Flywheel Growth Suite Review: Best Tool for Growing Agencies and Freelancers

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Do you want to grow your online business?

If yes, then you have come to the right post.

Flywheel Growth Suite is a set of tools that help freelancers and agencies to take their business to the next level.

It allows you to manage multiple sites, create and send bills, get paid on time, host client websites on managed hosting and more.

In this post, I have reviewed the Flywheel Growth Suite, which help you to find how can it help you business to grow rapidly.Flywheel Growth Suite Review

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What is Flywheel Growth Suite?

Flywheel Growth SuiteFlywheel Growth Suite is a bunch of tools that help you to manage your online business.

The best thing about this tool is that it offers everything under one roof to manage all of your websites and make changes.

So you don’t have to juggle multiple platforms.

Flywheel Growth Suite will save a lot of your valuable time and gives an excellent user experience to customers that find a smooth work experience.

It is an all-in-one solution or set of tools for agencies to manage growing businesses in one place.


Growth Suite Key Features:

  • Bill your clients automatically on the regular basis
  • Choose the currency in that your client wants to pay
  • Bill your clients for projects and one-time service
  • Manage all of your sites from a single dashboard
  • Let you create predictable revenue based on intuitive insights
  • Create a library containing unique services
  • Develop professional client experience
  • Get Flywheel managed hosting speed, security, and support.

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Agencies Problem That Growth Suite Solves:

Starting an agency or new business may face some obstacles and distractions. Growth Suite can solve the following problems of agencies.

  • It is difficult to track the revenue
  • They let you manage billing and invoicing
  • Putting your client first when you hard when you are inconsistent
  • It is difficult to grow your business but being data-informed can be even more difficult
  • Managing different apps and tools become a headache

Growth Suite can solve all of these problems with the help of growth suite products and tools. Agencies and Freelancers can manage clients, subscriptions, bill for reseller-managed hosting, and get the revenue insights in one place.



Flywheel Growth Suite Plans has 3 pricing plans Freelance, Agency, and Custom, All of these plans allow you to manage an unlimited number of clients even if their sites are not hosted on the Flywheel hosting.Flywheel Growth Suite Pricing

Freelance – $135/mo

This Flywheel Growth Suite plan is suitable for the freelancer or a business that has a growing client list.

Freelance plan cost you $135/month when you billed annually, including 2 months free. In this plan, you can manage up to 10 sites, 100,000 monthly visits, 20GB storage, 20GB bandwidth.

This plan is suitable for the freelancer or someone who provides services to clients.


Agency – $330/mo

Agency plan suitable for the agencies, cost $330/month that comes with up to 30 websites support.

In this plan, you get everything in the Freelance plus 400,000 monthly visits, 50GB storage, 50GB bandwidth, and more.



Custom is a personalized hosting plan from the Flywheel team. The plan starting at 100 sites includes 1.6M+ visits monthly, 120GB+  storage and 1TB+ bandwidth.

You need to contact Flywheel sales team to get to know about the pricing of custom plan.

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Benefits and Features of Using the Growth Suite by Flywheel:


1. Growth Dashboard

flywheel growth suite dashboardIt offers a dashboard where you can check your growth, cash inflows, and cash insights. Here you will be able to see the average revenue per client and monthly recurring income.

You can also check the client’s website report to assure that everything is good, let you see website speed, loading time, and the number of posts on site.


2. Client Management

flywheel-growth suite client managementGrowth Suite’s client management tools can help you to manage clients effectively.

It gets you client portal, agency-branded client reports, integrate with Google Analytics, CRM, and Email Marketing tool.


3. Client Report

flywheel growth suite reportsNow you don’t need to create a manual report and send it to the client. With the Growth Suite, you can easily create and send agency-branded reports for your clients with integrated Google Analytics ad Site Performance and any work you have done.


4. Resell Managed Hosting

You can earn monthly recurring income by providing Flywheel services such as Flywheel managed hosting, managed plugin updates, and more.


5. Bulk Site Management

flywheel growth suite sites managementFlywheel Growth Suite plan lets you manage all of your client sites from a single dashboard. You get an overview of all of sites performance.


6. Client Portal

flywheel growth suite client portalIt is a secure customer payment portal where clients can edit personal details, submit payments, update websites, and contact.


