Freshdesk Review: Helpdesk & Ticketing Software for Businesses

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Freshdesk Review

If you looking for software that helps you with customer support and help desk automation, then Freshdesk is a platform for you.

It’s a product from the popular sales and CRM tool Freshdesk.

In this article, we will be going to share with you Freshdesk review, you’ll able to find how Freshdesk best help desk solution for your business.

We have also covered Freshdesk all features, tools, and pricing which helps you to know everything about this software.

Let’s dive in,


What is Freshdesk?


Freshdesk is one of the best customer support software platforms with features like live chat, ticketing, help center, and reporting.

Freshdesk is offered by Freshworks, a software company that is behind a variety of software like Freshchat, Freshsale, Freshmarketer, Freshservice, and more.

It was founded in 2010 by Girish Mathrubootham and Sham Krishnasamy.

Using Freshdesk software, you can interact with your customers and track problems if they have any. It allows you to manage customer conversions from one single dashboard.

With this platform, users can prioritize tickets according to their level of importance and assign them to a suitable team.

Freshdesk is a recommended platform for businesses that are required to manage their help documentation, email support, live chat, and ticketing.

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Freshdesk Pricing Plans

Freshdesk comes with 4 different plans; Free, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise.

Let’s explore the pricing and features offered by each Freshdesk plan. However, you can start the 14-day free trial of any Freshdesk plan.


1. Free Plan

This is a free plan of Freshdesk that costs $0 for up to 10 agents. The plan is slightly suitable for newbies to get started with ticketing.

Free plan has features to convert all emails and social inquiries into tickets which you can reply to using Freshdesk dashboard.

Tickets dispatched to the right team depend on how you set your business rules.

The Free plan comes with more features like choosing a data center location, team collaboration, 24/7 email support, and more.

The plan is suitable for small teams.

Key Features of Freshdesk Free Plan:

  • Integrated ticketing across email and social 
  • Ticket dispatch
  • Knowledge base
  • Choose your data center location
  • Out-of-the-box analytics
  • 24/7 email support


2. Growth Plan

This is the paid plan of Freshdesk that costs $15 per month.

The plan has everything in the free plus, automated follow-ups, view/reply to a ticket to avoid duplicating, access to 100+ apps, in-depth helpdesk report, and more.

There are also some helpful and advanced elements you have in this plan to streamline your customer helpdesk service such as a custom email server, custom SSL, custom ticket fields & status, easily track time spent, and more.

Growth plan is suitable for mid-size and growing businesses.

Key Features of Freshdesk Growth Plan:

  • Everything in the free plan
  • Automation
  • 100+ marketplace apps
  • Collison detection
  • SLA management & business hours
  • In-depth help desk report
  • Custom ticket view
  • Custom SSL
  • Custom email server
  • 24×5 phone support


3. Pro Plan

This is the most popular plan of Freshdesk, and costs you $49 per month. Pro plan has advanced automation features to increase high performance.

The plan has everything in the growth plus, 5 products support, 5000 collaborators, auto assign tasks to available agents, restrict agent access, and show agents the solution articles before opening a support ticket.

If you looking for advanced features to automate your ticketing system then it has features like CSAT surveys & reports, SLA reminder & escalation, customer journey, custom app, etc.

Key features of Freshdesk Pro Plan:

  • Everything in the Pro plan
  • Multiple products
  • Includes up to 5,000 collaborators
  • Round-robin  routing
  • Custom rules
  • Custom object
  • Custom reporting & dashboard
  • Customer journey
  • Canned forms
  • Segment customers
  • Multiple SLA policies & business hours
  • SLA reminder & escalation
  • Report sharing


4. Enterprise Plan

This is the most expensive plan of Freshdesk that costs $79 per month. The plan gets you access to all advanced features with chatbot called Freedy.

The plan is suitable for enterprises and large teams.

Enterprise plan has everything in the Pro plus, Assist bot, email bot, auto-trigger, article suggester, sandbox, audit log, and more.

If you looking for an automated bot that automatically responds to your email tickets with relevant articles then this plan is for you.

You can also use the Assist bot on site to guide customers through pre-configured steps to help and resolve customer queries.

Key Features of Freshdesk Enterprise Plan:

  • Everything in the Pro plan
  • Assist bot (Freddy)
  • Email bot
  • Auto Trigger
  • Article suggester
  • Canned response suggester
  • Sandbox
  • Audit log
  • Skill based routing
  • Knowledge base approval workflow
  • IP range restriction


Freshdesk Features

Here is the list of main features of Freshdesk which help you to know everything about this software.



With Freshdesk, you can receive tickets from live chat widgets from your website or email. Ticketing helps you to receive, track, and resolve customer queries and problems.

Freshdesk is good at identifying multiple tickets that should be merged into a single issue.

This feature is helpful when users try to reach out to the company via different channels like email, social media, live chat, and phone.

Freshdesk Tickets

The ticketing system for Freshdesk Support Desk includes a team inbox where you can monitor and handle all incoming tickets from various channels. When discussing tickets and assignments, agents can bring in their teammates.


