How to Reduce Form Abandonment in WordPress with WPForms

reduce form abandonment in wordpress
Do you want to save partial entries of your WordPress form when users don’t fill your form?.
Using, WPForms form abandonment addon features, you can easily collect the entries from your form.
No Matter, How far the user filled the form before abandonment.
It will help you to retarget your potential users through sending emails/ notifications.
In this article, I will show you how to setup form abandonment addon using WPForms in simple 4 steps.

What is WPForms?
WPForms is a WordPress plugin which allows users to build high-quality forms for a WordPress site.
Using WPForms you can build multiple type of form such as Contact Form, Signature Agreement Form, Support Request Form, Price Quote Form, and Many others.
WPForms also help to save partial data of your WordPress form through their form abandonment addon plugin feature.
Which help to reduce the form abandonment.

What is Form Abandonment?
Form Abandonment is a when a user stop filling a form and leave it without a click on submit button.
In some cases user only complete half of the form.
However, when a user leaves the form, it’s painful for the site owner.
To collect information about potential customers you can use form abandonment add-on that can capture entries of your users.
No matter how many form field user filled then leave the form.

How to Activate Form Abandonment in Your WordPress Site.

Step 1: Activate the Form Abandonment Add-on in WPForms
Before getting started to make sure install and activated WPForms plugin on your WordPress website.
Once you have Successfully setup WPForms.
Now you can use form Abandonment.
Go to the WordPress Dashboard, head to “WPForms” and Click on “Addons
Then Scroll down until you see the form abandonment addon. Click on the “Install” button and Activate it.
Now let’s go to the next step.

Step 2:  Create A Form
WPForms has a variety of forms you can create. it would be nearly impossible for anyone to cover how to build a form which you are looking for.
However, I have listed several posts that may help you to may help you in creating a form using WPforms.
Once you have created your dream form, click on the save and now in the next step you will know how to reduce form abandonment to get your potential customers.

Step 3: Form Abandonment Settings
Next, you need to enable form abandonment in your form setting.
To do this, Go to the WPforms Builderand head to the “Settings > Form Abandonment” from here you have to check the box labeled “enable form abandonment lead capture“.
That’s it you have enabled form abandonment on your WordPress site.

Now, whenever someone fills out a few fields of your form and then exits. WPForms will save their information in form entries.

Step 4: Reach out and Send Notification to Users
Using WPforms form Abandonment addon, you will able to reach out and email those peoples who abandoned from your form.
However, you can send out as many emails as you like to do when a form is abandoned.
To set up an abandoned form email, you will have to open the WPForms Builder and Go to the Settings > Notification. From here you will need to check the box labeled “enable for abandoned form entries“.
That’s it.
CongratsYou have completely set up the form Abandonment addon feature in your WordPress site. 


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