How to Create Blogging as a Career in 2019

Blogging as a career

These days so many peoples are want to make online career and blogging is one of the best online career options.

But some peoples don’t know how to start blogging as a career.
And have some questions in their mind,

So in this article, I’m going to share with you step by step process to build blogging as a career.

Before we get starts the steps you must know about the advantage and disadvantage of blogging.

Here is the Advantage And Disadvantage of Blogging as a Career

There are so many advantages and disadvantage of starting blogging as a career some are given below.


• You get out from the 5 to 9 job.
• You can live a boss-free life.
• No limits of earning you can earn as much as you can by increasing your product and service.
• You can work from anywhere in this world.
• You will able to build a network.


• It takes time to earn a handsome income.
• There is too much competition in almost every niche.
• You should have something to give Peoples
• You need to learn a lot of new things.

Here is the Step by Step Guide to Create Blogging as a Career

1: Start a Blog
The very first thing you need to set up a blog when you are thinking about to choose to blog as a career.
Because A Blog is the only thing that will help you to provide values to the people’s and generate leads.
Before setup a blog you must have a niche a topic on which you will blog.

WordPress is one of the most used Blogging platforms and these days most of the blogs have powered by WordPress.
I suggest you build a blog on this platform.

If you don’t know how to set up a blog then I have already written a blog on this topic.
You can follow this post to get a step by step guide.
If you don’t want to set up your blog yourself then you can contact me through the contact page.
I will set up your blog at a low cost.

Now it’s time for the second method.

You can buy hosting from Bluehost which is recommended by WordPress to host a site.

You will get (Hosting+Domain) with just $3.95/month.
Click Here to Singup with Bluehost.
This is the place plan you can get as a beginner.

2: Spy on Competitors
Once you set up your blog, now you need to spy on your competitors in your niche.
You need to find which pages of your competitors driving traffic to their blog.
For this, you can use topo like Ubesuggestit’s free.

Just open ubersuggest in your browser and add the URL of your competitor then click on the search button.
Once you do this ubersuggest will show your monthly traffic and number of keywords ranked of your competitor.

Now you need to go to the bottom of the page to see top pages of your competitor which generating visitors.
You can also see the ranked keywords and backlink of a particular page via clicking on “View All” button.

After seeing top pages of your competitor now next move to create better content them your competitor and include some extra things in the post which missed by your competitor.

3: Promote Your Content
Once you complete your content then next step to promote that content to get more visitors and backlinks.
When you have searched the URL of your competitor. You also have seen the links who linked to that specific page of your competitor.
Just open these links and massage all the site owners something like this.

Hey Tony,

I notice that you linked out to ABC article [Insert Link]
I have a similar one that comes out but mine covered 1,2 and 3 that theirs didn’t.


When you send emails like that to the peoples, more likely they reply to you and ask you to send your post link.
And you also get a link back to your post.

Do not only send 1 or 2 peoples you need to send hundreds of peoples the same email that helps you to boost your traffic.

Here the second way to promote your blog post to get more twitter share.
Go to the twitter search and add the URL of your competitor.

It will show you a list of all the peoples who shared the content of your competitor.
Now you need to write a personal email like this to these peoples.

Hey Jimmy,

I notice that you have shared the XYZ post on Twitter.
I have a better version of this post with 1,2 and 3 included. [Insert Link]


When you send emails like that to targeted people high chance they will Twitter your blog post on twitter.
Which helps you to get more social shares and backlinks too.

4: Collect Emails
Collection of emails from blog visitors is very important for every business.
Because of Email marketing help your business to generate leads over many times.
An email list is an asset for the business.

There are so many tools like Convertkit and Sumo which allow you to collect emails from your blog.
I have also written a blog post on top 6 email marketing tools. You can read this post to find out a better email marketing tool for your blog.

5: Use Push Notification
Push notification helps to get recurring visitors to blog. When you use push notification on your blog peoples subscribe to push notification then whenever you post new content on your blog they will get the notification through their web browser.

You can use tool alike OneSignal and Subscribers on a blog allow your visitors to subscribe to your push notification.
It is one of the best ways to get instant and continues traffic.

6: Monetize Your Blog
Now we come to the most interesting part of blogging is monetizing of your blog.
There are many ways to monetize a blog to make money online.
Such as Product, Service, Affiliate Product, Advertising and etc.
Product: You can sell the product like ebooks and courses online to the blog users that help you to generate thousands of dollars.

Service: If you are good at something then you can also provide services related to this to your blog visitors.
For example, suppose you are good at Blogging and digital marketing then you can provide services like Blog Setup, Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing of Business, Search Engine Optimization and etc.

Affiliate Products: If you want to earn recurring income from less hard work then affiliate products are the best choice for bloggers.
You can promote affiliate products on your blog and get a commission when someone makes a purchase from your link.

Advertising: It’s the simplest way to make money from a blog. When you have more traffic on your blog then you can monetize your blog with Google Adsense and both are the most used advertising company.
Now it depends on you in which way you want to monetize your blog.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

1: Does Blogging is a Profitable career option?
Ans: Yes, There so many good examples of peoples who making thousands of dollar from their blog.
Harsh (shoutmeloud), Anil (bloggerspassion), Kulwant (bloggingcage) and etc.
2. Do you need to be a good writer?
Ans: No, you don’t need to be a good write avg writing skill enough for the blogging.
you can see I’m not a good writer even most bloggers admit that they are not a good writer.
3. How much cost of a starting a blog?
Ans: Between 100 to 200 dollars you can start a self-hosted blog.
4. How to earn money from blogging?
Ans: There are so many ways you can earn money from your blogs such as Ads, Affiliate, Products, and Services.
5. Can I start blogging as a part-time?
Ans. Yes, there are so many peoples are doing blogging with their respective job. you can also do the same and start blogging as a part-time.

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