Live Chat

It’s a Freshdesk feature that you can implement on your site that allows your customers to chat with you in real-time.

Nowadays, most companies add a live chat section on site to promptly reply to customer queries which also helps drive sales.

Freshworks live chat software is known as Freshchat.


Chat Bot (Freddy)

Chat Bot is an app that is helpful to interact with customers when you are not available to chat in real-time or you have a limited front desk team.

Freshdesk offers a chat bot called “Freedy” is a chatbot that is available in the only Freshdesk Enterprise plan.

Freshdesk Chat Bot

Freddy AI also manages intelligent conversation transfers to agents and provides immediate assistance on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

By automatically prioritizing issues, recommending scripted responses, and suggesting solution articles, Freddy AI increases agent productivity.



Multichannel Support

Freshdesk omnichannel support allows you to manage all support-related queries and communication from multiple channels in one place.

This feature helps customers to reach out to the company from any platform. Freshdesk support email, phone, chat, social media, website, and more.



Help Center

Propper documentation is required for companies to help customers know everything about the product.

Help Center is a resource that a company can provide to its customers like how-to articles, FAQs, guides and more.

Freshdesk Help Center

Freshdesk allows you to set up a help center that educates your customers about products or services.

Customers won’t have to wait for available agents if you answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) through a self-service portal.


Analytics and Reporting

Freshdesk comes with lots of ways to do customer satisfaction, and track the performance of the customer service team.

You can easily set up surveys, access dashboard in real-time, curate reports tools, support ticket trends, and automatically schedule reporting.

Freshdesk Analytics

You can study ticket trends and customer interactions with your agents with the aid of top customer analysis reports. The effectiveness of your help desk may also be evaluated by looking at SLA metrics and resolution times.


Mobile Application

Freshdesk offers mobile apps for iOS and Android users. It gives you access to customer service help desk activity, details of open tickets, and more.

When you use the Freshdesk mobile application it allows you to quickly look into tickets anywhere, even you can resolve queries from the mobile.

You can also utilize premade responses and solution articles to avoid having to type long responses on a small screen.

Some of the top features of mobile application is ticket routing, one-click automation scenario, a detailed view of open tickets, ticket time tracking, and ticket prioritization.



Freshdesk can be integrated with your favorite tools and apps. You can expand customer support needs with Freshworks Neo, an open and flexible platform.

Freshdesk integrates with apps like Slack, Shopify, Microsoft Team, Whats app, Salesforce, Getresponse, Google Calendar, Microsoft Team, and more.

Freshworks Marketplace Integrations

You will see integration options for categories like CRM, Sales & Marketing, Bots & Workflows, Agent Productivity, Chat, Video & telephony, Ecommerce, Reporting & Analytics, Survey & Feedback and many more.


Pros and Cons of Freshdesk

Here are some of the pros and cons of Freshdesk.


Freshdesk Pros:

  • Easy to use and friendly application
  • It has a forever-free plan
  • Pricing suitable for all business sizes
  • It has omnichannel support
  • Easy to set up a customer support portal
  • Customers can create tickets via chat, email, and social media
  • Let you run SLA management
  • Chatbot powered by Freedy AI
  • Customer satisfaction rating
  • Offer an iOS and Android mobile app
  • Built-in analytics tool to monitor everything


Freshdesk Cons:

  • You need to sign up for a paid plan to get valuable features
  • Chat bot powered by Freedy is only available in the Enterprise plan


Conclusion: Is Freshdesk Worth It?

Freshdesk is a wonderful helpdesk software for all sizes of businesses.

It has lots of valuable features for ticketing, self-service, help desk, and more, some of which are mentioned above.

If you use it with its other products like Freshsales (a CRM and sales app) and Freshchat (a live chat app) then you can completely automate your business.

Freshdesk plans are quite affordable when compared to its competitors like Zendesk. Even Freshdesk has a free plan for small businesses.

However, the tool may not be good for everyone but if you looking for a help desk automation & ticketing tool for your business then it might be a good choice.

You can get saturated with Freshdesk on any paid plan absolutely for free up to 14 days, so try its paid plan before upgrading to any paid one.

I hope this Freshdesk review helped you to get everything know about this tool


Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s have a look at the most frequently asked questions about Freshdesk which help you resolve your queries.

What is Freshdesk?

Freshdesk is an online helpdesk solution software that offers ticketing, email, and chatbot to solve customer’s queries.


Can I try Freshdesk for free?

Yes, Freshdesk offers a forever free plan to try its ticketing feature for free.


Can I try the Freshdesk paid plan for free?

Yes, you can try any Freshdesk plan absolutely for free for up to 14 days. No credit card is required.


Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Yes, you can upgrade your subscription at any time. If you like to downgrade or cancel a subscription you can also do it from the billing section.


What are the payment methods accepted by Freshdesk?

You can buy Freshdesk subscriptions from all major credit cards through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.


Do I get a refund?

No, Freshdesk is a pay-as-you-go service, so you don’t get a money-back guarantee. However, you can try Freshdesk 14 days for free before upgrading to a paid plan.

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