Elementor Vs Beaver Builder in 2024: [A Detailed Comparison]

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Elementor Vs Beaver Builder

Looking for the best drag and drop page builder plugin for WordPress?

You have come to two popular page builders Elementor and Beaver Builder. Now you are confused and don’t able to decide which one you should take.

That’s why, in this article, I have compared both page builder’s features, pricing, and unique features.

You will also know later in this article which page builder plugin is right for you.

Before comparing both of these page builders. Let’s talk about the benefits of a page builder. 


Benefits of Using a Page Builder

If you don’t know why use a page builder, then let’s discuss possible reasons behind using a page WordPress page builder.

1: Doesn’t Require Tech Skill: When you use a page builder then you don’t need a coding skills to design a website.

A non-tech savvy can design a beautiful site using page builder Elements, Widgets, and Readymade Templates.

You don’t need to hire an expensive web designer to design a site. You can do it yourself.


2: Drag and Drop Functionality: Most page builders like Beaver Builder and Elementor come with a drag and drop feature that lets you easily design a web page.

You only need to select elements and widgets and then drop them down to the website where you want to display them.


3: Creating Pages and Posts: WordPress has simple classic and Gutenberg editors that can’t do much customization.

You can customize pages and posts layouts more by applying using page builder. It allows you to add elements, structure layout, formatting text, and more.


4: PreMade Templates: Page Builder comes with premade beautiful templates that you can import on a site to quickly design a page or website.

One of the biggest benefits of page builder is when you use it then you don’t need to build web pages from scratch, which takes lots of time and effort.

You can simply use the premade template design and customize it according to your needs.


Elementor Vs Beaver Builder Comparison in 2024


Elementor and Beaver Builder have similar interfaces. They have frontend editing capabilities, so you don’t need to preview changes all the time like need in other page builders.

Let’s take a look at the interface of Elementor and Beaver Builder.

When you edit a web page using Elementor you will notice the control panel on the left side of the screen.

Elementor Interface

It’s a place where you will get all the elements and widgets that you can add to your site by simply using the drag and drop feature.

Elementor comes with inline text editing which allows you to make changes to your text right in the page.


Well, In the Beaver Builder editor you can add Modules, Rows, Templates, and Saved Items by clicking on the Plus symbol, top right corner of the screen.

Beaver Builder Editor

Then you need to drag and drop an element that you want to use on site.

The best thing is you will get pre-made rows directly in the control panel.  All you have to do is click on the Row tab and then choose a premade row you would like to use such as Content, FAQ, Call-to-action, and many more.

This feature helps you to design web pages quickly.


Templates Available

Elementor has over 300+ beautiful premade templates including homepages, about, pages, portfolios, product pages, landing pages, contact pages, and more.

Elementor Templates

Although, you can design pages from scratch but still if you use premade templates on your site that saves lots of time.

In Beaver Builder, you will not get many templates compared to Elementor. There are only e30 readymade templates grouped in landing pages and content pages.

Beaver Builder Templates

Honestly, Beaver Builder templates are not enough due to fewer templates and limited categorization, but still, you will get good premade templates.


Content Modules

Content modules are the most important thing of a page builder. Let’s have a look at the modules of each of both page builders.

As I mentioned earlier, Elementor is a freemium page builder. The free version has a limited number of modules. Although, good enough for a small website.

Elementor Widgets

If you want more modules then you have to go with the Elementor Pro. It comes with all the modules without any restrictions.


Beaver Builder has a free version too that comes with it 5 modules Audio, HTML, Photo, Text Editor, and Video.

Well, you can’t do much with the Beaver Builder free version, you will need to take the Paid version to get access to all 30 elements.

Beaver Builder Modules

When you compare both page builder elements. You will notice that Elementor and Beaver Builder have some similar Modules/Elements.

Here is the list of some common Modules given below:

Text Editor





Social Icons




Share Button

Author Box

Post Grid


Easy to Use

First, you need to install a page builder that you would like to use, the process remains the same as you install other WordPress plugins.

After installing Elementor, you will need to go to Pages » Add New and then click on the ” Edit with Elementor ” button top left side of the screen.

Edit With Elementor

Once you click, you will I’ll be landed on to Elementor dashboard.

Now you need to click on the plus button to add a layout structure and the folder icon lets you import some premade beautiful templates.

Elementor Add Section Button

When you create a template then this option also helps to import the saved templates.

After adding a section or a premade Template. Now, you can add Modules to your site using drag and drop feature.


Elementor is a frontend page builder so you can make and see changes live on the screen. It has a control panel situated on the left side of the screen. It can be hidden by clicking on the hide panel button.

Once the page is complete, then you have to get it live by clicking on the green Publish button.


