Convertkit Review: #1 Email Marketing Tool for Bloggers

Last Updated on October 30, 2023 by Kundan Sharma

Convertkit Review

Email marketing is one of the important methods to generate leads and sales, that why in this article, I,m going to review Convertkit email marketing software.
When we come online to do business we also need to focus on collect emails. There are so many tools that help to collect and send email to your blog or website subscribers.
Some are free and paid like MailChimp, GetResponse, and Aweber but Convertkit is far better than all of these.

What is Convertkit?

Convertkit Email Marketing Tool

Convertkit is an email marketing tool this is mostly used by marketers, bloggers, and business owners to grow their email lists. It is a complete email automation tool that has an advanced segment feature that helps to send emails to the right targeted subscriber.

It will help to grow your business via email marketing. Convertkit was made by a blogger Nana Bary, who had not happy with the current email marketing software.

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Convertkit Review: Why do you need to use it?

Grow your audience

Using Convertkit you can collect email subscriptions through either landing page or a sign-up form.
You can use this form on your blog post and web pages and also able to customize your form so they match your blog design. 
Convertkit gives you a code that you need to add to your blog to embed the form on your site. These forms help to collect emails so you can later send offers and blog posts.

Tracking the growth of your list

Tracking of an email list is very important to understand your audience with a free tool like MailChimp it is difficult to see what people clicked on and where they subscribe to the blog.

In Convertkit, you can look at all this information in one place. The dashboard shows you new email subscribers and how your form and landing page performing you can also see how much grew your list over the last few months.
Having the information about your email list that helps you to do better email marketing.

Customize your landing page templates easily

Convertkit has features to customize landing pages but is not as powerful as some other landing pages tool like Lead Pages and Unbounce but still good fro newbies, Convertkit is good for the new blogger who just starting email marketing.

You can use one of the landing page templates on your site to collect email leads.


Segment email subscribers

Convertkit is better in segment email than a free tool like MailChimp and paid tools like Aweber.
In Convertkit you can organize your email subscribers via a list. They don’t count multiple and it’s tagging your subscribers with their interests.

Convertkit helps to do target email marketing. You can only send an interesting email to your blog subscriber via filtering the tags.

RSS feeds

You can automatically create a broadcast using convertkit to deliver your blog post to your subscribers in their mail.

You can set up convertkit to send every time when you post a new article or you can send them on a weekly or monthly basis.

Scheduled post time

You can choose the days and times to send your emails to your audience.


Target to the right audience

Make sure to send the right content regularly to your audience by filtering with tags, segment, date, and subscriber names.
In this way, your blog subscribers get an interesting post in their mail. If you send irrelevant posts and offers to your audience then you might chance to unsubscribe.

Easy integration
Convert kid has features to easily integrate with some great tools. It is integrated with more than 80 great tools.
Like Shopify, Gumrood, Instapages, WordPress, OptinMonster, webinar jam, and many more.

Easy to migrate (switching)

You can easily switch to Convertkit from your existing email marketing software.
It is easy to migrate from other tools like MailChimp, Aweber, infusion soft mailer lite, etc.
They also provide article and video on why you need to switch from your existing email tool and also gives you a guide on how to switch.

Conclusion on Convertkit Review

No doubt, Convertkit is one of the best email marketing tools over online but I know it might be a little expensive for some beginners If you want to grow your business or do better email marketing you should go with Convertkit.

But if you are a beginner and you have fewer subscribers and a low budget then you can use MailChimp for free around like 1200 subscribers then later you can switch to Convertkit for better features of the email marketing tool.

FAQs on Convertkit Review

1. Is Convertkit built for bloggers or website owners?

Ans: Yes, Convertkit builds for online creators like bloggers, content creators, course creators, coaches, and online business websites.

If you’re doing online business like selling digital products, physical products, providing services, and affiliate marketing then Convertkit helps to collect email subscriptions and do better email marketing to grow your sales and business.


2. Can I try Convertkit for free?

Ans: Yes, anyone can sign up for a free trial of 14 days. You don’t need to make any payment. You can use it for free to find out whether Convertkit is the right tool for you or not.


3. Can I send unlimited emails?

Ans: Yes, you can send unlimited emails; you don’t have to worry about if you think you have to pay more. Convertkit has no limits to sending the email.


4. If I don’t like Convertkit can I request a refund?

Ans: it is one of the best tools for email marketing but if you will want to refund money then yes, you can ask for a refund at any time within the first 30 days after sign-up for an account on Convertkit.

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