Built-in analytics tool to monitor sales


Freshsales Cons:

  • Free plan has very limited features and supports only 3 users
  • AI-based forecasting insight is one of the best features of Freshsales only available in the Enterprise plan


Conclusion: Is Freshsales Worth It?

Fershsales is one of the best & popular customer relationship management (CRM) platforms that allows your sales team to nurture leads and close deals faster.

It has some best features for building a healthy relationship with your leads and customers, some of its popular features are a 360-degree view of customer information, connecting with customers through email, chat, phone, messenger, SMS, and Zoom, workflow automation, multiple sales pipeline, reports & insights, CRM customization, mobile app and more.

Freshsales also can be integrated with its Freshworks products like Freshdesk, Freshmarketer, Freshservices, Freshchat, and more which lets you automate your business and boost sales.

There are some popular CRM tools in the market such as Pipedrive, and Salesforce. But, Freshsales is very affordable and easy to use. You can get started with its free plan.

If you looking for your business an easy-to-use and affordable CRM software for your sales team then Freshsales is a good option for you.

You can sign up forever free plan today or if you looking to try the Freshsales paid plan, then sign up for any paid plan free for up to 21 days. No credit card is required.

I hope this Freshsales Review post lets you find out everything about this CRM software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding Freshsales.


What is Freshsales?

Freshsales is a sales customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps sales teams close deals faster. It allows you to connect with customers across various platforms like Email, Chat, Phone, and more.


Does Freshdesk and Freshsales are the same?

No, both art he cloud-based platforms created by Freshworks. Freshdesk is an omnichannel customer platform that allows businesses to manage customer relationships by offering ticketing and support services.

Freshsales is a CRM sales automation software that helps to manage leads, build relationship with customers, convert leads faster, and more.


Can I try Freshsales for free?

Yes, it offers a forever free plan for up to 3 users. If you are new to CRM or a small sales team then you can get started with the free plan today!


Do I get a Freshsales free trial?

You can try Freshsales 21 days for free by signup its free plan. You can use any paid plan for up to 21 days absolutely for free. No need to share your credit card details.


What are payment options supported by Freshsales?

You can purchase a Freshsales subscription via any credit card like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.


Is Freshsales is good CRM?

Well, it depends on your business requirements, it’s specially designed for sales teams and suitable for small and mid-size businesses. If you want to grow your sales and make a healthy relationship with your customers then Freshsales can be a good choice for you.


Do I get Freshbots sessions?

Yes, they offer 500 sessions with all paid plans to use chatbots. If you exhausted the limit, you can buy additional sessions as well.


Do I get a refund?

No. Freshsales offers a forever free and also 21 days free trial of paid plans, so you use it absolutely for free before upgrading to any paid plan.

Once you are completely satisfied with the service upgrade to any paid plan.

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