When you use a Beaver Builder, then first you need to visit the WordPress editor there you will see a ” Beaver Builder ” button click on it to start editing the page with Beaver Builder.

Next, you will be redirected to the Beaver edit tab.

Now you will notice a ” + ” icon at the top right corner of the screen click on it to add Row, Elements, Templates.

Use Beaver Builder

Whenever you click on any Element you will see a popup on the screen with some settings options. You can add text and edit by clicking on Popup.


Customization Options

Above, we have discussed how easy it is to use these page builders.

So, you should have an idea of how to use them. Let’s have a look on the available customization options of both Elementor and Beaver Builder.

In Elementor, you will get 3 customization options Content, Style, and Advanced.

Elementor Customization Options

So, using the content option you can customize element content such as text, image, buttons, and more. Style option lets you customize content typography, text color, background color, border, paddings, and more.

Advanced options allow you to customize the section margins, padding, background, responsive, custom CSS and etc.


Beaver Builder customize option is similar to Elementor they have also a 3 tab customization options General, Style, and Advanced.

Beaver Builder Customization

The General tab enables you to edit the text, add links, add buttons and etc. In the Style section tab, you can add background and hover color, text color, style, transaction and etc.

The advanced tab gives you options to add spacing, responsive layout, visibility, animation, HTML element and etc.


Unique Features

Elementor and Beaver Builder have their own unique features that you will know in this section.

Elementor has unique features like embed design template and global widgets. Embed design anywhere means you can embed a design anywhere on the site such as header, footer, sidebar, etc.

The global widgets allow you to use the same widget on multiple places like pages or websites.

If you make any changes to the widget. It will be applied to all the places.


Beaver Builder comes with a White Labeling feature. It allows web developers to use Beaver Builder on client websites.

If you are a web developer, running an agency, or someone who wants to use a page builder on multiple sites then this is a very useful feature.


Price Comparison

Let’s compare the price of both Elementor and Beaver Builder. As I mentioned earlier both are freemium page builder plugins.

Elementor free version offers some basic modules and templates that are enough for creating simple sites.

But, Beaver Builder free version comes with limited features, you will be able to use it as a demo. Surely, you are not able to create a good site using the Beaver Builder lite version.


Elementor Pricing

Elementor Pro has 3 different pricing plans that fit for everyone such as Bloggers, Website Designer, and Agencies.

Elementor Plans And Pricing

Essential Plan ($59/Year) – Only for 1 Site

Expert Plan ($199/Year) – Up to 25 Sites

Agency Plan (399/Year) – For 1000 Sites

Note: All plans come with the 30 days of money back guarantee.


Beaver Builder Pricing

It also offers four different plans, but plans are expensive compared to Elementor Pro.

Beaver Builder Pricing

Standard Plan ($99/Year) – Unlimited Sites

Pro ($199/Year) – All Features of Standard Plan and Beaver Builder Theme

Agency ($399/Year) – All features of Pro including White Label

Ultimate ($546/Year) – All features of Agency plus priority world-class support



Wrapping Up

Above, in this article, I have gone through the detailed comparison between Elementor and Beaver Builder.

Both page builders have their own unique features. 

Elementor is very easy to use and suitable for beginners as well. It offers more elements, widgets, and premade templates compared to Beaver Builder.

The best thing is Elementor Pro is a very affordable single website plan cost is just $49/year, half of Beaver Builder.

Click Here to Visit Elementor


Although, Beaver Builder is right for you if you want to use a page builder on unlimited sites. All plans come with unlimited usage.

If you run an agency or build a website for clients, then the Beaver Builder White Label feature is very useful for you.

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Now, it’s up to you which one is right for you.


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FAQs: Elementor VS Beaver Builder

We have mentioned some frequently asked questions about these page builders which helps you to know more about them.


What is a page builder plugin?

Page builder plugin that lets you customize WordPress pages with the help of drag and drop interface. You don’t require any coding skills to create and customize web pages.

It comes with the drag and drop functionality of pre-built templates and widgets.


Which page builder is faster Elemenetor vs Beaver builder?

You can not say which page builder is faster Beaver Builder or Elementor because there are some other factors that affect website loading speed and the number of plugins a site use. Well, both these page builders are easy to use and load faster.


Which page builder has more customizable options?

In the customizable comparison, Elementor easily wins because it has over 200+ elements and hundreds of templates with Elementor. you can build almost any site design and website you want.


Can I switch from Beaver Builder to Elementor?

Yes, you can switch between Elementor and Beaver Builder but it can only be done manually. You have to redesign each page in the new page builder plugin.


Which is an affordable page Builder plugin?

Elementor Pro is affordable, it costs you only $$59 a year for a single site. On the other hand, the Beaver Builder plan starts at $99 per year.

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