7. Recurring and One-Time Payment

Flywheel Growth Suite manage your billing, you can get paid on time by clients for one-time and recurring basis.


8. Integrated Payment Option

Growth Suite lets you get paid with the secure Stripe payment method. Clients can pay in their local currency.


9. All Under Your Own Brand

White-labeled temporary domains, client portal, and client emails.

How Growth Suite Can Help to Grow Your Agency Business?

There are a lot of ways you can grow your online business with Growth Suite, some of which are mentioned below.

Flywheel Growth Suite Features

Manage Business & Clients

As an Agency owner, managing your client and their website becomes tricky when your agency growing. The old spreadsheet method is no longer effective, it consumes a lot of your valuable time, and needs to do a lot of things manually.

Flywheel Growth Suite comes with a client management tool that can help you to set up a client portal via clients can log in to their account to see the performance of their website and make secure payments.

You can also schedule branded client reports which can be sent automatically.

The growth Suite platform also integrates with CRM, Google Analytics, and Email Marketing software which help to grow your business as a professional.


On-Time Payment

Flywheel Growth Suite can help you to get paid on time. You can change clients for one-time or recurring based.

It let you generate invoice, add notes and apply discounts.

The best thing is, you can even get paid in multiple currencies that give clients to pay in their native local currency and you will be able to do business all over the world without worrying about getting paid.


Simplify Site Management

Reviewing and Gathering information about the site can be a time-consuming process when you check the site one by one.

With growth Suite, you can manage all of your client sites at a single place and get you the most important information about sites on the dashboard.


Get Insights to Make Data-Informed Decision

You need to make data-informed decisions about your business to scale it profitably. Getting a broad view of the revenue stream is one of the best ways to grow your agency, so you can make the right decisions.

Once you know which clients are paying on time, resell hosting revenue, and profit generated from the project & services.

Growth Suite provides you the complete insights of your agency business that help to make profitable decisions.


Earn Additional Income from Resell Managed Hosting

As a freelancer or agency, you create websites for clients. You can earn monthly recurring income by hosting client sites on Flywheel resell hosting.

You can include a hosting service in the monthly maintenance package.

Flywheel Growth Suite lets you start your own hosting business, you can resell managed hosting to clients and able to customize the plans as well.


FAQs on Flywheel Growth Suite

Here are some most frequently asked questions of Flywheel Growth Suite.

Why Should I Get Flywheel Growth Suite Over Other Hosting?

Flywheel growing suite is very affordable in pricing for agencies and freelancers. It allows you to manage clients, resell managed hosting, bill one-time & recurring basis, and more other things.

Growth Suite helps to manage multiple websites from one dashboard, you can manage your websites as well as clients.

It allows you to update & install plugins and make changes to WordPress sites.

What Is The Actual Cost of a Growth Suite?

There are 3 plans offered by Flywheel Growth Suite; Freelance ($135/month), Agency ($330/month), and Custom.


Why Should I Buy Growth Suite Over Other Billing Software?

Purchasing a billing software can be one more subscription payment for you. On other hand, with Growth Suite, you get billing, client management, and host all of your sites in one place.

It lets you keep your book of business organized. However, Growth Suite is designed for freelancers and agencies, so get the agency-branded client portal where users can log in to make a secure payment.

Will You Get Additional Features to the Growth Suite?

Yes, the Growth suite doesn’t end with the above-mentioned features. You get additional new features over time, so you will have all the tools to grow your agency business, no extra cost to you.

Can I Transfer Client to the Growth Suite?

Yes, once you subscribe to any plan, then you can get in touch with one of the team members of Flywheel and they will guide you through the process.


Conclusion on Flywheel Growth Suite 2021

Flywheel Growth Suite is the all-in-one solution for growing freelancers and agencies.

With the help of Growth Suite, you can keep track you client, create and send invoice on time, get paid via stripe, and data-driven insights.

Flywheel Growth Suite lets you sell resell managed hosting to make a recurring revenue from clients.

You can scale your business with the help of Growth Suite Tools. The basic Freelance plan starts from $135/month which is best suited for the startup and growing freelancer.

I hope this Flywheel Growth Suite review helped you to find out is it the right tool for your business or not. If you have any queries, do let me know in the comments below.

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